Section 1: Regenerative Organising - 1.1 Individual Accounts: Becoming a Visitor, Resident and Citizen.

This is an invitation for everyone to bring more ideas in regards to this discussion here on Discourse. And so we can bring clearer ideas on how to make a proposal to change the Game Guide, if that is the case.

We had 2 meetings in outer space that brought insights and perspectives on this topic.

06/29/2021 Session 4


29/ 06/ 2021 Session 4 - Outer space

Present: 23 people

Theme: Visitor - resident - citizen journey

Breakout room 1:

Visitor → Resident → Citizen journey

  • Inviter requirement might be prohibitive → instead, dynamic points system
  • Testing before codifying
  • MLM aspect to be out of the game
  • Pledging system (Article 7 of the constitution)
  • Help with an onboarding session (for citizenship)
  • A small non-transactional challenge
  • Constitution needs translation (if we introduce pledging)
  • Take invitations away (the need to invite a certain number of people) → other requirements instead based on engagement
  • Video calls with prospective citizens (as part of vouching)
  • Non-technical criteria
  • Tasks instead of 60 days criteria (e.g. fill in profile; interact)
  • To not expect everyone to become a citizen

Rieki: what to keep private vs total transparency

Ambassador badge - what powers could it come with?

Renaissance Explorers badge?

Multiple paths to become citizens - badges on the way

Gratitude tokens instead of vouching?

Ability to engage in decision-making, while keeping it a choice

Global versus regional governance engagement

Video from Kath: Welcome to Aroha 💚 - YouTube


Outer Renaissance Explorer gathering

June 29th, 2021

Restore, a website? Offered by Michael. Machine learning. 20 year history ESG perspective. A new site to look into.

Jedidiah: close eyes. Breath press against pause. Deeply. Present. Notice not breath but breathing happening in awareness. Awareness does not affect in out. Thoughts come and pass in endless stream. Are they you? Just as breath, thoughts come and go. Years, decades. From child to adult. Experience change? Memories. Emotions. What’s left is the experience of it and the ego. The I thought. The only thing between consciousness and you

Aware of body. Ribs expansions. Feel whole skin. Notice solid surfaces and interfaces. Weight. Where does body end and surface begin. Beyond mind conception. Breeze. Stillness. Outside or in noticing of it. Cole to hearing. Sound of voice. Sound ends and you begin. Now sense people in call. Are they far away. Consciousness ends and theirs begins. Continuity. No separating. Consciousness is all we are.

R. Agenda today:

Follow ups: proposals from last week. Any groups come together around proposals?

Call for input:

Julio: created a poll: to rename guide. This week: conclude exploration.

Some video shares offered.

One human. One account. Seeds guide.

Something more interesting than planting seeds.

The original intents of roadmap to citizen mentioned, including intent for residents to co-invest in system, conducting regenerative practices. This functionality dropped, but is the origin of asking for ‘a transaction’.

Helping others understand the system.

Help system maintain and grow.

Movement building function.

Group break out.

John Q: share section 8.0 of constitution. Intention from constitutional view. Says real person and one real account. No other criteria.


One person/one account. Loss of 12 key words. How to manage one account one person. Key loss. Is there a way to account for seeds held in these lost accounts? What is process. Are there other cases of this.

R: only own account if own keys. Not you account anymore. Multiple keys. Others vouch counts in voting for duplicates. Reputation. Key guardians as a safeguard.

Daya. Life wallets/guardians. Amazing. Can we discuss reward amounts at go live as part of discussion. Resident to citizen. Is it counter productive? Up for debate? Clsoed or open to discussion? Referral rewards not in statis process.

R: referral system limited so is a part of a different conversation. One temp. one permanent.

Multi level vibe, admittedly

Aneloess: article 5. Values? New drafting here? Is this in constitution? When people upgrade. Passport gives Questions to be answered. Protocol. What are questions? In terms of protocol…essence of constitution. Intro to deep elements. Thinking, some people saw transition is too economic approach. Less about the ideal of being co-founders of a new culture. She suggests further elaboration. Next week…

What can we code and put into protocol…constitution quiz passed.

Dynamic points system to recognize other contributions.

Test environment. To adjust without codification on a deep level.

Jon: process for getting in as resident is ok. Number of seeds to plant may be prohibitive in some parts of world. Moving to resident, multi level marketing must go. Onboarding others fine but as condition of evolvement must go. Pledging stay. Do number of them to deepen relationship. Attend an onboarding session in one’s own language. One vouch as move in. Another vouch to move from visitor to resident then 3 to gain citizenship. Citizen: earning currency within the environment. Transactional in a generative sense. Gratitude or otherwise.

Michael: has not been through process. Resists the process. Importance of membranes. What happens in real world. Series of steps to become citizen. More meaningful in this case. Call for Real world celebration foundation as a grounding process of celebration.

