RE OuterSpace AfterThought-- Evolving SEEDS At The Speed of Trust

At the very end of the call today @Apostol, you mentioned the Role of RE and the possible impact of a body being able to make Consent-Based Decisions in service to the larger system. ---- That is a complete paraphrase and I want to own that it might not represent what you said/intended to convey

It brought to mind the way Hypha’s Strategic Anchor Council was designed by @joachim and @Alan V. Here’s more on that Charter, if helpful and relevant.

I’d add that when Samara was pretty close to no longer existing, the Samara Trust was a similar, albeit less defined, organizing strategy that allowed for rapid consent-based decision making inherently designed to regenerate and build the momentum of the DHO.

Samara Trust holds Principles like “Opt-In” and “Omni-Win” in a Facilitating and Space Holding archetype, while Strategic Anchor Council holds “Object or Forever Be Silent” and “Moving at the speed of Trust” in a Catalyzing and Connecting Archetype.

I wonder how RE, as another body of SEEDs Commons, can use its Layers - Agreements- Structures in a way that brings this regenerative rapid-decision-making body into form within SEEDs. What are the Principles and an Evolutionary Archetype that would allow for these three bodies to triangulate their energy for the good of the whole?