I am Erick Ochieng (erickflavour) from Kenya. I am an internet savvy, freelance web content writer, and permaculture activist. I come from Chacha Village in the Nyanza Region, Kenya near Lake Victoria in Homa Bay County. We speak the Luo language, and a little of English and Kiswahili. Our main economic activities include farming, fishing, livestock keeping, hunting and gathering, and trading.

When I joined SEEDS about 3 months ago, I met 2 members from my region (Kenya) who had joined the community and took part in co-creation and giving back to their communities through charity and community work. These two were the leaders of M2o Community, and Kotieno Community.

So, I then thought about the Chacha Community Project - a Community Based Organization that takes care of the old, disabled and neediest people in the society. I saw the need to invite my co-founders into the SEEDS community. Having learnt the game of SEEDS, our aim was to help spread SEEDS to as many hands as possible and advocate for this new currency to be used as an alternative payment method.

We have since then built good relationships, connections and grown the SEEDS community with over 250 members; including 35 citizens, and several residents and visitors. I and two other members have gone through the Seeds Ambassadors Academy, and we’ve learnt the need to spread SEEDS, develop and empower different bio-regions.

My co-founders have taken part in reaching out to as many individuals, institutions, businesses, local traders, vendors, farmers, etc. to help spread SEEDS and teach them about the value of SEEDS and the need to use it as a mode of payment locally.

The co-founders of Chacha Community Project continued the onboarding process and we are currently the fastest growing community in the SEEDS Ecosystem.

Check out the problems I have encountered being part of the SEEDS community, the solution and what Chacha Community Project want for Kenyans here: RESTORING LOST HOPE WITH SEEDS - Google Docs


What a good idea Erick, we as the Co founders of this community we are pleased that this proposal is going to open doors for many Kenya to hold touch and feel seeds in their community


Thank you @erickflavour for this offering and your courage. I will be there with you along this journey. :pray::heart:

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I voted down “RESTORING LOST HOPE WITH SEEDS FOR KENYANS” and I want to elaborate why. I think the campaign is not recognizing the issues that the Kenyans are dealing with and I think that pouring more Seeds into the situation and onboarding more people with more data plans and devices, will not yield any positive result. I’d like to inquire on why the Kenyans don’t have motivation to engage with the Seeds ecosystem right now - as it is - and how to address that? why they don’t have engagement and motivation for the Ambassadors Academy? can simple education efforts resolve that or is it a deeper issue? what would the people who’re implementing Seeds in the region need to change in order to address the underlying issues that these people have? can SEEDS and all the tools that we’re building here actually address those underlying issues?

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My first question to you @Apostol, can you get engaged in something that won’t bring food on your table with all motivation, while you put aside and sacrifice your job for a promising experiment?

Well, in your case, maybe YES, because you have made enough money for you to survive even without work. In my case, or among the people I deal with, we have to push them to take part and participate in this Ecosystem.

Otherwise, thanks for your vote down. I don’t think you understand anything scripted in that proposal.

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Yes, I’ve been doing that for some time now, and yes I’ve studied and worked hard for years in order to (barely) be in a position to do that. It’s not easy but it’s important for me so I find a way to make it work. And I don’t think pushing people to be part of the ecosystem is a healthy way to engage them. A better approach is to understand what are their core needs? Can SEEDS address them at all? (example if they need work, so they move out of poverty - can they find work in SEEDS?) If SEEDS can’t address their current needs, can we find something else that does - so we provide win-win for everyone?

I think I understand it very well. You want to onboard more people - esp. businesses - and incentivize them by using the campaign Seeds to pay for their phones and data plans. That is not actually addressing why people are not interested in the academy or in engaging and adopting Seeds without these incentives being present. That is the core problem that should be understood and addressed with solutions that have the potential to resolve it.

I don’t think this will work… but for now the proposal is passing, so I guess you’ll have the opportunity to prove your model. :upside_down_face:

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Now after reading the problems we face as Kenyans, here are the solutions and how the SEEDS will be used?