Max: alan and Jaoe: quiz about constitution. In English so mean to have as requirement now for folks who dont speak English. Quizes as a good method of filtering from robot… visual methods integrated. Get rid of invite. Large barrier to measure engagement. Bring new metrics to show levels and kinds of engagement. Reaching a number to get and possibly maintain citizenship. Good to vouch but now it’s a system of showing up and asking for it without substance. Video call with citizen then vouched. Put request in and be contacted by citizen.

Tyler: to have uncomfortable conversation about seeds…to get them in as a resident. Social willingness. Specific proposal if feature in passport to provide clear user data to see who has accepted along with user name…a notice of a new user accepted the invite. Perhaps to become resident, user make a key guardian or opt out. So there is noise around understanding this…not to lose keys. For citizenship, 100 criteria, so a percentage of these hit can be recognized for dif types of engagement.

Miguel, lead ambassadors can decide who shows engagement but may lack tech skills? I don’t know if I captured this…Miguel;)

Daya: from res to citizen, citizen is a thing with responsibility of vote. Give tasks. Profile filled in. ask for proposal or engagement by doing. Join bio region. Maybe not final goal to be citizen. Pledge to read constitution: long document. Can’t ask to read it. Too long. Without reading, summary or video cap. 20% active contributors/ rest consumers. Few citizens as compared to visitors. People who only want to use as currency may not want citizenship.

R offered:

Visitor Resident Citizen Digest:

  1. The invite requirement may be too limiting? Dynamic point system?
  2. Referendum’s to test real time for x period
  3. Remove invite requirements for advancement +1
  4. Help with an onboarding session
  5. Track the progress through article 7 understanding
  6. Attend an onboarding session in your local language (a onboarding NFT?)
  7. 1 Vouch from invite, 1 More from Resident to Citizen, 3 more from Citizen to Resident
  8. Real world celebration (not necessarily in code, but some sort of celebration!)
  9. Need Constitution translated before making it a requirement to read
  10. Requires N - Contribution Score to maintain (or gain?) Citizenship
  11. Video calls for vouching in the Passport?
  12. Inviting folks demonstrates that people have some level of understanding of the system (a non-economic marker… Maybe something beneficial).
  13. To become a resident (UX/UI) make key Guardians! Or, check a box acknowledging the risks.
  14. Broad group of requirements - need to earn N points across this range in order to gain Citizenship, so open for people with various skills to earn it.
  15. Profile filled in for Citizen
  16. Joined a bioregion for Citizen
  17. Constitution for Resident / Citizen

Range of requirements. % done. How to prove on chain. Difference between seeds and apps plugged into them. Profile is not a part of the seeds on chain so can’t be on chain. Can be within the app. User interface.

Profile: dho profile. Do we want to store this forever? People don’t know that it is there forever.

Side rail: store hash to profile. Encrypted key attached to profile: pseudo hide profile.

Username is forever Telos. Funny public/private dynamic. Do we have choice of disclosure filter?

Challenge of communicating this. An issue of transparence. Love/hate kind of thing. Transparency … small group asymmetry. Info can’t be weaponized.

Cutting edge of what can be kept private in a decentralized system.

Jon: multiple choice. Ambassador badges give clout. Ambassador badge at this time does not mean anything. Perhaps badge can mean double …

Ambassador badge chat. RE badge. Give badge some power.

Implement multiple badge values. Badges in seeds, prioritize. A tree of badges. A regenerative path of badges… 10 possible ways. Org/entrepreneur/law/ diff engagement paths. Badges of NFT. Begin a badge convo. Badges for seeds. Create statis and get rid of path in passport completely. 20% or less, wants to go to citizen. Voice isn’t something everyone wants to exercise. Paths earned would be the way.

Miguel, use tokens? Identifies non people persons. Honor different types of people through gratitude tokens.

R: easy to implement. A lot of merit and easy to add.

Vouching can be attached to a why? A gratitude avenue for vouching. Boy scouts…

Only citizens vote, so how to be fully democratic.

R: Value assessment. Is democracy working when all are engaged or if everyone can be engaged. Collective learning as a journey to be tracked and measured. 20% is high. 2-3 in other DHO so many are passive investors. Key part of governance. To be joyful. Not feasible to have 100 % engagement 100% of time. Design system that is inviting. Expect this and design to this reality.

Question of addressing/creating …

Jon: remain attainable enough for full inclusion path. ‘can be’… citizen. Clause: in constitution. Easier to attain. To inform assembly that inclusion is always a part of the pathway. A guardian function to maintain this pathway.

When we go to regional, criteria via regional dho may be different. Votes for local will be different than votes …governance global/ governance local look different.

Engagement will be higher on local level.

How is the flow here: what’s alive and what’s wanted… methodical route or bounce on excitements present.

