To 1.3.2 Community Building Score - Making CBPoints more versatile to be earned

This is the initiation post for the Exploration Group looking into how to make the Community Building Points (CBP) be earned through more versatile and nuanced ways.

Here a summary of the proposal and its status will be posted and updated for convenience of the readers.

  1. Starting Point - what tension, question or inquiry originated this EG.

    CBP for now can only to be earned when invited SEEDS members (players in the GG)

    1. achieve “Resident”-status (2CBP).
    2. achieve “Citizen”-status (2CBP).
    3. create an Org achieving “Sustainable Org”-status (4CBP).
    4. create an Org achieving “Regenerative Org”-status (4CBP).
    5. create an Org achieving “Thriving Org”-status (4CBP).

    (Another way is through local transactions with other players and orgs, but that is not yet live to the best of my knowledge and according to the Passport v.2.1.2 description)

    1.1 Perceived lack in the current design

    Current ways of earning CBP do not take into account

    • how much the invitee supported the new SEEDS member in becoming “Resident” or “Citizen”.
    • how connected the new SEEDS member is to the SEEDS community.
    • how much the invitee supported the new SEEDS member in setting up a “Sustainable/Regenerative/Thriving Org”
    • who else might have been supporting the new SEEDS member in gaining these statuses and becoming a part of the SEEDS community beyond statuses.
  2. Proposal Quick Summary - general overview of what you propose to change (preferably using bullet points, or 1 or 2 small paragraphs)
    This Exploration Group aims to

    • diversify the ways CBP can be earned
    • empower the new SEEDS members to express when they feel supported
    • not limit the earning of CBP to invitees but anyone

    by giving the new SEEDS members the ability to reward people who have supported them on their way into the SEEDS Community.

    For this there are two Proposals formed so far:

    1. Unlimited amount of “Community-Support”-token (Working title^^) for the new SEEDS member to share a total of 9CBP for every status (e.g. “Resident”) achieved among all recipients of CS-token.
    2. Limited amount of 9 “Community-Support”-tokens for the new SEEDS member to share to max. 9 people 1CBP per CST.
      In both Proposals 1CBP is going to the invitee by default for a total of 10CBP per stage.
      The received CBP from such “Community Support Token” expressions will be collected as “Community Supporter” Badges of which one can earn an unlimited number and are visible in the badge section of the Passport.
  3. Changed Sections - what sections of the Guide are changed

    The Proposal is to change GG sections 1.3.2.a - e

  4. Impact calculation - what pieces of software are impacted (Passport, Light Wallet, smart contracts etc.)


    • will impact the smart contracts in place for GG sections 1.3.2.a - e
    • requires new smart contracts to be put in place
    • new badge to be displayed in the Passport App
    • new features in the Passport App to express how supported one feels
  5. Proposal steps - a numbered list of the actions to execute the proposal.

    1. Ask developers (HYPHA Smart Contract and Passport) if changes are technically possible to be
    2. Ask GG Editor of section 1 how big the impact of the Proposal on the GG is and if other parts of the GG need to be changed in what way.
    3. Ask all the RExplorers for objections and address them if required.
    4. Put up the Proposal as Referendum on the Passport.

This is a exploration in progress and might change over time!


Basic Proposal

For every status a SEEDS-account can achieve beyond visitor or ordinary organization 10 CBP are created to be distributed by the SEEDS-account holder.
The statuses are

  • “Resident” and “Citizen” for member accounts (total of 20CBP)
  • “Sustainable”, “Regenerative” and “Thriving”- Org for organization accounts (total of 30CBP)

1CBP is automatically given to the invitee of the SEEDS-account holder for every status evolution.

Every CBP given through another SEEDS-account rewards the recipient with an equal amount of “Community Support”-badges displayed in the Passport Badge section.
All recipients of the badge get notified with a personal “thank you”-message attached (like gratz bot).

Basic PROs

  • It makes any kind of support given and recognized as such by the SEEDS-account holder rewardable through CBP.
  • Everyone can be rewarded with CBP for their support given to other SEEDS-members
  • It is a new way to express value in SEEDS that is not based on one’s own wealth.
  • “Community Support Badges” give a new dimension of visualizing in which way someone brings value to the SEEDS community and is a record (with messages) on the chain of the appreciation others hold for the badge holder.
  • It opens the door for other possibilities (e.g. see here)

Basic CONs

  • It requires new Smart Contracts to be written and implemented

  • It requires new code on the backend and frontend of the Passport App to be written and implemented

  • It is a new concept to learn for old and new SEEDS members

  • We have to give all old SEEDS members the same ability to give CBP and might have to find a short term workaround for that with extra code.

