The Misson of Art

Let’s create a space where we will talk about the art. The forms of it that we enjoy, that resonate with our deep being, that we hate or are disgusted of, that moves and touches us or sadness and hurt us. Art has this power, and it’s mission is to produce a new reflection within us, to deepen our awareness, to show us where we might be on our journey and importantly connect us with our individual and collective shadows.

Let’s meditate on what we want to see in art, putting a direction for a strong collective intention of creating powerful art. Art that changes, art that tells the story, that opens the awareness of those who are touched by it.

Let us explore our selves using art and create a space where we might be creating and sharing art freely together. Sharing our artistic visions. Just letting the creative juices flow for the sake of collective healing.

A book that I would like to share with you in this space and that we might use as a guidance, is a book by Alex Grey, “The Misson of art”. I’ve recently got it from my lovely wife @thay and couldn’t be more grateful for it - It’s just.mind-blowing! It tells a story of the development of human consciousness through art and how postmodernism currently reflects our own collective/individual mind frame. Furthermore it challenges what are the capabilities of art - it is more than just fun and joy. It is a need and now more than ever, our Planet needs help from the artists to transcend their egoistic individual shadow and channel impactful art peace that changes paradigms of individuals, communities and cultures.

Let’s meditate on this together and see what will be born. For those who resonate with this space being made and wish to participate, I’m proposing a meeting sometime this week (but don’t know how to add the calendar for the voting)


Thanks for the talk in REST today. My vision is the idea of Temple . A building that combines all human professions.

Here is the other Project I mentioned .

The story revolves around a new culture that is coming to the physical plane. like a human being incarnates from the spirit realm and veils itself in different bodies of the astral, the ethereal and physical
So does a culture materialize from the different plains. And now while the former culture is dying another culture sees it’s new light, wich currently resides on the astral, the dream sphere.

People recieve visions of a new culture in their dreams and wishes. But with todays society people have forgotten what the soul and imagination is. So they think it is all fantasy. They create these video games and movies not knowing that they should use their imagination to make their actual life better.

There are two beings involved the dream thieves making people taking advantage of the idea of creating a better world , while only wnating personal gains.
and the dream bearers who bring together the right people at the right time so they can connect individual puzzle pieces that everyone has recieved.

here is a concet of a city and new mindet i worked on. It also has the gestalt theory in it .
Here is an excerpt
“This project shows the first approach of a syncretistic city and picks up impulses of various great thinkers and cultural epochs whose knowledge interlinks in a fascinating way.
Especially at the turn of the last century, many attempts were made to unite western and eastern mysticism, But also the Art Nouveau movement showed a will to unification with the union of artisan craft and fine arts, art should take the place of religion. The gallery building of the Vienna Secession was resembling a temple. After the great individualization of the arts Kandinsky saw their reunion in the theater.”

Here is my website


A character design i did , inspired by Moebius whom I see as a great Solar Punk pioneer



Wow @Arian I am speechless over you projects. The concept, idea, intention. Mind-smashing! Where did you get the inspiration from, how did you started on it? I would love to hear the artistic journey and reflections behind these ideas.

How long have you been working on a game?

It seems to me that the Civil X is an amaizing way to implement education (on various levels and about various stuff) and at the same time keeps the player fully engaged in the impactful experience, strongly enough to create a meaningful experience within the real human who is playing.



Thank you. Well it is just an inner knowing and remembrance. I have very vivid inner pictures and grow into them by constantly resaearching and learning, overdoing and refining. Some of these ideas have been with mit for more than 15 years. I am actively working on the city for 6 years but to figure out the architecture took me 3 more years.
the first vision i had was a temple , then i saw a city that emerged around it , different villages and a festival where a culture was established , then I saw a social network that would connect the right people in the right way. I never was trying to force or finish anything just went to another task when i felt inspiration was lost. NA dsometimes it took years and specific experiences or encounters to find an answer to a problem.
I did a lot of research to fill in the gaps and also discovered that great minds came to the same conclusions. A remarkable one was Luigi Colani. Someone told me my car designs looked just like his. He was also very vocal on a renaissance of art nouveau and one of his last projects was a city in the shape of a human being lying on the ground.
It became more and more obvious that it was not something i constructed but more like something I remembered.
I used a lot of meditation techniques , just as remote viewing and automatic drawing , to just scribble out an intuitive form and then trying to figure out what it means afterwards.


Hi @Arian - I tried to sign in Civil X but it did not work for me. What is the status of the game/project. My personal feeling is that it would be interesting to see what kind of co-creation would be possible

It’s in it’s beginning stages I also failed to download the app but there is one quest up there I think . We are currently redesigning the UI and develope more quests but we could use soem help with it. from what I know there are already 5 people daily who register.
I would love a collaboration. I have seen it together with a crypto and governance project in my minds eye from the start .


Yes - would be interesting to explore. I feel the players should not need to work with any currency or payment - it would be the bridge to the “worlds outside the game” where FIAT money is still important.