Read Section 1 on organising!
notes doc - Renaissance Explorers Notes - Google Docs

06/ 07/ 2021 Session 5


06/ 07/ 2021 Session 5 - Outer space

Present: 25 of us

Theme: Basics of regenerative organising

Apostol: Co-op proposal presentation for the second half of the meeting

Breakout groups 1 (10 mins): general discussion


  • SEEDS badge system (e.g. for RE); to vote for within the community
  • Multiple options to fulfil (instead of a few specific ones)
  • Trustful transactions and connections: trust being part of the work
  • Contribution scores on the VRC journey
  • Regenerative projects as context; shepherding needed for VRC journey; helping ppl to navigate the pathway
  • Multiple implications of contribution score; different ways of measuring trust; communication and trust across the different platforms and spaces → how to account for contributions?
  • To rethink the call format to suit our purposes: value potentially lost due to the pace of these meetings; value doesn’t land and not being followed up on
  • We don’t have a clear process for the exploration groups yet: how do we make changes to the Game Guide?
  • It might take 2 weeks to come up with a proposal on a change (in an exploration group)
  • Practising self-organisation and unlearning old systems that doesn’t serve; to inspire change instead of telling ppl what to do
  • To use gratitude tokens to acknowledge contributions of others
  • Each organisation to develop their own badges
  • Trustless = we don’t have to trust an intermediary; we see how votes are happening (instead of having to trust politicians/ institutions about it)
    *** To use the forum more extensively for sensemaking. After exploring together some sections of the game guide, put on outer space forum Outer Space - SEEDS Renaissance Explorers the exact part of that was addressed in the meeting for further exploration.** reason of this post created here =)
  • Connect the tree spaces as a way to decide something (when we perceive the same direction taken by the tree spaces as a way to approve things when it’s about the Game Guide). And broader things it could be used for the RE with MBC and other DHO’s like Samara or Bioregions.
  • No clarity on how to write a proposal and get consent.
    Notes Link : Renaissance Explorers Notes - Google Docs

@JLove1949 contribution doc - Visitor Resident Citizen Digest and Proposal - Google Docs

Section 1 Harvest
Section 1 Harvest Thread (from Session 5)

  1. SEEDS Badge 100% of course, just need the UI to issue a badge which is coming with the RE DHO.
  2. Multiple ways to evolve to Resident to Citizen and earn points (requires a proposal on what other metrics to add). +1 on new scores.
  3. Trustful networks… DHO’s in place (community and land-based). Community Trust vs Protocol Trust
  4. Integrate with more platforms to capture more contributions (e.g. integrate with Discord, Telegram, etc). Discord priority! Gratitude is there to serve on any platform (already exists in Telegram and Discord)
  5. SEEDS badge!! 100% Each DHO can issue their own badges and give powers to them… RE can issue badges and make referendums to SEEDS to make them meaningful
  6. Different Badges Different Quests to obtain the badge… Move beyond Vis to Cit as the “thing to do”
  7. Community - Authentic
  8. Call formats - what format truly serves us
  9. No bonus for passed proposals - bonus for creating them (the point is learning, not necessarily making a change just because).


  1. Open discussion in Discourse - come up with proposal,
  2. Bring proposal to SEEDS forum (for history) and engage Citizens,
  3. Upgrade proposal (are you happy),
  4. Sign off from tech,
  5. Sign off from chapter editor,
  6. Consent from the whole RE group,
  7. Referendum if needed,
  8. update section.

Random Rieki notes:

Community - Authentic

SEEDS badge!! 100% Each DHO can issue their own badges and give powers to them… RE can issue badges and make referendums to SEEDS to make them meaningful

Different Badges Different Quests to obtain the badge… Move beyond Vis to Cit as the “thing to do”


Gratitude is there to serve on any platform (already exists in Telegram and Discord)

CS Call vs Execution Calls

Self Organisation - We’re all founders - You’re responsible for landing it :slight_smile: This is one of the biggest pieces of this renaissance.

Maybe even compensate successful proposals, or we track this for earning badges or other compensation

How to change - do it and bring it here.

Invite req (cost/risk)

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Alex Prate
"We are preparing for the delivery of version 2.1, including the following release notes:

The Game of SEEDS is now live, helping individuals on their journey, including

  • Easier onboarding from Guest to Visitor status,
  • Proposing missions, coming from Visitors, Residents and Citizens, and
  • Helping evolve from Resident to Citizen status more intuitively.

We’ve enabled invite campaigns with more comprehensive tools to invite your community with:

  • Widgets (on to invite members and let them claim their rewards,
  • Exporting invite lists to create larger invitation campaigns, and
  • Invite copying to share and invite friends and family.

A revisited and simplified experience for voting, consolidating all your feedback. We hope this new version will alleviate some of the issues you encountered during the last round of voting."