1. Proposal variation

After a SEEDS-account evolves to the next status the holder receives 9CST to reward all the SEEDS members (max. 9 different people) that helped the holder to achieve this status and to become a stronger part of the community.
The SEEDS members that get rewarded receive Community Support Badges and CBP in the amount of CST given to them.

PROs of this approach

  • It is simple to understand and perform
  • It feels more like giving CST is the same as giving a CS-Badge

CONs of this approach

  • It doesn’t allow expressing one’s gratitude for support in the moment but requires people to remember every person and time supporting them on their way.
  • It limits the distribution of CBP to different people to the exact number of CST available.

2. Proposal Variation

From visitor on, every SEEDS-account holder can express how supported they feel by giving others unlimited “Community Support”-Tokens (CST). When the SEEDS-account holder reaches a new status, e.g. “Resident”-status, 9CBP tokens are rewarded to all “Community Support Token”-recipients according to their percentile of all CST given. The SEEDS-account holder is prompted to sign off on the distribution of the CBP in the Passport and can freely give CST until signing off.

  • E.g. a Visitor SEEDS-account holder gives Person A (the invitee) 4CST, Person B 5CST and Person C 6CST.

    After achieving “Resident”-status a prompt opens on the Passport informing the SEEDS-account holder of the CST distribution and asking to finalize the distribution of CST.
    Seeing that Person A only got 1CST but in hindsight was a lot more supportive the SEEDS-account holder gives another 3CST to Person A and signs off on the distribution of CST.

    Person A has 7CST
    Person B has 5CST
    Person C has 6CST
    A total of 13CST to distribute 9CBP
    That means

    Person A gets 3.5CBP + 1CBP for being the invitee
    Person B gets 2.5CBP

    Person C gets 3CBP

PROs of this approach

  • It gives a new SEEDS-account holder immediately the ability to take part in value exchange within the community
  • One doesn’t have to wait for reaching a new status to acknowledge the support one received to get to this point. It’s more based on the moment it happens than on memory.

CONs of this approach

  • It is more complex to understand.

  • It doesn’t have the feeling of directly giving “Community Support Badges” to people (because the amount of CST being given is different from the CBP received).

  • Can create odd numbers in the CBP score and in the Passport Badges section.

Other things that can be implemented because of this system:

Basing the referral reward on the CST received

To further utilize this new system for a more representative acknowledgement of support we can link the referral rewards for when invited SEEDS-members achieve “Resident” or “Citizen”-status to the CST given out to.

Trickling long term effect on the CBP

To honor the importance of support given in the early days, every recipient of CST gets e.g. 0.1 times their received CBP through CST as CBP for every CBP the giver earns in the future.
So by earning 8CBP through local shopping, the SEEDS-members having received 2CBP through the CST get
0.1 x 2 x 8 = 0.4CBP each.

This way we honor and display the effects of community building over time.
This can also be limited to a certain time span e.g. over 10 years.

Danke, danke, danke Max :sweat_smile::pray::woman_cartwheeling:

I agree with your observation/tension and I like your proposal to reward the SEEDizens who supported someone’s way into SEEDS. (I probably would give half of my reward token (?) to Sorin :rofl::rofl::rofl: and the other half to Rieki :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

Would a variation of the Gratitude Token work for this purpose? :thinking:

I could imagine this reward token (sorry for calling it that way, I hope you don’t mind) is one of several pathways to amp up your community building points/score.

I would like to to learn more about it in one way or another.
This is exciting. :seedling::dancer:


Just referred back to my notes from last session. This is what I put down:

Community building points
What multiple capitals are supported currently?

Beyond Social Capital, which is probably the go-to capital here I am struggling to see other capitals being supported by the existing community building points/score ‘qualifiers’ in the Game Guide.