Onboarding and Rewarding 100 local (institutions, organizations businesses, local traders, vendors, and farmers) 1000 SEEDS each = 100,000 SEEDS


Remunerate 50 local SEEDS champions for creation of awareness about SEEDS (proof will be a short video clip and pictures) and shown good work through onboarding (helped 10 become citizens) x 1000 SEEDS each = 50,000 SEEDS

Reward first 75 Kenyan SEEDizens for buying internet data bundles from GABRIELMWAI2 and any electronic device from DONELADASH45 and provided video proof + stamped receipt in SEEDS as the payment method x 1000 SEEDS = 75,000 SEEDS


Reward up to 25 Kenyans members who join the SEEDS Ambassadors Academy (Immediately after the Kickoff session of every Cohort) Max. 25 x 1000 SEEDS each = 25,000 SEEDS

We already have internet data bundle vendor, electronics vendor who both accept seeds as payment. We are focusing on encouraging people to buy DATA and ELECTRONICS from them and get rewarded for doing so.

There is no part mentioning that we buy data and devices for Kenyans.

Brother Erick,

Firstly, let me acknowledge you for your spirit of coming so strong, with such passion into SEEDs ecosystem, which drove the growth of Kenya Network. I am very grateful to have been part of that journey and for continuing to be part of it.

Though, I would like to share some insights with others in the community, since Brother Apostol raises some very valid concerns, especially since I have been in the Kitchen and have seen how Soup gets made.

But on the other side, I was born in a developing country, have worked in villages as well as slums of Mumbai, caring for people as a physician, so can empathise with humanitarian angle you so well articulate.

Issues (from SEEDs in Kenya context)

  1. Exponential onboarding, which was not necessarily onboaring of correct folks or with correct level of understanding or with correct level of engagement or support or Trust building social processes.
  2. SEEDs as much has been equated with Money, brings immediate benefit of reality check, but that reality crumbles during peer to peer seeds swap not able to hold price of seeds. A gap in understanding of financial fragileness of the entire ecosystem.
  3. Accountablity in terms of Seeds swap to KSH (shilling) and for what purpose? Was it for Regeneration or supporting SEEDs ecosystem?
  4. Clear accounting, for gaining and furthering trust, by accounting for every Penny as if we were stewards of funds, not necessarily propogator of “Whats In For Me” Attitude!?

Data Plan and Devices

  1. Without appreciating fragileness of SEEDs treasury and how current FinFlow works, putting more money after bad ideas, is not wise!
  2. For how can one justify 25000 KSH (approx USD200) for 50 GB data bundle for 3 individuals each with 1 month validty? This is outrageous from American standards also!
  3. Discrepancy of what Data Vendor charged, vs what Data Plan should cost, without demonstrable measures to address those, doesnt inspire confidence and trust!
  4. Simple receipts without clarity on where the Device were purchased for how many Seeds converted to how many KSH (shillings), how much was the paypal fees, and who received the phone, not clearly documented, doesnt show we are working with utmost level of integrity, that nobody can shake or question our foundations!

This is more of a question for introspection for MBC Ambassador Academy circle, who may not appreciate the Kenyan context as well, for Data Plans are expensive, Data Network is unreliable, skill levels are not high, tender caring hand holding required is not available.

For Kenyan’s its a matter of innovation which drives Academy to emerge locally by help of few who did manage to get into the Academy.

Need for incentive, support and compassion is needed from global Academy for Local initiative for a successful efficient and culturally sensitive hybrid implementation.

Phelix Obar, Phillip, Emelder, Alphonz are some names who are working towards Education angle, so our support for them shall help us in addressing this.

Attitude - of Swapping
Attitude - of relying on Seeds from external means
Knowledge - of Seeds tokenomics and finflow
Capacity - for assertive grassroots regenerative movement emerging from their context built on high level of Integrity

Only if they are localized, designed with help of locals to meet local needs and empowering them in the process with a feeling of ownership!

Not if we follow the current ways of Developing tools!

Please take these inputs with grain of salt and as my opinions stemming from little experience I have had. But in conclusion I can only say, this is a fun experiment, if we all have fun poking fingers at each other, to make this game better and in the process we all emerge as better human beings in service of Mother Earth.

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