Sharing our stories.

A persons story tells the community a lot. And shows people building blocks and ways to show up for people in a meaningful way. I personally believe that knowing peoples stories is foundational for the growth and expansion we can experience.

I propose that every person’s profile has at least a general piece of their story on it. with the understanding that there is always more to someone’s story. I propose that each person can choose to give Seeds to a person by the stories they read and connect to. And gain Seeds just by someone reading, connecting to and appreciating their story.
(Maybe not seeds? Maybe a different token? But something that brings an exchange of abundance)

Maybe we have a safe space for connection and expansion on peoples stories. A place where people can share ever changing portions of their stories. Or a profile that a person can add posts to add to their story.

maybe we also have a more private space where people can get more vulnerable and share the things in their stories that they might need support on but not want to share publicly. (We may already have a space for this on other DHOs (I hope I used that term correctly because it seems there was some confusion in last outer space) so do we want this portion on SEEDS?) I am learning more and more that vulnerability creates deeper connections but also that not everyone wants to take part in that and I think that is okay.

I think that this stories idea could be extremely helpful for people to make good, effective and substantial connections that can help fuel us through the work we are doing here as well as on a larger expression of this for people doing work anywhere in the world.

I do propose on small scale we establish something for this group to at least know our Renaissance Explorers team mate’s stories. And then we can think about a larger scale a place on peoples SEEDS profiles and also outside of their profile to share who they are and also share their story.

I have a huge desire to support beautiful people, sustainable businesses, and the good in the world. (The seeds in my account are dedicated to that) It’s hard to do that without knowing their stories.

I don’t know what this would look like in it fully functional form or if I expressed it in an understandable way. Collaboration on this idea would be greatly invited.


Thank you for this beautiful invitation, Rachel. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I would say that this work is nigh on impossible to do (at least to any meaningful depth) without knowing each other’s journeys that we took to bring us here.

When I read something meaningful either here or on Discord, the first thing I do is look at the person’s profile. Almost none of them have links to their story. I find that this lessens, even cheapens, the experience for me.

So, I fully support this call:

I’ll start by sharing mine:


I absolutely resonate with your proposal Rachel. We really need to get to know each other. Sharing our inner worlds will speed up the process. Meaningful deep bonding, synchronicites, trust, healing and creative interactions will arise out of courage and truth. Rewarding it with abundance is a sacred act. Let´s embody and express our most genuine selves unimpeded by fear.


Thank you Micheal for your kind words! Thanks for supporting this!

And a deep thank you for sharing your story! It’s quite an incredible story and brings in the thought that all who are meant to help shift the world’s consciousness will wake up and feel a drive to do so. It’s incredible that you had the experience of before and after and that after that experience on the beach, you searched and continued to search even when it seemed the concept of what you had experienced didn’t exist. I love reading your story! I loved connecting with your experience. You have a connection and experience with corporate that is so powerful and needed in this work. I loved what you said in one of our meetings about connecting with the person in the corporate. It made me think. I have always felt corporate and large businesses as an untouchable force because they were not human but there are humans in them and that comment changed my perspective considerably. Thank you Micheal for all you offer to the space, to SEEDS and the entire worlds. It is powerful!

Also I want to add you write beautifully. I felt, smelled, heard and saw your experience. Also I have a deep sadness about the bookstore no longer existing! Awe!


You voiced that so very beautifully! I 100% agree. Thank you for appreciating and I am so glad you resonate! Yes lets embody and express our most genuine selves! I love that!

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I can’t even begin to tell how much this feedback means, Rachel :pray:
I’m very aware that the ‘zeitgeist’ says corporate is evil - perhaps for good reason. It’s for this reason I’m only cautiously introducing the idea of biz & gov in SEEDS. I’m very conscious of potentially ‘poisoning the well’ with corporate-speak and I’m so grateful you can see the human element, even in big business. :dollar: can also equal :seedling: - it just depends how it’s used!

So do I :cry:
On a whim, I decided to go to Google Maps to see what’s there now, and my heart broke. The bookshop which totally changed my life (and I’m sure thousands of others) could no longer afford the rent. The space has been taken over by one of the few businesses which can: Burger King :face_vomiting: What a sad reflection of what has happened to our civilisation :broken_heart:

Thanks @RachelR for the invitation. Here’s an important piece of my story from my blog. I think if you read that, you will understand where I am coming from quite well. The article mentions Holotropic Breathwork, and via that therapy I have found that vulnerability, showing up in all one’s brokenness, happiness and despair, is actually the quickest way to getting to know people well. Not always advisable, as of course not everyone has our best intentions at heart, but I feel safe to share this here.


