Request: Economics section

Can we get economics section started, to explore this in context to game guide and game (played) so far.

Great that you are excited to get deeper into the economics of the game guide!

I’d suggest to avoid the creation of empty subjects to keep the overview of this Discourse space as clear as possible. A call like this could e.g. be done in Discord. When there is something economics related that someone feels called sharing, the person with this call has most likely created another section before discovering this one to add something onto.

Feels like a valuable structure to me since the SEEDS space is already a challenging one to keep overview of. So my suggestion here is to delete this section again unless you have something meaningful you want to expand here or unless you find it valuable to elaborate on my message here.

What do you think?

Thank you @Bart.

Not sure how it should be implemented, but there are two pieces, one is Economics section in Game Guide, and the other is economics of SEEDs Ecosystem itself.

We may need dedicated exploration from this angle on both sides. My interest is more leaning on discussing economic relationships in SEEDs ecosystem unfolding (not what was coded from Game Guide).

Others may have better idea.

maybe ability to tag topic as economics under seeds ecosystem category? or just keeping it in uncategorized and as it gathers more economic theme we could shift later!