Renaissance Explorers Co-op Proposal

After we put up a Hypha Quest for the RE Core team - now @apostol collaborated with @DaYa @MaxVBohn @julioholon @anahealingwords to come up with a structure for a Co-op Proposal to put up for the coming cycle which is due Friday 9th of July.

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Renaissance Explorers

Venturing into the endless possibilities of the Regenerative Renaissance and discovering its applications in SEEDS through the Game Guide.

We are the “Renaissance Explorers” - on a mission to co-learn, inspire, experiment, explore future possibilities, propose and respond to changes within the SEEDS ecosystem. To effectively do this, we must have a deep awareness of the game itself by exploring the depths of it and learning about it together.

Our purpose is to make SEEDS and its Game Guide more accessible for every willing player, by decentralizing wisdom and knowledge.

The most important fruit of this purpose is being of service to the Regenerative Renaissance by having people become stewards who understand how to respond, interact and evolve the game of SEEDS.

In order to achieve all this in an empowered and supported manner, we’re putting up a Co-op proposal with a number of points of funding.

What is our Purpose?

Decentralizing Wisdom and Knowledge of the design of the SEEDSystem

To make the logic, the design, the code underlying SEEDS a co-creation of all Seedizens and make it accessible for everyone is a vital purpose and service of RE for SEEDS.

RE co-creates:

  • a framework on how to explore and understand the Game Guide (Exploration Groups)

  • an emergent co-learning journey of Exploration for all SEEDizens (RE Course)

  • a process of how to create proposals for changing the Game Guide.

  • create a variety of mediums through which the Game of SEEDS can be deeply understood by a multitude of people.

Polishing the Game Guide for v.1.0

The RExplorers go through the Game Guide to:

  • raise questions and provide answers.

  • change the layout and wording for easier understanding and better alignment.

  • check intent, logic and implementation of the Game Guide in alignment with the Constitution v.1.0

What are the Renaissance Explorers offering?

Better-than-free exploration of the Game Guide.

Three deeply integrated Spaces providing weekly sessions:

The Inner Space

Encourages the RExplorers to look deeply into their inner world, to expand their conscious awareness of themselves and others. To connect with their inner gifts and how they can bring about the world they would like to see manifested.

Here all RExplorers can share their practices, to be of service to their co-explorers to co-create from an inner space of harmony and purpose and bring that into the Game Guide.

The Outer Space

Takes the RExplorers on a collaborative journey into the Game Guide, explaining the inner workings of SEEDS and actively looking for ways to evolve it.

Here RExplorers create Exploration Groups to engage in this endeavor of improving specific sections of the Game Guide.

The Storytelling Space

Creates diverse media to transmit the wisdom and knowledge in the Game Guide accessible to many different audiences in joyful and inspiring ways.

Here RExplorers bring the Game Guide to life with visual art, music, poetry, articles and of course the most beautiful stories our hearts know is possible.

What will be done with the funds?

Seeds Power for the Renaissance Explorers

We’ve created an organization structure for the Exploration Groups(EG) with a way to incentivize Exploration Group Leaders (EGLs - Eagles) and Exploration Group Game Changers (Wolves) with a sum of §3333 per person/moon cycle.

The purpose of creating this structure is to have a good responsibility and accountability towards doing a focused exploration work and potentially coming up with well made changes for the GG that would greatly improve the usability and governance of Seeds.

This process will also decentralize the knowledge of how the Game Guide works which is vital in order to build a healthy decentralized SEEDS community.

We also want to reward the best proposals for changes in the Game Guide at the end of the three moon cycle (end of September) from a fund of §100k.

Budget: §600k

More on this in the document below. :point_down:

“Proposal 111”

We’re envisioning a pool from which each person who is part of Renaissance Explorers can request a small number of Seeds §111 for whatever time they’ve spent playing, working, researching, meeting, arting, meditating, creating, participating and jamming in and for the SEEDS Ecosystem.

7000 value units (example 1h time) of §111 to be rewarded over everyone joining the explorers and participating in the experiment. These Seeds will be spread by a pattern that is formed by the explorers bottom up. Everyone can request units of value for their time input and get 3 flags up for this request and can have no flag down. We will create an initial spreadsheet for this and possibly software.

We can cap this at Xh/month/person. We can also have multipliers 2x, 3x for special tasks. §111 is low enough so everyone can participate and we can allow for the collective intelligence of the group to make sure they’re stewarding the resources in a responsible way.

