The Inner Space

described by moi
(moi is the most beautiful way of saying me/I because it’s like sending out a kiss when speaking it :* )

The RE Inner Space is about exploring the inner realms, the dimensions within us transcending our often limited senses, limited awareness, limited identity. Where things linger in the shadows, unseen, but celestial gems can be found.
Here we get to know the unknowable, the endless possibilities of a single moment, where duality becomes unity by bringing the light of conscious awareness.

In the RE Inner Space we increase our capacity to connect, heal and nurture ourselves and others.
We learn to create from a space that is anchored in the moment, creating the future responsive to the current.
We become mindful of the energetic fields we create as individuals and collectively, to increase our connectivity and intelligence to our disposal.

Limitless like one’s inner space are the paths to explore it.
The RE Inner Space is here for anyone to be a guide, taking us on unique journeys to connect, heal and nurture ourselves.

E.g. this can be done through guided meditations, shamanic journeys, talking and listening circles, trauma and shadow work, fasting and remote healing and much more.

The structure of how this can be done is not agreed upon yet and I invite everyone to contribute and share your wisdom in the doc to refine it:


I have a strong feeling that inner space is the most important in our ecosystem. In my opinion, it would be great contribution for the collective if this is provided to the whole community. And by collective I mean the human species :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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