RE Exploration Group for Milestone Proposal Aug 20 (Ana, Irina, Mark, Ravi)

Purpose: Architect a proposal for a new process of allocating milestone funds to various organisations that contribute to SEEDS Ecosystem

Goal: Design the proposal, share it with the ecosystem and add it on the Co-op by next new moon (Sept 6)

Context of this process
Every SEEDS citizen can create a governance proposal and add it to the Co-op for the voting process.

  • What we experienced so far is that the process to propose changes to the ecosystem has been pretty much centralised within Hypha, due to knowledge concentration of how SEEDS works.

→ Renaissance Explorers’ purpose is to decentralise the implicit authority held by Hypha, encourage and support initiatives of evolving the ecosystem through governance proposals.

  • Previous attempts of working groups being created without a clear purpose and structure ended up in a lot of energy being invested without particular results at the end of the process. These groups acted more like sense making groups.

  • This Exploration Group is creating a proposal to move the ecosystem further at the tipping point of the Hypha milestone being reconsidered as SEEDS milestone and also for creating a pathway for citizens (ideally Renaissance Explorers) to organise themselves and explore ways of evolving the ecosystem, in a structured and time efficient manner.

  • The process for how this group is working together was proposed by Ravi from his experience of facilitating efficient ways of self organising in groups, with the aim of minimising consensus based on the following principles:

  • Work in a way that offers people autonomy

  • Break the myth that collaborating is doing everything together and decisions are taken by everyone

  • Work in a way where we are able to hold different perspectives while doing stuff

  • Trust that people will do their work

  • Do work async and have less meetings

  • Bring collective intelligence though diversity of ideas, not by trying to force homogeneity

  • Create structures that respond to change in a more adaptive way

The group

This group was initiated by Irina after investing a lot of energy in the conversations that happened around milestones and building up frustration for not seeing clear results. Irina invited Ana and Mark in this group as contributors and Ravi as a facilitator.

Apart from the interest in understanding and navigating the complexity of the SEEDS Ecosystem shared by Ana, Irina and Mark, each are key players of one of the 3 major organisations in the ecosystem, Hypha, RE and Samara.


Irina - Architect
Ana - Architect
Mark - Architect
Ravi - Process Facilitator


  1. Design and facilitate the process for serving the purpose and reaching the goal of this group - Ravi
  2. Create an Exploration Group in RE for this process - Ana
  3. Create Contributing areas and invite feedback on existing Contributing areas - Irina
  4. Propose contributors to each Contributing area and deadline, invite feedback - Irina
  5. Do the work async, each Contributor on his area - All
  6. Invite feedback from group (schedule a meeting if challenges with async) - All
  7. Implement feedback (as per Contributors choice) - All
  8. Edit and review the proposal - Irina
  9. Share the proposal with SEEDS Ecosystem - Ana
  10. Add proposal on Co-op - Irina

Great to see this emerge! I’m excited to see this developing and to contribute to it :slight_smile:

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creating a pathway for citizens (ideally Renaissance Explorers) to organise themselves and explore ways of evolving the ecosystem, in a structured and time efficient manner

Just wondering: Do we have something like a Notion, Roam or Asana account?
I would find something like that extremely helpful, especially having a kanban style overview of things that need doing, similar to what friends in the metagame are doing.

Don’t know whether that’s in the scope of this exploration group, but I’d really like that and would be happy to help setting that up if you want.

Thanks for the suggestions and offering to support derjogi!

Currently in our group we have only used a gdoc and a Miro board. We haven’t took the time to focus on the Tools and which one would serve us best, that’s a great point to make.

Would be happy to have a follow-up with you and see if we can come up with a proposal for how future groups could organise and what tools to use, we can even design an easy framework for the process.

How about we get in touch next week? Can you DM me on Discord please? (Irina Stoica) Thanks!

@minos999 @markflowfarm @anahealingwords Thank you for the great push here!

The folks interested in creating events to support the evolution of Milestones / the SEEDS economy in general (@Mila @Samara_StartupShaman @Aryabhatta @Melanie @DayaJ @apostol) have met a few times over the past weeks. I now have a loose proposal of what I’d be up for facilitating the creation of, with their support.

I’d love your feedback on Event #1 (2 hr regenerative roundtable on 22 Sept). I’m curious if it feels like there is supportive and synergistic possibility between this and your efforts. If so, how can both our processes & designs be improved to enhance the synergy? Is there a better date to match your flow? Is there a specific desired outcome you’d like to see added?

Event #2 (SEEDS Economics Festival in January) is much bigger in scope, further away, and much less defined at this point - but if you have any thoughts please do share!

@Rieki - tagging you to give a heads up of current thinking in progress, but want to hear feedback before committing to anything and confirming dates.

This is the result of the work the exploration group did, up for voting for Sept 2021 cycle.

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Is there an official document outlining the monetary policy of HUSD. I know there is one policy mentioned here about minting HUSD once a ‘sales’ has been achieved from the Milestone Pool, but what other ways there are to mint HUSD and who is managing that?

HUSD is minted based on contribution/assignment claims in the Hypha DHO, which happens after the Hypha DHO votes to approve. That’s the only way HUSD is minted right now… so it’s currently under the control of Hypha Governance. I don’t know of an “official document”, but the smart contract for the token has the code for how it’s implemented.

Thanks, Mark!

So there is a theoretical chance that Hypha might mint more HUSD than what the treasury can cover, thus taking away the liquidity for other DHOs?

Do you see any way to address this? (Probably not an issue at the moment, but it might be at some point)

I guess the other issue I see is - if the price of the underlying assets goes down or up (e.g. mint HUSD when the price of BTC is high and then it drops), then HUSD might also lose liquidity. I guess this risk/benefit is taken up by Hypha atm.

Yes, the Hypha Treasury is the asset against which HUSD is minted. Making sure we never mint HUSD beyond the capacity is a very important topic, and the FinFlow Circle is strongly committed to improving the procedures. It is complicated, as you note, since underlying assets in the Treasury are mostly in non-stable crypto. Pluses and minuses with this.

Ok then. Sounds good! You guys have my trust!

I’ll ask you (FlowFin circle) again in a few weeks to check if you have any strategy doc or policy in place by that time (: