setting a seed kitty/bank

in kenya ,the seed ecosystem has grown to be bigger over a short time an currently many people are holding seeds and have felt and touched seeds,for these isea iwas thinking if i could get support to set up a kitty that will help in exchanging seeds locally to kenyans . i am for these idea because for some reasons some people have been lowered and cheated to exchange seeds and in some cases they end up loosing seeds which are later not exchanged to local fiats as agreed

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Hello Ivan

I definitely want to look in the Kenyan context over the next moon cycle to create a better understanding of what is needed on the ground. Who do you think should be part of this? Did you already reach out to MBC or Samara for example?

thanks for your response DaYa currently i am the one who is thinking of this new idea i havent reached out to any party concerning these new development .any assistance will be highly appreciated

Let’s work on your proposal over the next mooncycle! Coop Assistance Team is launching tomorrow. :cat2:

yea help me craft something to support my proposal in the next moon circle

Please show us what you got and I will be happy to review it. You can also join us in the Proposals Nursery on Wednesday.