Working with rhythms and time

Today in the Renaissance Explorers Co-op Campaign Proposal call I raised the question how to navigate within the field of doing something very fast on the one hand and taking more time to prepare the fundament on the other hand. @apostol rightly stated that I have to take responsibility for my needs and “solve my own problems”.

This is why I start this new topic.

For me there is no right or wrong respectively no one-fits-all solution for this.

Fail fast is definitely helpful. Also letting the energy finding it’s way is wise.

On the other hand I have seen many times how important a good fundament is to successfully build something.

Sometimes speed is very important. Sometimes it is also okay to be a bit slower.

For me the speed within SEEDS is sometimes just to fast. This is my problem and I need to take responsibility for it.

I use the image of a fish and the monkey who get an exercise. To be “fair” they both get the same exercise which is: Climb a tree. The faster one will win.

What I want to say with this is that people have different rhythms and speed and some may not be able to adapt.

How to integrate fishes like me if it comes to climb a tree?

  • Change the environment
  • carry me in a glas bowl with water
  • change the exercise
  • sometimes there might be no need to integrate as fishes just don’t need to climb trees
  • there might also be many other solutions I am currently not aware of

My proposal for a solution that would fit my needs (as a fish)

  • let me know if my involvement and my personal piece of wisdom is needed in a proposal. If not: no problem. Then I can focus on other things. As stated: Fishes don’t need to climb trees
  • If you feel I can add value respect that I am a person who feels that a fundament is important. SEEDS is working a lot with the moon cycle an this suits me personally very well. Within one moon cycle I am able to give feedback, reorganize my agenda, write parts of documents etc.
  • I personnel need minimum 72 hours to do something efficiently and with good quality if its related with putting something on paper. And I need to be aware that there is a task that is waiting for me (which is perfectly solved with the @ renaissance explorer or with addressing me directly). If I am not able to deliver I will then raise my voice.

The question that was raised in the call mentioned above was: how can we make sure not to loose people because of the speed we are working with?

I do not have an answer to this. And as rightly stated it’s my own responsibility. I can only start with addressing my needs with knowing that often it is not possible to meet all needs.

In my view time is also something that needs an attitude of abundance. Whenever possible it would be helpful for me if we give ourselves more time.
Perfectly would be a moon circle. Helpful for me would be if before setting dates one asks the question: Is it really needed to be handled in less then 72 hours?

Having said this I fully respect that sometimes one can’t wait until the fish learns climbing trees.


The worry you feel about keeping up with the speed of developments is one that I believe is sensed by many people in the SEEDS environment. I myself discovered SEEDS in early May. I am only a citizen since this week and my desire to follow it all and be involved in all of it overwhelms me. I also ended up not being involved much in creating the Co-op Campaign Proposal and many other things, even though I believe I can have great value in these things.

At first this felt for me as not being able to keep up, but it is impossible to keep up with everything especially when knowing the SEEDS space for only a short time. The position I feel like taking in this, is to put some contribution-goals that lay further in the future and to work towards these, meaning that I try to fully accept things that evolve today in the way they evolve without my contribution, while I work on developing what I believe in within SEEDS.

We are all in a never ending process of development and I believe if we as new people in SEEDS follow our hart, use our background knowledge and share our opinion, we will step by step grow more into where we feel like we belong in this ecosystem.

I believe SEEDS has the foundation of an environment that CAN have a valuable spot for all of us. It is a very inclusive environment with openness for contributions from any corner. Yet SEEDS is still immature today and only has a bigger space for those that show dedication to the things that matter the most to secure the future of SEEDS itself.

A message that I would have to the people that have been into SEEDS for longer and therefore have more ability to take steps on a high pace:
Many things might fulfill our needs much better when they are designed completely different than was initially done and I see a high importance to always keep the option to change things with as little barriers as possible.

When I find peace with it, I love that many things go fast. It gives opportunity for more to evolve.

Your solution-proposals are great and we as an ecosystem can improve a lot in making people aware of what things of value people could contribute. I see a big essence to see improvements evolve in this area and I have it high on my agenda to move this forward. I believe such improvements are also going to lower your concerns on the pace with which things evolve.