SEEDS 2.0 Discussion

You can find V0.1 of the proposal here:

In this forum please refrain from back and forth dialogue (we can use Discord for that) and instead use this for suggesting edits to the proposal and your reasoning why.

Such as:

"What if we added a bonus for those who have been building local and circular economies to reciprocate this value. We can track it using XYZ and we can give a bonus of ABC 2.0 Seeds.

This is why I think this way…"


“What if we removed the bonus/repricing for Seeds. Because I believe it will cause harm by ABC”

An invitation for us to start our proposals with “what if” and from a space of inspired creation.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! If you agree with a proposed change - signal this by upvoting the comment - or downvoting if you disagree.

A final invitation for us to ground our suggestions in what SEEDS could be and NEEDS to be to help us transition into regenerative economies.


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Thanks for starting the conversation here, @Rieki. I see where you guys are coming from with this proposal and I appreciate your efforts.

I think one downside that you guys have probably not thought about is that all the other cryptocurrencies do not have a governance system - and SEEDS has one. So - if you transfer the same Citizens even as a “contested fork” if 10 % of citizens don’t buy into this new system of SEEDS 2.0 - they can downvote everything and block its future existence. It’s very interesting dynamic that is not present in ETH, BTC or anything else which has a very unusual and dangerous risk - it could actually kill SEEDS entirely if we get into the stalemate situation of “the new system being blocked by a minority” and “the old system losing all credibility”. This is a huge risk and I’m not sure what would be the best way to avoid it.

I also have two specific examples with the question - do they get transferred as Seeds or dSeeds in SEEDS 2.0?

  1. Rewards for completing the Ambassador Academy
  2. Basic Income for RE members


/cc @nikolaus @markflowfarm @anahealingwords @minos999

I love this proposal. As a newcomer I feel the need for it very much. I’d very much like these following points to be included. Happy to discuss more.

  1. building up from the Constitution to bring it’s values for truth and transparency up into all that we do
  2. design a ritual/process for swearing in any agent (software, person, collective etc) into the Constitution; ensuring they understand and promise to honour it
  3. a compass to ensure ongoing alignment with agent and the Constitution
  4. introduce structure for governance and operations - I favour the holonic approach of evolutionary purpose, circles, roles, accountabilities etc - DHO would be no exception
  5. clear boundaries around what is in and what is out of SEEDS- i.e. of what we rely on what is bounded by the Constitution and what is partnered in and operates under it’s own law
  6. in accordance with the Constitution, create provision for ALL data to be visible and accessible. Ideally on the Blockchain but other blockchain referenced off-chain (ideally decentralised) storage would suffice.
  7. make SEEDS data useful for sense-making.To create a means of visualising our ecosystem so decisions can be made from a ‘what is best for the movement’ perspective.
  8. Some kind of personal coaching/counselling to hold loving space for us when we fall. I feel strongly that this is a collective journey that will require some facing of shadow, of surrender and of integration. In many respects, this journey is the catalyst for the expansion of consciousness
  9. to make it easy to fork/merge roles, circles and DHO. To encourage rapid fail forward.