Request for Introductions category

In the Storytellers call of June 16th, we discussed the idea of each participant telling their story of why participating in Seeds is part of their evolutionary purpose. A suggestion was made and seconded that we record these stories and keep them separate from Discord by placing them here on Discourse.

To keep them separate from other discussions, let’s have a new category: Introductions.

Any objections? Any support?

That’s an interesting idea!

Do you think it should be a whole category and not just 1 thread where people would be able to share their introductions as comments? I’m weary having 30-40 people each making a thread that will not have almost any comments on it.

Looking for guidance from you on this - if it’s better to architect as a single post with responses, no problem! Where should that be - under Uncategorised?

I support it as a single thread :+1:

I think creating it under Game Guide is ok, because it’s part of RE process. Maybe you can create the thread with simple short guidelines on what topics could people include in their introductions at the top and make the first introduction as a comment.

It’s a great idea - thanks for suggesting!