Seeds Charitable Foundation

I’m tossing out this idea that recently formed for me:

We could establish a foundation to promote the SEEDS ecosystem. I am talking about a conventional nonprofit corporation structure, registered in a national jurisdiction, board of directors, etc, etc, with a budget largely in fiat currency.

The hope is that there are sufficient donors excited by the Regenerative Renaissance project and Seeds’ role in it to fund a robust budget.

What would the Foundation do with its resources? I will start with one area that has been on my mind recently.

The fact is that the transition to a regenerative economy requires resources that are currently only available through fiat. For example, I find this poignantly apparent in the struggles of @obar12 and his team to pay for mobile data service in Africa. I also find inspiration in the story told here on the forum Garunteed Buyer to support seeds price upon sale about Gordon Bruce’s farm tools; it provides a small but excellent example of pushing Seeds adoption “upstream” in a supply chain. The pathway I see to a circular-economy use of Seeds begins with “pushes” much like Gordon and Omondian’s story, which put Seeds into the hands of a new party as actual currency in exchange for goods/service. The Omondians of the world

  1. Initially need confidence that they can convert Seeds to fiat to cover their expenses
  2. Soon see (pre-go-live) that Seeds price is rising and they can benefit by holding Seeds if they can, rather than cash out immediately
  3. Should be motivated (how best? TBD) to push on their own suppliers to accept Seeds

Through this process “threads” of Seeds-acceptance (hyphae!) will grow and eventually connect so that the “virtuous circles” can proceed to grow.
To me an obvious tool to motivate these upstream pushes is a financial incentive. For example, our foundation could offer a one-time “signing bonus” in fiat for the first Seeds transaction, and/or a 10% fiat “cash back” on the first year’s transactions, etc. A properly structured and resourced financial incentive could be effective even for “Game A” corporations like mobile data carriers.

The potential range of foundation activities goes way beyond this. Organizing physical conferences, travel support to conference attendees, hiring expert consultants, publicity; I am sure others here have a broader perspective than I. We are in transitional times, and we can accelerate the transition using the tools of the world we are in now: most specifically fiat currency, non-profit corporations, conventional fundraising.

No, I don’t feel competent to spearhead this, but I am eager to start the conversation.


This is reality @ChuckH
Most people would participate in programmes where some monetary value is attached. Changing Seeds to fiat money at personal level will make many people get into SEEDs and use Seeds because they have their money at hand and have no doubt keeping it. It will be easy to carry out transactions since many people will choose to join Seeds. Keeping the value of Seeds on the rise therefore remains mind-boggling.

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i am delighted to see such a thought coming to see the light of the day…personally i agree with you and i think many people should promote their transactions using seeds in this way many people shall laern about the existance of seeds
at kowili community kenya where i come from i have been thinking that i should have something like a seeds bank where the kenyan people can buy seeds locally as they exchange for the local fiat


I love the general idea. But perhaps rather than a conventional legal structure, a new DHO could be created within SEEDS that focuses on gathering resources of fiat currency and cryptocurrencies from various sources and directing those resources to helping pump-prime SEEDS initiatives (especially those in very low-income places) in all sorts of ways, including those mentioned in the post, but perhaps not limited to them only.