SEEDS Global Governance Evolution

This is a thread for improving / evolving the “Global Governance” process of SEEDS.

Please put any proposals in the following format:

  1. Tension
  2. Proposal
  3. Contradictions (what could go wrong? what limitations?)

Feel free to add as a comment on this thread, or directly to this shared document.


A few thoughts regarding “Staged (half secret) voting”.
I posted a doc about a “Concealed Ballot” technique, which received some feedback Concealed Ballot

Looping back, I question:

Why should we have an extended voting period, instead of an old-fashioned “election day”?

  • Accessibility/convenience - some people might not be able to vote on “election day”
  • Contemplation time - some people won’t take a serious look at the proposals until voting starts; this gives them time to do some study & analysis

Why should we have public rather than secret ballots?

  • Secret ballots require a trusted counting infrastructure (bleeding-edge-hard to implement in a decentralized way)
  • Public ballots promote transparency (which is often seen as a social value in itself)

Why should we have both of the above?

  • Public ballots accumulated over time can reveal “under the table shady politics” as they are happening [Julio commentary to “Concealed Ballot” proposal
  • Over time, voters can see how the accumulated vote is going and later voters can use this information to vote more wisely [there are different opinions on whether this is a plus or a minus]

This might be a really good topic to put on : I suspect there are clusters of people with different perspectives.

To me, the “Staged (half secret) voting” doesn’t feel internally consistent. Loosely speaking we have team A with “I wish it could just be a vanilla Australian ballot, if only we could do that on blockchain” and team B with “I sure like public voting where I can watch it as it happens”. Then like King Solomon and the baby, we give each team half.

Perhaps we can go back to basics and come to a better agreement on priorities for what voting should accomplish, and then map that onto possible voting techniques.

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