RE Participants: Basic Income, Art & #re-quests-111

Renaissance Explorers “Basic Income”

We’ve set up the process for receiving the “Basic Income” for participating in RE’s co-learning journey!
If you’ve been with us for the month of July please fill out the form below in order to receive §3333 Seeds.
(Payouts will happen around the Full Moon August 22nd)

Art Contributions

We’ve also set up the process for Art Contributions!
There are three distinct levels of Art creation that we’re currently supporting and would like for people to participate in:

  • Art Scribing - creating art during our calls in order to provide an additional perspective on the process
  • Finely Crafted Art - a well-made piece that can be created as a “Scribing” but also outside the calls
  • "Official NFT" Piece - a piece of digital art that would be part of an official NFT collection that will be published and priced in ETH

We’d love for you to participate!

Please input the art you created in this form


We also just set up a system for the “Proposal 111” contributions presented in the Campaign.
The system uses a special Discord channel that is called #re-111 in order to manage and approve the contributions: you can only access it if you’re part of the “@RenaissanceExplorers” group in Discord. If you’re an Explorer but not part of the group - please ask Apostol to be added to it!

You’ll find all the explanations there! :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a new form for the Renaissance Explorers Basic Income!

If you haven’t submitted your application for the month of August 2021, please do so!

Hi Apostol, are the RE Basic Income and RE-111 two entirely separate things? Or are they combined somehow? What are the due dates?

They are separate things, Niel.

The reports for Basic Income you can find here Basic Income Info

The way to use #re-111 is through the channel with the same name that’s available to RE Members and the report for those contributions and how they’re paid you can find at this table #re-111 Info

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Hi @apostol, is the above Airtable doc. for August still relevant ?
thank you ! (I mean, does the doc. applicable for Oct. ?)

Hey, @Bigorna - sorry for not getting back to you. Each application for BI should ideally be done in the month after you’ve been part of the co-learning journey.

That said - Applications for October are open! If you’ve been part of the co-learning journey - please fill them out.

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thank you @apostol but in October I could not attend enough due to limited internet access.
hoping to be able to attend more this month.