Updating the invite text and graphics

Just onboarded a new friend and looked at the text and graphics that come with the invite.
Want to invite (pun intended) an “overhaul” of this feature.
I will paste the current text below and hope for some input here from RE-explorers:

Do you want to join me as a regenerator in a movement created to heal our beautiful planet and communities?

As a welcome gift, I’m sending you some Seeds, our own currency, that’s similar to other digital money - but without the fees! It’s also governed by the people that use it (this can be you!) Great eh!?

Just click below on your mobile phone to get them. Let’s play!

I’m not a fan of the graphics and general visual design of SEEDS but since you don’t share them here I can only say that :))

Regarding the text it would be interesting to know your opinions and update proposals. Why do you think it needs to be updated?

I don’t see any problems with that invitation per se … I mean you can always add or change it to your liking to make it more personal but I don’t see how it expresses something that is not in line with the Constitution.

Looks like a video game (kind of Sim city style)…maybe something more artful, nature based?

I definetely would not want to have to edit every invite I send out…just suggesting a more neutral text.
To me the wording is very juvenile (for example Great, eh!?, Let’s play!, this can be you etc.)

My suggestion:
This is your invitation to embark on a journey into the world of the Regenerative Renaissance.
Welcome to the SEEDS ecosystem!