Some of our principles here are that

  • We’re breaking the connection Seeds/USD - with a fixed sum of §111 Seeds - it goes up in value with the public sale which incentivizes people to keep their Seeds instead of converting them to fiat
  • We’re breaking the connection between Value - Production. “Unit of value”(UOV) is defined and validated by the community and can include activities that are not traditionally considered “productive”
  • We could have multipliers for 111 - x2, x3, etc., and also cap the amount that 1 person can get at ~42 UOV per moon cycle.

That is also going to be a research experiment amongst all these things. We envision that this may birth unexpected works of creativity and play that could have a huge impact.

Budget: §777k for 7000 UOV
More information for both of these funds in the following document:

Art & Storytelling for Renaissance Explorers

Create ~144 art pieces and 72 articles and media from the RE space to benefit the whole SEEDS community. There will be some “art scribing” during the group calls as well as beautifying the aesthetic of the Game Guide. The purpose of the articles and media is to facilitate the decentralization of knowledge around the Game Guide into the SEEDS Ecosystem.

Budget: §200k

More information about this in the document below. For a wider context check out the forum thread.

Reserch & Incubation Program

We would like to facilitate between 2 and 5 Research and Incubation initiatives that would work towards creating meaningful change for the SEEDS Ecosystem. The people and projects who are part of this program will Research new governance & organizational Structures for SEEDS, Create blueprints for DHOs, Develop new software tools etc.

Each project will apply for funding between §50k and §100k which would ideally provide 1 person with enough resources to do focused work on a specific theme for 1-3 months, to make good progress and to deliver value for the SEEDS Ecosystem. A formal structure for semi-collective approval/disproval of these projects is going to be created.

Budget: §200k

Total budget for the whole Proposal ~§1 777 000 (Seeds)


Proposal 111

1 unit of value = §111

7000 units to be distributed = §777.000

1 unit of value can represent 1h of time or another proposed value metric. I personally believe time is a valuable asset in a human live but many more value metrics are possible.

Anyone within (without?) RE can request to be rewarded and describe the value they bring. This can be an open creative space and we might see different value sets coming up.

For your value to be validated I suggest 3 flags up and no flag down. This could be facilitated in the GPP, here on Discourse, or with a dedicated spreadsheet or software. Note: self-governance comes with great dedication from the community to keep track of this.

§111 are §111 and there is no need to count back in USD. In 3 months it will still be §111. So if you do count back anyway, the USD value we reward goes up over time.

All excess funding can in the end be distributed in a money pile celebration event.


@rainskyarel5 asked in the Discord co-op-proposals channel.

Hi @Apostol I have some clarifying questions after looking at the presentation deck:

  1. With all that are in the presentation, now I am confused with the Vision/Purpose of RE. I like the 111 UOV idea which is something definitely to be explored in the SEEDS community yet the proposed 111 weird ideas and Art for RE got me confused to the intention of RE and what RE would like to achieve. Perhaps it could be I am not involved very much in RE thus lack clarity around the vision/purpose here. Love to have more clarity around this.
  2. Research and incubation fund
    Could you elaborate further around DHO prototypes? How is this different from what @ paulocarvalho/MBC is working on or intend to gather from the Laboratory process and also more clarity around the incubation fund compared to what Hypha is offering?

My answer:

Thank you, Rain for your amazing questions! I think you bring up a very good points here that we’ve not made clear and is super important to do so. I’ll make sure to integrate my answers here into the presentation.

  1. In the Hypha Quest that we put up for voting recently our frist two objectives revolve around “Decentralizing the knowlage around the Game Guide” (by learning about it and also making materials to make it more accessible to the wider SEEDS community) and “Getting it ready to be ratified by the citizens”, also we currently have defined an “Objective 3” as

Objective 3: Start the design process on becoming a research and development learning institution on regenerative governance, economics, etc

More so - our more general Purpose from our WIP Codex is


To co-learn, inspire, experiment, explore future possibilities, propose and respond to changes within the SEEDS ecosystem. To effectively do this, we must have a deep awareness of the game itself by exploring the depths of this game and learning about it together. Our purpose is to make SEEDS and its Game Guide more accessible for every willing player, by decentralising wisdom and knowledge.
The most important fruit of this purpose is being of service to the Regenerative Renaissance by having people become stewards who understand how to respond, interact and evolve the game of SEEDS.

