Regenerative flows and shadow work

A deep believe in what one is doing and is involved with is what I would wish for every being to feel :slight_smile: That you need to truly believe in it to be ready to join to me sounds like a good thing.

It is such a barrier how much of a deep dive into discord and everything else you need to get a good enough sense of what is happening to be ready to contribute. I feel what could really improve this situation is when all developments and tasks are listed in 1 overview. This could be the missing flow of communication between Discord and the project development. I see I have been having this urge to see this come to life for quite some time but I’m just not prioritizing to start developing it. I think what Hypha has is already one step ahead in this sense, there is quite a clear list of expertises and developments needed on the platform of Hypha and you can basically apply to take these things on.

I don’t know what the solution here would be but it really keeps me thinking. Now there is this ocean of information and how are we going to simplify it for people to choose a direction before they get overwhelmed by all the information and put SEEDS back to the side? Solving this could create the call for many others to join the movement.


There is a proto-DHO called dStudio that made the little green dot at top-left corner of the latest version of the Passport app (you can see it in the Voting section). That is called “Game of Seeds”. The vision for it is to have a lots of quests that would be video guided and on multiple languages and would guide people in the SEEDS Ecosystem directly from the mobile app - that would enable and empower SEEDS’s participants engagement at scale. We from RE can also collaborate with them on this at some point.

Oh thank you so much @niki for sharing your experience, mind and heart. I hear you.

Both yours and @Melanie’s view points are so close to what my heart feels. Thank you :green_heart:

I wanted to cross post my comment from another topic here: RE Hypha Quest Discussion - #11 by Kath.PlanetHive

I am more than happy to participate in any conversation around compensation in the light of the Pro Social principles for highly effective groups (especially No. 2, No. 3 and No. 6):

  1. Shared identity and purpose
  2. Equitable distribution of contributions and benefits
  3. Fair and inclusive decision-making
  4. Monitoring of agreed behaviours
  5. Graduated responding to helpful and unhelpful behaviours
  6. Fast and fair conflict resolution
  7. Authority to self-govern (according to principles 1-6)
  8. Collaborative relations with other groups (using principles 1-7)

If we collectively feel this is a pathway to walk along for us explorers (and maybe all SEEDizens), I would offer to see if we could seek support from a ProSocial Facilitator. :rainbow:


@Kath.PlanetHive Thanks for the offer - I would definitely accompany you on this pathway.
I did not take part in the discussion initiated by @apostol about the Hypha quest because I just do not go in resonance with this specific event.

For me it is totally okay that this Hypha proposal exists. I agree that there would have been a better way to communicate and still: everyone did the best he/she can, if they could have done better they would.

Why am I not triggered by this specific event: Because I decided in 2013 to fully live with a need based mindset and for the coming 3 month I do not need money. My feeling is that those who have initiated it need money (or an equivalent) right now - maybe for different reasons. Still it‘s okay for me that they get what they need - specially as they have worked for it.

Having said this: My view and my feelings might be very different in 3 months. That‘s why I would love that we design a future process (and learn from what has come up now). I feel that your pathway is one that could make sense and as you have the energy to lead this I am happy and willing to follow if we find a time that works for all of us as also for me a healthy sleep is very important to keep balance


Thank you @Melanie :raised_hands: I feel very aligned with your words and view point. :purple_heart:

I do some sensing for a session with a pro social facilitator. Let’s see where it leads us. :woman_cartwheeling: