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The Tension

The SEEDS Storyteller Explorers have an important role: to tell the paradigm shifting story of Seeds. This includes the story of the change that Seeds facilitates. Arguably, this story is more important than DHOs and DCOs and Proposals and Liquidity Pools and Compensation and Story Guide and all the other topics we love discussing. :grin:

This topic is a space to discuss Short Term Storyteller Deliverables i.e. what can we create that the SEEDS ecosystem will find immediately useful? Examples might include artwork, music, audio interviews, short documentaries and the like.

Please feel free to post ideas as they come to you here.

Let’s tell the SEEDS story in as many creative ways as we can come up with!


Testimonial Video Montage

Seeds has changed our lives. We know that, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. The idea with video testimonials is to capture that excitement. First individually, and then collectively.

How It Works

  1. Record a 1-2min video of you speaking to camera, answering any of the questions below. Don’t worry about ums and ahs - these can be edited out later. Don’t overthink it and don’t write a script. Your first take is usually the best, because it’s the most natural. While recording, if you think of a side point, talk about it even though it may not be one of the questions. Nothing wrong with going off on a tangent. :dizzy:
  2. Upload your video to Renaissance Explorers Google Drive.
  3. Share the link here.
  4. Invite anyone else to do the same, in other words this is not only for Explorers.
  5. Once we have a dozen or so videos, we’ll edit them into a montage and add graphics and music. For each batch of a dozen videos we’ll create a new montage.

Questions to Answer

  • How did you discover Seeds? Who introduced you? Where did you come across a mention online?
  • What did you find appealing about Seeds before creating a wallet?
  • What changes do you think our planet needs that Seeds enables?
  • What do you like most about SEEDS (the community)?
  • What do you least like about SEEDS (the community)?
  • Why should the viewer consider opening a Seeds wallet?
  • What will the viewer miss out on if they don’t open a Seeds wallet?
  • If you had to think of a single word to describe your SEEDS experience, what would that word be?
  • How has Seeds changed the way you think about money?
  • Why would you recommend Seeds to someone else?
  • If someone called you and asked “Why should I open a Seeds wallet?”, what would you tell them?

BTW, we focus on just the action of opening a wallet, because that’s the initial step on the SEEDS journey - no need to explain all the rest of the necessarily involved journey :upside_down_face:


I love this, Michael, thank you. Especially the encouragement to not overthink it and try to make it into a “perfect pitch”. And the answers to those question will provide a tremendous amount of insight.

I’m wondering if it’s necessary for the individual videos to be uploaded separately. It might be too much hassle, especially if the end product is the montage. We could collect the individual video files in the Explorers Google Drive (Renaissance Explorers - Google Drive) and set up an editing team who goes through them and creates the final montage. I’m happy to be part of that.


Genius suggestion! I’ve edited the original post to say this, thanks!

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Thanks Michael for setting it up!

I wonder how you intended it because I can read it both ways:
1-2min video for possibly each question (except for the one word thing :))
or 1-2min video to answer any of these questions.

The last option is definitely too short for answering more than one or two questions and will make it hard to know which question is answered probably.

I personally would add to the ‘How it Works’:
Record a 1-2min video on any of the questions below by reading the question out load on the recording and answering.

This will also make it easier for the editors to know what the video is about as well as enables them to cut together the questions as part of the video, read by different voices to give the viewer some context.

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That’s a good one, Max, to include the question in the recording (we can edit it out). In the final piece, I see the question not being spoken but rather shown on the screen for the audience to read. I think 1-2 minutes at a time is long enough, if it’s longer it gets harder to edit. So if you want to answer more questions it’s better to record a separate video, in my view.

Did you see the seed of a proposal I suggested? It’s simple and speaks to this. Take a look @mbh66 A SEED OF A PROPOSAL Future is Now collaboration - Google Docs

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Thanks Tina! I love the idea of reanimating the AudioRISEings :slight_smile: When you say creating a “media piece” what do you have in mind? A video montage, audio recordings, a recording of a group of people sharing their vision? All could work.

I’d love to bring these ideas to the fore again this coming storytelling session to see how this space can be of service to all of us co-creating.


Hi Niki. At the time, a ‘media piece’ seemed most immediately applicable within the space of Future is Now. I have since done two live events with them and both presented challenges in audio specifically. So as a live event, it seems challenging especially as a group. However, I’m in direct contact with Basil now of dStudio and there is probably something that can be done through that channel. There is a way to submit our individual pieces through the channel of I believe. So if we can come together around this or another ‘prompt’ and create cohesive short pieces, dStudio or Future is Now may collaborate… or we can simply produce the piece ourselves as an exercise in colab within our group. I’d be down to help create a video and to submit audio. I’m not a musician. I’m also wanting to do live footage of a mural aspect of this colab… could weave a lot of things in a playful way.

My sense from initial investigations with dstudio to do with this very project is the method of establishing permissions. If we did this work of creating an in boarding permissions template, would facilitate the process.