Translations and Accessibility

How a beautiful plug & play process would look like for the people, communities, and bioregions who have the will to activate Seeds in their bioregions and need all the SEEDS communication materials and tools to be translated into their languages?

Similar challenges exist and similar efforts are needed in all languages. Let´s then co-create a beautiful process to ignite bioregions who don´t have access to English and make it an ever-evolving process that incorporates the learnings in different places, reflect back to the global community to learn, and evolve as a whole.


Telma, are you aware of or part of the initiative to translate materials by the Movement Building Circle of Hypha? I think they have an active workgroup about that and are moving quite fast around translating materials into Spanish.

Beautiful suggestion, Telma!
I just wanted to add that there is a lot we can be doing without having all the material translated. Carley is getting unbelievable things done on the ground in Guatemala, where the locals speak only Spanish. As far as I know, Carley is not fluent in Spanish. She made an impact by finding a way to fund the costumes required for an annual festival. When she was asked how the ‘flow’ was created, she explained a little about Seeds. The locals are now excitedly spreading the word. Even the mayor is excited and Carley has had 2 meetings with him already. All without documentation.

My point is that the stimulation of flow is the ultimate outcome we want. We can do both translations and flow at the same time, depending on each person’s individual’s skills, passion and reason for being on the planet. We don’t have to wait for one before doing the other.

BTW, here’s a collection of Carley’s proposals, which are currently scattered throughout Discord. I use Roam Research to collate all the stuff I can find as I collect info for case studies.

Hi @apostol thanks for bringing this up. I am aware and part of the work being developed by the Comms Circle. I am working already closely with Nila and Randal, who has developed a lot of the Spanish translations so far. I heard that MBC has worked with some translations.
Here the idea is to create a process that will serve all the SEEDS ecosystem, in a way that we do not generate work redundancy.

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Dear Michael, it is soooo inspiring what you share about the work Carley is doing in Guatemala :heart_eyes:
Your point is Super valid! That translation is not the end goal, it is the means to the end goal to engage people and communities in the movement. And we don’t need to wait until we have the translations to then start creating impact. They go hand-in-hand. One process supporting the other as a dance.
Thanks for sharing the link, I will follow the track there ! :pray: :orange_heart: