🌱 Why I shared my gratitude Seeds from the first round with my fellow Earth Regenerators

Good morning lovely Renaissance Explorers :sun_with_face:

I woke up with 800 Seeds more in my light wallet (and passport). Yay, @julioholon and his fellow smart contract wizards shared the first wave of gratitude ever to SEEDizens all across our lovely Mother Earth. :earth_asia: Magical like the moon and the stars. :full_moon::sparkles:

Later this morning, I learned that my dear fellow Earth Regenerator (ER) PJ received 40 Seeds from this first round. I immediately had the urge to share the gratitude, I received from my all of you, my fellow explorers with him for all his wonderful heart and soul gifts, he has generously brought to the ER network. He has not only birthed the Regenerative Project Incubator on the nurtured soil of our co-learning journey into regenerative finance but he also held the space for Carrying on the Conversation 2x2 series on value and values. If you don’t know him, he rocks. :fire: If we want to speak in multiple capitals, he has enriched our collective Inspirational, Knowledge and Social Capital.

At about lunch time, PJ hold the space to our weekly Advisory Circle for the incubator. Today, Benji, Joel and Max shared the beautiful inspiring pathways they’ve travelled on over the past weeks.

Intuitively like many of us, they are taking on the role of community weavers by hosting experience based podcasts, birthing food justice projects in communities and weaving together music/events/land ownership - Jobs of our new civilization. The fractal wisdom they and others have shared during every single gathering adds so much incredible value to my very own journey. I am listening to their song lines, I am learning and I am having a lot of fun. :woman_juggling:t4:

Later in the afternoon, after this weeks’ gathering, I decided to share 700 of my gratitude Seeds with the project incubator advisory group. I opened a Gratitude Wave by sending the 700 Seeds to PJ and asked him to pass it on. See my post in the group over on ER here:

I would like to give 700 hundred of those Seeds as a gift to all of you wonderful people in the advisory circle. I will transfer them to you PJ and I would like for you to keep in your wallet whatever is calling for you to be kept. Please forward the rest to whoever you are most grateful for from the last session (I know it’s not an easy call :sweat_smile:). And you, the next person, please do the same, and so on until we need to find a new pool of Seeds.

For fellow ER’s who haven’t found their way to SEEDS yet, I shared the link to our newly added SEEDS Explorer group on ER - I am dancing for @twakefield14 who gave birth to this group. :dancer::sparkles: It is wonderful to journey and to play with you. :woman_cartwheeling:

I hope this sparks some new inspirations for our journey exploring the Renaissance, the Game Guide as well as community building tools to keep the gratitude wave gently flowing (adding to our social capital?).

What is alive for you after reading about my day of gratitude?

Go well,
Kath :green_heart:

There is something about RE and ER :dizzy::revolving_hearts:
Link to Google Doc


Good morning @Kath.PlanetHive (as my day just started),

I am travelling and sitting in a train - train rides are the most creative phases for me and I just read your post.

First of all thank you for sharing the story of the Earth Regenerators. This is very inspiring and I am looking forward to weave together the net of the future.

As you inspired me to share what the gratitude seeds made with me here is my story:

The seeds came to me (aka: message on my smart phone) while we were on the way to The Hotel des Invaliedes in Paris to visit Napoleons tomb.

My partner is an art historian with a focus on old epochs as middle age and renaissance. I learn a lot from him about the past and he from me about a regenerative vision of the future.

As already said in another post he is not really understanding what SEEDS does and why it is important to me.

Yesterday when the seeds. arrived in my account I was so positively surprised and grateful that I directly told him about it.

We sat down and spent more than 1 hour speaking about SEEDS. I shared my ideas, experiences and visions. He listened and asked a lot of questions which helped me to become better in telling my story.

In the end we agreed that I will guide him through the process of creating the passport and I will give him the gratitude seeds I received to start his own exploration journey.

With this our common SEEDS journey started. Something I did not expect at all.

:pray: @julioholon and team for this opportunity created by your wonderful gratitude token.

By the way did you know:
In the gallery surrounding the tomb of Napoleon, 10 bas-reliefs created by Simart represent the greatest achievements of his reign: Pacification of the Nation, Centralization of Administration, Council of State, Civil Code, Concordat, Imperial University, Court of Accounts, Commercial Code, Buildings, Legion of Honor.

I didn‘t know this and only connected Napoleon to the war stories I had in my mind before visiting the Hotel des Invalides. So I also had to enhance my idea about who Napoleon was.


Every day I get more an more inspired by the Renaissance Explorers!
This initiative is just so beautiful and abundant @Kath.PlanetHive
Thank you! :heart:

I had briefly spoken with @julioholon about creating storytelling pieces around the gratitude token. It is such a nourrishing flow, so pure… :star2:
He is also holding a gratitude ceremony every end of cycle, so we can come together and celebrate this beautiful flow of Love created throughout the moon cycle. I’ll be sure to notify all Renaissance Explorers next cycle :wink:

And thank you also @Melanie for your beautiful & caring story, I felt a lot of tenderness in your words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Please submit your stories to the SEEDS Library! They’re perfect! :rainbow:)


@anahealingwords : Thanks - If the seeds library is interested in these kind of short stories I am happy to contribute. Who do I need to contact to put short stories online?

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Hello wonderful traveller,

I am sending gratitude your way for this beautiful journey of yours. I find it deeply moving how your experience connected the past and future in the present. This is magic, if you ask me. :rainbow::fire::dancer:

When I’ll be back in Europe for longer (maybe next year or the following); I would love to go on train rides with you, if you would be keen. This goes out to everyone who reads my words and might be in Europe in 22/23. Trains are my absolute favourite mode of travelling and Europe is just experiencing a bit of a Train Renaissance. :steam_locomotive:

Thank you @anahealingwords for your appreciation and connecting dots. Thanks for your encouragement to submit our stories to the library. :dancer: Like Melanie, I would need some help with the direction from here. :sweat_smile:

@Melanie, wishing you more fun adventures on your travels. :green_heart:


Hello hello @Melanie and @Kath.PlanetHive !

Here’s a couple of infos on how to post on the SEEDS Library: you create your “personal profile” here

Then, you’ll be able to submit your texts to be reviewed and posted :slight_smile:

Here you’ll find the Library Content Guidelines

Hope this was helpful!
If you need any more guidance, let me know :rainbow: