⭐ RE Major Restructuring

This is a message I posted yesterday in the RE Core chat and I believe it benefits all RE (and potentially SEEDS as a whole) so I’ve decided to make it public :slight_smile:

" Hello lovelies! :rainbow:
After last Tuesday’s Core RE meeting lots of things changed in the structure of RE and since it was all delivered in the last few minutes of the call, I felt the need to explicitly state those changes once more, so there are no misunderstandings.

As reminded by Rieki, RE Core has been attempting to create some form of structure and flow for 3 months now. It got to a point where it became unsustainable for any of us to continue investing our time and energy in a generative way in RE -most of us mentioned it in our “Care Mode” moment last meeting.

As all of you know I have been investing most of my energy in this organism and after our “Money Pile” ceremony it became clear to me that something disruptive had to be done.
During the Ceremony I observed that the lack of a clear membrane entangled the remuneration process and created unnecessary tensions and conflicts.

:heart: We need a space where people can be confident, safe, autonomous and empowered to disagree while still feeling supported by agreements that will evolve according to the needs of the human beings involved in this exploration journey.

As I have been putting a lot of energy in this project since the beginning, I feel some healthy amount of responsibility as to where and how it moves forward.

For a bit of context:
I joined RE after watching the very first “architects” call and after hearing Rieki talk about wanting to create a “tight container” and stepping into an “autocratic role”… I made it my mission to contact him saying how wrong he was! Haha :smile:
Well, he was. And he wasn’t.
Three months have passed.
I have kept the same level of investment and passion for RE….but it has become impossible to get anything done. Endless meetings and zero consensus agreements later…. I’ve changed my mind.

I decided to go against my previous opinion on any type of structure being a detriment to creative endeavours and I’m choosing to take a leap of faith into the art of making agreements.:upside_down_face:

Two things to consider:

  1. I didn’t know anything about it.
  2. I have a strong aversion to anything related to leadership positions.
    So hey, guess what!:fire:
    I’ve decided to try something where power and authority flows in all directions and we have adaptive agreements which allow people to navigate their tensions. I’ve invited one of the SEEDS Ambassador Ravi who is an organizational designer focused on self-organizing to guide the process.

This is the Minimum Viable Structure co-created by Ravi, Rieki, Apostol and myself:
We are creating a 3 layered structure with:

  1. A Foundational Layer (clearly defined membership)
  2. Meta-agreements (how we decide about how we decide)
  3. Organisational Structure (map of agreements -roles etc)

Through this MVStructure, we are also creating 3 layers of collaboration for the Renaissance Explorers:

  • Orbiting Explorers (attending the co-learning journey Sessions throughout the week)
  • Contributing Explorers (orbiting + contributing through specific quests)
  • Core Explorers (previous 2 + energizing roles + picking up the threads)

I am accepting Rieki’s invitation to run this experiment in RE alongside Apostol since we co-created this MVStructure. All folks now in the “RE DHO’’ private chat are kindly invited to become Core Explorers by going through a 6 week Transition process defined in the Foundational Layer document.
Or to decide they don’t wish to do so and would prefer to be Contributing Explorers -as Rieki stated clearly on Tuesday will be his choice atm-.

The many contributions made by everyone present here are fully recognized and genuinely valued and we hope they will be better supported through this experiment :blossom:. "

Updated post with a couple of foundational docs from RE DHO

→ If your name isn’t on the Orbiting Explorers list, please fill out this form here :slight_smile:


And for every “Orbiting Explorer” attending the Sessions and interested in becoming a “Contributing Explorer(not that orbiting explorers aren’t contributing with their presence, valuable questions and perspectives!! it’s just… we had to pick names for it :slight_smile: ) we will soon share potential quests and contributions available🔥

Also feel free to propose/suggest them!

The flow of this structure is as follows:

  • you’re an “Orbiting Explorer” if you have been invited in the cohort (you’re in the mailing list basically)
  • you choose if, when and how you become a “Contributing Explorer” if you feel called to invest more of your time and energy into RE -either by responding to quests or by proposing them and having Core Explorers accept them.
  • if you find yourself contributing a lot and you wish to energize a role, you can go through the “Transition process” in order to become a Core Explorer.

More info and details will come but feel free to ask any questions! :blossom:


A question after our Storyteller Call today, in which we all gave examples of how we are engaging others in our communities around the Seeds story…
This to me feels like a “Contributing Explorer” but I’m not clear on how this would be formalised in the new structure.

Regarding what I am doing in South Africa, I am contributing a lot but it will only become apparent in SEEDS in maybe 6 months from now. While it doesn’t necessarily concern me if I don’t have a specific role now, I think there should be a way of recognising foundational work that doesn’t immediately align with the Core Explorers’ roles.


Thank you @anahealingwords for sharing these major improvements with the space :sparkles::pray:

I feel excited about these new roles, they make sense to me for many different reasons, one to highlight would be transparency and creating a membrane for the group.

Waiting patiently for more news to come :woman_in_lotus_position::purple_heart:


A masterpiece Ana :slight_smile:

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My dear @anahealingwords :rainbow::sparkles:

I am sending loads of gratitude your way for sharing the Core Docs for the REstructure. I can see you have been a busy bee behind the scenes. Thank you for all your wonderful efforts to keep us on this journey of exploring :woman_cartwheeling: :purple_heart:

I hope it’s ok, that I share some questions and reflections that surfaced for me here in the forum thread :pray:

Here are some of my head’s questions, which are around role embodiment and group membrane:

  • Where and how are exploration groups reflected in the REStructure?

  • How is a circle characterized for RE? Are exploration groups circles? Or are they quests? Or neither of both?

  • What is the purpose for circle meetings? Are outer, inner and storytelling space circle meetings? And/or are exploration group gatherings circle meetings?

  • What is the onboarding process for new orbiting explorers and how will I as an existing orbiting explorer know that we have new folks joining?

This is all from my head for now. :woman_juggling:

When I listen to my heart, I am hearing the need for a stronger connection between human and REstructure documents. Every beautiful word that you graciously shared in the RE Storytelling Session needs to become DNA of the juicy parts.

While I read through the foundational docs it is difficult for me to sense RE as a being, I feel that there is some human-to-human context missing. For me they don’t sound like an enabling force for abundance and emergence but rather as a theoretical construction, like elements of the system, which I feel I am obliged to obey, if I want to continue exploring with you all. I feel intimidated by the idea that I do something wrong, not knowing how to embody a certain role. This disconnection to my heart makes me sad.

I wanna try to channel my sadness by posing this question, as I believe that everything my heart senses was not your intention. :revolving_hearts:

How can we bring life into the new REStructures, so that trust and agency are at the core of the RE Being (DHO)? What are the relational forces that connect and move the new elements to the system?

To me it feels like a potent moment to (re) kick-off the Prosocial Exploration Group where the new REStructure could serve as our launch pad. Over the coming weeks all RExplorers could participate in workshops and activities around acceptance and commitment training for us as individual explorers as well as the collective, and the 8 Core Design Principles:

Borrowed with :purple_heart: from the Samara Trust Miro board

How does this resonate with you all? I would like to hear from you all and especially from you wonderful @anahealingwords and @apostol as well as the lovely members of the prosocial exploration group @keala @Mila @MaxVBohn and @DaYa ?

I hope I found the right words to share from my heavy, but curious heart and mind.

With gratitude,

Kath :green_heart:

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I now had a chance to watch the last REStorytelling session which answered most of my questions above.

Thank you all for your deep and thoughtful conversation, listening to your view points made me more and more curious and opened my heart for what might want to emerge. :revolving_hearts::pray:

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