Where are you, Explorers?

I got curious this weekend where did a big part of the initial @RenaissanceExplorers went to - as I haven’t seen a bunch of the people we started with for a long while. So I’m making this thread to ask you guys:

  1. What is the biggest reason you guys disengaged?
  2. Where are you at atm.? What are you doing?
  3. What are you most passionate about at the moment?

Hope you have some time for this!

  1. I have been exploring Changemakers, Meet-seedizens and much much more, became a Citizen this morning (;)), still waiting for the next ambassador cohort. diving ever deeper into Seeds.
  2. just finished 3 weeks of olive picking and will go back to a relative routine now.
  3. pretty passionate about everything I come across and learn within Seeds. still very motivated and engaged. love how our local project takes us ; )