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From our RE Storytelling group discussions yesterday, I committed to Ana to transfer the Comms doc to Mural so we can see the Comms pieces better and see how it all integrates with one another.

I am unsure of what the timeline is to do this work. Anyone have an idea when?

All of you indicated that you’d be interested to join me (except for Ana) and apply some right brain/ lateral thinking to our proposed Comms doc (see below more people that indicated they’d like to participate)

We will explore applying key items discussed in Comms doc and translate into Mural via post it notes , images, drawings etc.

I can set up an empty Mural working board with the key headlines in the Comms doc, and invite you to start filling it up individually as you see fit.

Other suggestions are welcome.

I am going to create a small group in Discord so we can easily discuss rather than flood discussions in this main Discord channel.

To do this, please can you send me a friend request or accept my friend request. Thanks.


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Sorry I can only include 2 mentions in each post

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Hey @Mila why do you think you can only include 2 mentions per post? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @anahealingwords

When I tried to add more than 2 mentions, a pop up window shows up and says: “Sorry, new users can only mention 2 users in a post.”

Ohhh that’s why! Oki, I had no idea!
Would love to be added to the Comms Exploration group too @Mila :slight_smile:

Yes, sent friends request on Discord @anahealingwords so I can add you. We are having a meeting at 7pm UTC so we can discuss next steps including moving to this forum.

@Mila tonight? 17/08?

I have also posted this in the conflict resolution exploration group, but might as well be effective here also. I will add it to our Mural board.


Wow love this Ognjen. Thanks for sharing. Saved it in our RE Comms google folder.

Oops sorry Ana. I completely forgot to add you tonight. My deep apologies. I had back to back meetings today. However, we recorded the meeting session so you can also watch it as you are now in our private group.

@Everyone This forum is now closed, and has moved to a new forum link:

See you all there.