Remunerating Art for RE

I think everyone likes the idea of having Art created for the RE space. Similar to the way me, @MaxVBohn @anahealingwords created art during the group call sessions in the beginning of the RE journey. Many of the art pieces were included directly into our working process as group icons, parts of documents and articles - enriching and beautifying the expression of whatever is created.

In order to support this creative flow we would like to set up a process where amateur and maybe even professional artists are invited to participate, organized and remunerated for the creation of the art pieces.

Steps to set up the process:

  1. Structure for participation - who can participate, how and why is the art created, how is the artpiece accepted by us, when are the seeds paid etc.
  2. Copyright and ownership of the art - when and where can the art be used, who owns it, how it can be distributed, licensed etc.
  3. Types of art that we would accept - physical, digital, poetry, writing, music - this is connected with No.2.
  4. Funding.
  5. Boundaries - timeframe, number of artpieces, number of artists, budget etc.
  6. Distribution - how can we share and use the art in creative and beautiful ways.

We might need to set up some kind of software-tool-library to keep track of all the art that is being created.

I think I have a very good grasp of all the points above except no. 2 - If anyone has any experience with copyright, licensing & ownership of art, please contact me.

I will need some time to write down all these points in detail. If you have any ideas to add - please share them as comments below and I will consider and include them in the overall plan. If you’d like to co-create this structure, let me know which parts you’d like to take on.

I will open this to everyone in RE (make this post public) when it’s slightly more mature.

This could be tested out in the RE space and it could potentially move into it’s own DHO sometime in the mid-term future(~6-12 months) if our experiment here is successful. Ideally, such a DHO would be able to organize artists and provide the same process of art creation for all of SEEDS DHOs and even non-SEEDS DHOs and other organizations. I have a feeling that this may have huge potential if it’s made well.


P.S. Here is a draft for the Minimum Viable Process for setting this up.


I am SO in LOVE with this!! :star2:
YESSSSS!!! :heart:
Been dreaming about this ever since you shared your first piece of Art with us, @apostol !

Count me in for whatever support is needed!
I don’t have experience regarding 2. but if needed I will sit down, gather the info needed -relevant to our project- and share it in whatever form is best. (reaaaally crossing my fingers that someone else already has that, though! :smiley: )
→ We can also post something on Discord asking around for specifically this knowledge-base from any SEEDizen :wink:

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Found someone who has experience in “copyright” regarding music (and maybe art in general) and would be happy to come to a call with us to advise / share tips :wink:

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So I laid out a Minimum Viable Process for creating the art in this document. I think we could start using it this week.

If you have any suggestions - please comment directly in the document. The part with copyright and licensing could probably be improved - I tried to share the general spirit through which I’m approaching all this.

We would need a process to accept the art pieces. We can start with a google form with 2 upload fields - the first one - “ready to use” JPG, PNG-s and the second one “source” - RAW or PSD.

Also, I’m moving this thread to #game-guide:storytelling in order to involve all RE.


This is amazing @apostol :dancer::sparkles: The MVP looks great. Well done!

I would love to be part of the NFT playground (somewhere quite in a corner) to experiment and learn.


Here is the agenda item I brought to the meeting in the form of an initial proposal to be elaborated on: Collaboration with The Future Is Now.


Hey Tina! @LaLaGardens

I LOVE this proposal of yours! Would recommend you create a new forum post to better give voice and space to it!
I am 100% on board and would be delighted for you to lead the way here! :heart:

(@apostol is there any way we can tag groups here? I’d like to tag @Storytellers for instance. Is it possible?)

Please look into Aaron Swartz founder of Creative Common, offers regenerative, alternative to archaic copyright law, which doesnt help in fostering creative works to spread, instead protects economic relationship of intellectuals ‘Property?’



Exploratory Playground to facilitate creation and use of NonFungibleToken (NFT).

Most essential value poposisition of NFT are as follows:

  • Utility
  • Provenance

Abilty to view trail of an art work or other constructs as NFT is powerful, if combined with carefully crafted utility (proposition) value, which support regeneration!

For Example:

Honey seller, who accepts seeds, in order to onboard his potential buyers to SEEDs, what he does is offer an invite url along with first free jar of honey. The receiver upon downloading the app, sees HoneyNFT - in their seeds passport (or wallet), allowing them to pass to next one recommending them to try out their first free Honey from this seller. Thereby achieves onboarding as well as marketing for their product.

In above example one can see NFT has multiple utility, for example, it serves as reminder of the experience (of honey, of seeds invite, of SEEDs and more), as well as immediate use case of circular flow of sweet recommendations.

But to implement this idea both in social context (for seamless user experience), one needs to work on the ground as well as help the technology evolve in parallel.

Please share your thoughts @Miguel Uruguanian bee keeper and fellow seeds ambassador

Hola Ary!

Good thinking! Yes, to creating a"seamless user experience", love that!

I wouldn’t give away the honey for free, because that’s not stimulating enough people’s interest in SEEDS beyond “getting stuff for free”. Besides that I feel that honey produced in a regenerative way (without use of chemicals, no sugar syrup feeding, taking less honey out of the hive than big commercial operations etc.) has its value and rather than giving it away for free, I actually ask more than the average market price.

But, yes, I am also thinking about how to create that “seamless user experience”… :thinking:

Maybe one idea could be that by scanning the qr-code the light wallet gets downloaded and people can sign up without needing to create an account on the blockchain right away with 12 secret words and all that complications?
Seeds could be bought easily via credit card and/or from the shop where the honey (or whatever else) is being sold.
if then the user becomes more interested in SEEDS later, he/she could go through the onboarding process at a later stage.
Currently thinking on these lines.
Thank you for your input, Ary