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Danke, danke, danke Kath for dancing here and everywhere! :smiley:

If you mean Gratitude Token for the way to distribute this reward token ( :wink: ) then yes!
It could maybe be implemented in the same way, only problem is that everyone has their own pool of these tokens and the bot would need to keep track of that.
It is a bit more work on the smart contract tech side and I would be very grateful if @julioholon and @nikolaus could have a lock at the proposals.

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Certainly there are and can be other methods in place to earn community building points.

Like in theory strengthening local economy by buying locally or for v2.0 earning CBP through hosting (and maybe joining) local events.

Capitals are an interesting subject to bring in here for me to learn how I and we can look at that and make it explicit.

I could argue that many activities for community building also bring Educational/Knowledge Capital as well as Political Capital and especially in the early day Inspirational Capital to stick to your ring of capitals :slight_smile:

It might be a worthwhile thing to closer look at the Capitals, if we create our own and define them for SEEDS so we can use them for a more varied assessment building the Contribution Score.


I could argue that many activities for community building also bring Educational/Knowledge Capital as well as Political Capital and especially in the early day Inspirational Capital to stick to your ring of capitals

Yes, most certainly :grinning: I actually believe in most of the cases you barely bring only one capital home; as everything in life they are interconnected.

It might be a worthwhile thing to closer look at the Capitals, if we create our own and define them for SEEDS so we can use them for a more varied assessment building the Contribution Score.

I would love that. However, I am not sure how to go about it - there are so many pathways we could head down.

  1. Yarning: A series of conversations to explore multiple capitals. What do we think they are and how can they become visible?
  2. Experiment: Gratitude tokens might be our key to surface value flows on a nano level. What if we mention in our gratitude memo the capital the receiving SEEDizen has added value to?

Or maybe both? :woman_shrugging:

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Max, Thanks for putting all this into a proposal format!

What about combining the variations, at the same time keeping it very simple? Here’s how I envision that:

As soon as you Join Seeds, you receive a “Visitor’s Packet” which includes very simple instructions on how to do essential things. Included in this packet you learn exactly what to do if you would like to have the various rights and responsibilities of being a Resident (which includes this being a step toward becoming a Citizen.) And you learn that there are ways to ask for, and receive, help to complete the tasks required to achieve the status of Resident. You also receive 10 CST’s that you can give to the people who help you. 5 of those CST’s are available to you immediately and you can award them to whoever helps in the moment. The other 5 are reserved for when you actually achieve Resident status, so that you can reflect on who helped you the most and reward those people appropriately.

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Thank you Jon for contributing here :partying_face:
I always like to keep it as simple as possible.
I very much like to provide a packet of essential instructions. That is also very much needed for the Gratitude Token.

When I play your variation through it doesn’t feel more simple though.

  • A visitor has to learn two concepts for awarding CST.
    Learning the simple version of “just pass it out” with “but only 5 because the rest you can distribute to as many people as you want and it will automatically spread equally to everyone” (which isn’t really how it works but that would again be too long to describe^^).

  • Two code bases have to be developed to accompany both on backend and frondend.

It would allow people to be rewarded with full points as a sign of a lot of gratitude. It comes with the need to decide who am I giving which CST. Do I put the people in the “direct” pot or in the “indirect”, which would be visible on the blockchain and can be kinda awkward.

We can give the SEEDS-account holder in the 1. Variation immediate access to these CST as well and just let them spread the tokens until they run out.
But that holds the danger of people spreading them before truly having understood it and having been supported fully before running out of tokens.

But maybe I have to sit with it for a bit longer…

I consider this topic to be Explorer Group material on Section 1. :raised_hands:

Who is with me? :grin: Who objects?

Who feels excited to accept stewardship on this topic?

@MaxVBohn @Kath.PlanetHive @JLove1949

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Can this be weaved in here?

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Yes, from my end. @MaxVBohn are you fine with the weaving suggested by DaYa?

A warm No :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Simply because all the things brought up in “Value Streams …” is a mix of many things and will bring less focus to the Exploration here.
This here is a concrete Exploration that will possibly create new value streams made visible with badges.

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Yes, I take on… stewardship… another new term in RE :)))

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Hey there @nikolaus and @julioholon , I want to bring your attention to this proposal to get a reflection on it from a technical point of view.

Is it possible to implement?
What are the resources needed? (mostly time)
What are the impacts you can see on the existing implementations?

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I’d be one to support a diversity index, could have wide reaching influence on how and what data is collected from Regen sites.