This is a great initiative… similar to the 1 min video of joining the Ambassador’s Academy, but with more depth.

You can improve your profile with a short bio & website etc. from Your Profile Page.

There’s also the dynamic that you actually start getting to know people’s stories when you start to work with them… it’s actually a great way to get into some depth with someone… and also there’s no way of actually knowing the whole story of a person… like we’ve been together with my wife for 10+ years and we’re still learning new things about one another… haha… but I guess we can share parts of it - what’s bringing us to SEEDS and all that…

I personally don’t have a good place where I’ve laid out my story yet. I will think about what is the best way of doing that.


I agree I love your insight and I love how conscious you are about them and the overall picture of regeneration and oneness.

And awe the bookstore that couldn’t afford rent! This is happening all over the world and covid didn’t help. It makes me so sad. It feels like little species of businesses going extinct. I agree! It is such a sad representation of what is happening in the world. That’s why we are here. This work is so important!


Wow, Intense story! Finding our way to health is the most powerful journey we can go on. It’s an incredible process and for anyone dealing with health problems that moment where we let go and let flow can be the moment where we actually open up to finding our way to healing. It changes the dynamic of needing to cure to instead teaming with our body to find the healing.
It’s beautiful your process of finding what works for you and it always hurts my heart the solutions that the health care can come up with. It can seem like it relieves things but only makes it more difficult for our bodies to truly heal. Let me know when the third part is available. I want to hear about how you healed your body!

So much love to you for such a hard a difficult thing to experience. And beautiful your choice to find healing. I’m so glad you felt safe to share your story! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks @RachelR for the kind words. Part 3 is here

Thank you for this, Rachel! I fully resonate with your invitation. :purple_heart:

Maybe instead of Seeds, we can encourage each other to circulate gratitude tokens as a form of appreciation for the insight we gain into somebody else’s life. As in “thank you for opening up the way you did, for daring to be vulnerable, for inspiring me to do the same and trust that it’s okay”.

Reflecting on what @mbh66 shared: I’m also guilty of sharing very little about myself, my story. I see the incredible value in it though, when I get to participate in somebody else’s extended intimacy created by their personal stories. For me, it’s a personal blockage I need to resolve to enable this flow. Maybe fo others it’s a similar challenge.

Reading your story Michael I was once again awed by the way you write :pray:t4:
It’s an incredibly well-written credible story, in my opinion. Credible, because I’ve had similarly awesome, bizarre and impactful experiences in altered states of consciousness, induced by either meditation or psychedelics. What is exciting about your story is how spontaneously this out-of-body experience occurred to you, seemingly without any groundwork. I’m left contemplating this for the day…thank you! :sparkles:


Wow, @guyjames, thank you for sharing this. :heavy_heart_exclamation: I just finished part 2 and feel simultaneously stunned and familiar with your healing story. I get the sense that I know what you’re describing is real, yet it amazes me to read it fully fleshed out into such an elaborate, vulnerable, open-hearted story like yours. And the religious symbolism throughout is truly fascinating! Looking forward to continue on to part 3…

How I connect with it probably deserves a longer explanation. I’ve had multiple “mysterious” illnesses as a child, inflammations throughout my body, which Western medicine couldn’t deal with. How I resolved them I have no idea, but in retrospect, it seems to me they went away as I walked away from what didn’t serve me and changed the way I appraised myself and the situations I found myself in. Many years later my mother, after a heart-wrenching divorce with my father, was diagnosed with bone cancer. She made sense of it by saying “the pain I feel is so huge it eats into my bones”. Refusing any treatment, she was resolute to cure “it” by processing and releasing the pain, resentment and anger she was feeling. Over time, the unbearable physical pain she was experiencing around the tumour was gone, along with the heavy heart. She is well now and may she retain her good health for much longer :pray:t4:


I believe this video represents something good about my story FLOR DA MONTANHA (feitio) on Vimeo
It’s a video of my community doing Ayahuasca. I’ve been here for 9 years living in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro … But my search for conscience begins in 2012 when I left a great job to get out of here … I was 22 years old, now at 32 I’m happy to make this choice, but it wasn’t easy… I had to work hard, $2 an hour working hard…

