SEEDS Basic Income

You are quite right that rich people can stay rich by investing their money. Which reminds me that one option for creating a basic income for poor communities within the SEEDS ecosystem is to create a DHO within SEEDS where rich philanthropists within the SEEDS ecosystem could pool their funds to direct investments into poor communities within SEEDS via ubi schemes (within and outside SEEDS tokenomics) that inject fiat currency into such communities. Direct transfers of fiat from the global North into the global South is essential if global inequality is ever to be properly addressed. After all, much of the global North became rich partly as a result of direct transfers of wealth from the global South to the global North.

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Yes, there’s a fascinating documentary about WR here - he was put in prison for counterfeiting money, and I actually contributed to the crowdfunder at the time to help get him out, which is how I heard of him.


Yes, absolutely fascinating documentary. Should perhaps be required viewing to understand some of the issues with community currency development in African contexts? Just importing Seeds into African communities without paying attention to local regulatory systems could be risky and backfire without careful forethought.

“We are the Economy and We are the Ones Backing Our Own Money” is what people have so much difficulties to understand after centuries of brainwashing.
Great video, we should offer Will Rudik some Seeds for having done it.

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I am preparing the call starting in less than 2 hours.


  • Check-in (00:00 - 00:10)
  • Short re-introduction of the proposal (00:10 - 00:15)
  • Determining how to move forward (how is this different than Harvest, how to cooperate with developments on Seeds marketplaces, how to craft a proposal to bring to vote for further developments, etc.) (00:15 - 00:45)
  • Going through name options for proposal (00:45 - 00:55)
  • Check-out (00:55 - 01:00)

Does anyone want to add something to the agenda?

Can we add this point to the agenda?

  • Pros and cons of a Seeds basic income vs other already existing UBI.

Update on UBI projects in the world by the Basic Income Blockchain Collective