So both “Proposal 111” and the “creation of art” in that sense are research initiatives with these loosly defined purposes:

1.a. “Proposal 111”

  • on the one hand could be a sourse of support for people who are spending a lot of time into Seeds, bringing value and learning but not holding official roles and accountabilites (I’m also thinking that we could expand that for the whole SEEDS community if we put a bit of extra budget for it right now)
  • on the other hand it is opening the doors up for activities that should not be nessesarily allined with existing stuctures and models of how we value contribution - producing and working towards a specific defined purpose or a goal. It aims to bring a lot of creativity, play and passion into the process as people get the freedom and support to follow their creative impulses as they engage directly with the SEEDS ecosystem, deliver what they heart calls and receive some minimal payment for their work

1.b. On the topic of “creating art” we envision a couple of processes

  • “Art scribing” is when someone is making art throughout a specific group call (we have at least 3 per week). So whatever happened during the group call is “snapshoted” into a work of art consiting of colors, shapes, symbols, metaphorical arrangement and vision of what happened or a future possibilities that come as a result of the meeting - it brings vision and inspiration into the whole process.
  • We would also like to create Art that would be embeded in the Game Guide itself - maybe even commision it from someone
  • In the process of creating materials for making the Game Guide more accessible - articles, videos etc. we would like to have artistic illustrations of what the articles and materials are talking about
  • We would like to experiment with the topic of NFTs
  • We love the current art that is being created and would like to see more of it (:

Reserch and incubation fund
I’m not completely sure about what Paulo/MBC is doing but as far as I understand it’s focused towards local adoption and bioregional DHOs (correct me if I’m wrong). That’s different from this “Reserch and Incubation Fund” in a couple of ways
We’d like to reserch new structural, governance and sense-making initiatives for SEEDS
(my examples totally not synched with anyone else)

  • understanding Conviction Voting and creating proposals how to apply it ot SEEDS Game Guide
  • supporting the creation of “Governance Circle” for SEEDS or “Stakeholders Circle” for the software development processes between SEEDS<>Hypha<>MBC<>Samara<>RE
  • Better sense-making and strategy building on how to grow SEEDS, charting maps on how to approach future challanges, existential risks for the ecosystem etc.

We’d also like to support potential DHOs in the “Pre Funding” stage - e.g. when they need to do reserch before they’re ready to apply for official funding.
(ex. about that could be)
“Grassroots DHO”, “Corporate Link DHO”, “Artists link DHO”(huge potential in spreading SEEDS through Art) etc.
Of course, people who are passionate enough about these topics would need to come up and formally apply for the funding and be approved - but we want to have that option.
Again, that’s an experiment and we’ll see how successful it will be.

I think all that could be complementary to all the other DHO-creation efforts and would love to collaborate with everyone who already has progress on other fronts of this.

Does what I’m saying clarify your concerns, Rain? Is it satisfying or do you have more questions coming up?
(sorry for the long write, but it was a good prompt to dive into these topics)

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Amazing answers @apostol :rainbow::purple_heart:

For the research and incubation fund I also see an opportunity for research into human centred design, ethical and justice framework (if that isn’t birthed in the Lab/MBC).

I wish I could vote for us but I am only a resident. :snail:
I send good vibes :two_hearts:


My vision after listening to the feedback on the proposals:

I think the proposals we want to bring to vote are ambitious considering the length the RE exists and the value we have brought. I also like that trust doesn’t have to be proven for SEEDS proposals to work, but I feel like the sum of Seeds asked in the proposals is really high and some higher level of already proven value might be reasonable.
I also believe rewarding the RE is fair and important to grow opportunities in the RE.

To reduce the risk of some of the proposals not passing by lowering the total sum of Seeds we are asking as RE and to give space to mature what we are proposing, while still making the urgent steps on the RE reward system I sense the following:
Why don’t we just start with 1 of the 4. And then I would say the most inclusive one to get everyone most involved. Maybe Seed Power For Explorers?

What do you think?

Thanks for your feedback, @Bart!

The proposal is up with §1.777.000 sum. I understand you concerns around how we’ll be able to deliver what we’re promising, but the proposal deadline was Friday 9th July and we went with it. Some of the sums we updated though - lower “R&I” fund and higher “Proposal 111” - so more freedom and bottom-up creativity.

I think we can always give back the Seeds we received to the campaign blockchain account if we’re not able to deliver on what we’ve promised. Still - it would be super valuable to do our best to make them happen.

Looking forward to collaborate more!

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I’d like to share this comment here as well.

I’ll share my reply to you there :slight_smile:

Can someone enlighten me on the basics - even if it’s estimations?

How long will this project be running for? (ie, 3 moon cycles?)

How many REexplorers are there? 10? 20?

How much do we spend on each RExplorer for their time total? Or do we not even do that?

I will put up a separate post with some numbers

It should be running July through Sep 2021.

There are ~75 registered explorers from the beginning. The calculation is for 50 explorers x §3333 x 3 lunar cycles = ~§500k. That is a baseline. If everyone participates in “Proposal 111” capped at 50 UOV per lunar cycle, then the sum of Seeds per person increases, but that also requires active contribution and approval from 2-3 people.

Let me know if you need any more info about this!