One of my internal dissatisfactions is selling my time for money … and since I was 16 I’ve translated documentaries about the fiduciary system and banks … participating in the Zeitgeist movement and at the age of 19 I was a global forum moderator Anonymous WeAreOne … something I like to remember was when a journalist came anonymously and shared an investigation of the Brazilian government for us, and I get a lot of fears, but I was able to connect Swiss hackers to create a server to put these files… lol… some time later we had the movement Ocupy, when I left my job to go camping in the streets and it was an amazing experience… but when everything fell apart due to people’s insecurity and conflicts I cried and prayed for open paths… the next day I met someone and then came back to I went home to visit her, and ended up staying in the mountains, when again feeling the emptiness of the expectations created she took me to the top of a hill and gave me a pass, feeling an insight to take me to the Flower of the Mountain, where I found the doctrine of Santo Daime and singing and consecrating I found myself praying for the open paths that led me there.

I worked for a few years with agroforestry and returned to my journey in search of solutions for the system after about three years observing the potential we have to raise funds for change agents. I just didn’t have the word regenerative yet, but I’m thrilled by this movement. a few years watching the stars and the possibilities of technology to share our dreams and co-create all the possibilities. Something I liked to talk about and summarize was to transform the financial resource into a tangible resource. the fiat economy and how much places where the dollar is worth 5 times less like Brazil… how 10 people across the continent can actually support local change with little recourse in comparison…

Very happy to have found SEEDS. Resonating with my heart and connecting with so many wonderful purposes. Willing to bring to my community the sense of being able to co-create the world we want, just be united.


Thanks @niki! Glad my story resonated with you. And so glad your mum was able to overcome those issues. I think often we don’t realise the healing we can do at a soul level supports our physical health.

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Ah beautiful, I was quite busy the last weeks and didn’t see this post early on and to see that people hold these views is great to see emerge ‘independently’.

As said in the last ST gathering I would fully enjoy everyone sharing our own story.

I have shared mine many times over in spoken words and always different.

So there are many ways to tell our story.

To add longer stories here and to our profiles is a great way to open oneself up to the community.

A short version of our stories would be nice to create something like the video montage or a text collage (like a graffiti wall with a lot of writings on) that can be a nice introduction to the heart of SEEDS.

@mbh66 and @guyjames thank you for sharing your stories and journeys. I think they link very much to the purpose of the Inner Space and leads me to address the third paragraph of Rachels sharing:

Maybe we have a safe space for connection and expansion on peoples stories.

I want to offer such a safe space for connection as part of the Inner Space. In fact everyone can offer such a space there.
Just like Guy and Michael shared, the most impactful experience was the experience of unity with all.
Through connection we can create a field that unifies and makes unity an experience rather than a concept.
But we also see that connecting becomes harder with more intimate contact, with conflict and oppositions arising, with shadows and traumas taking over and crossing swords.

I bring this here because all stories here are stories of struggle, of facing inner and outer challenges and gaining healing through inner work and insight.

I just created this post for the Inner Space talking about that, please have a read and give suggestions if time allows it.


@mbh66 @guyjames and @joaoestellita

Apologies that it took me a while to express my gratitude with you all for sharing your stories. I’ve read your stories last week and each of your experience has moved me deeply. Only now I feel I might find some words to express myself.

While your stories are very unique, I find it fascinating that all three of you were presented with a vision, a different pathway forward. I could feel your exhaustions, particularly your exhaustion Guy and while it hurts my soul that you had to make these painful experiences, I believe if you wouldn’t have gone through all of your pain, we would probably never have met and so in weird way I am thankful. :two_hearts:

Even though, Michael and Joao you didn’t highlight your exhaustion in any particular way, I could sense it somehow, somewhere.

I am always looking for patterns, similarities to make sense of the world around me. The pattern I see is that exhaustion have lead all three of you to your vision/different pathway. This is still very vibrant in me.

Joao, I love how you have found a fulfilling life in your community. Watching your community doing the Ayahuasca ceremony was like healing honey for my heart after reading Michael’s and Guy’s stories. Just what I needed. Thank you :raised_hands:

With deep gratitude. Arohanui :blue_heart: :heart_decoration: :heart: