Where are you, Explorers?

I got curious this weekend where did a big part of the initial @RenaissanceExplorers went to - as I haven’t seen a bunch of the people we started with for a long while. So I’m making this thread to ask you guys:

  1. What is the biggest reason you guys disengaged?
  2. Where are you at atm.? What are you doing?
  3. What are you most passionate about at the moment?

Hope you have some time for this!

  1. I have been exploring Changemakers, Meet-seedizens and much much more, became a Citizen this morning (;)), still waiting for the next ambassador cohort. diving ever deeper into Seeds.
  2. just finished 3 weeks of olive picking and will go back to a relative routine now.
  3. pretty passionate about everything I come across and learn within Seeds. still very motivated and engaged. love how our local project takes us ; )

I know this is an old thread but wanted to say Hi @apostol because I have been out of inner space recently mainly because decided to take a pause from Discord and decided to take the Dialogue Road Map basic course as well as other things i am doing, I have missed RE-IS. Hope you are well!


Hi alived… I don’t know if we’ve met. It seems that Apostol and I are the only active Renaissance Explorers at the moment. Others who were part of RE are still active in SEEDS, though. There are a lot of great things happening in SEEDS, and I am very optimistic about our Future. Are you interested in helping buildg/grow the next iteration of this awesome community?

Best Jon Love jonlove.evolve@gmail.com or Jlove1949#5173 on Discord

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Just joined the Forum. Just learning about Seeds. I filled out some form or 2 so I might be a R Explorer? not sure (how do you know?). I am excited there has been so much done for this New Dream for Earth and Humanity so I am enthusiastic to engage more with real humans on the same Path, heart path.

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HI Julie.
I’m not sure how RE members are defined. I will ask Apostol to see if he can respond.

Thank you Jon Love. I am still an occasional “toe dipper” and newbie to Seeds and just joined NeighborHub cohort 1 I believe , so @escobar tells me in discord. Did you find out what defines a RE yet? Another question (not sure if this is the right place to ask - can move if best)… is this forum different from the passport engage forum? I think I saw its called a forum there in side the passport.


RE is currently not very active outwardly. We’re holding space for SEEDS Commons Governance working group, and supporting SEEDS work with the #re-111 fund, but besides that nothing much is happening in RE.

It’s good that you’ve connected with NeighborHub(s), I think they’re great place to find connection within the SEEDS ecosystem.

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1- In reality, i still plent motivated into the regenerative movement. About Seeds, i feel that i believe in those that are doing, even in a slow steps for creating our local currency and dho tools to implement it. So, i focus on my place, my community, the ground that i step my food, and creating a local movement with holistic principles to create our local regenerative movement :slight_smile:

2- About the local movement, recent created our website, and on way to make a legit legal status for our organization. At the moment, with the instance of being a profic organization with public means, Something like that. our webiste - https://lumiar.podia.com/

3- Right now i’m starting my agroflorest implemantation on my site ! Very happy and motivated to grow my own food !

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