RE Exploration Group for Communications Guidelines

This is the RE Exploration Group for Communications Guidelines.

OBJECTIVE : Propose a simple and clear Guidelines for Communications throughout the SEEDS ecosystem

GROUP: @Mils (Mila), @thaybebe (Thaynara), @psihognjen (Ognjen) and @IndraWouivre (Javier)

TIMELINE FOR EXPLORATION: 14 Sep to 27 October 2021 (estimation, most likely rescheduled to early November)


  1. Presentation shared at RE Outerspace 14 Sep 2021
    SEEDS RE Comms 14 Sep 2021.pptx - Google Slides

  2. Communications Guidelines document initiated by @rieki in June and contributed by RE members:
    RE Communications Pattern for Joyful Collaboration
    RE Communication Patterns for Joyful Collaboration - Google Docs

  3. Discord Forum

  4. RE Structure (Aug 2021) ⭐ RE Major Restructuring


@thaynara, @psihognjen34 @IndraWouivre

In relations to our presentation at RE Outerspace (14 Sep 2021), we mentioned the importance of rituals, especially about ceremonies.

Here is a wonderful quote from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass

"Ceremony focuses attention so that attention becomes intention.

Ceremonies transcend the boundaries of the individual and resonate beyond the human realm. These acts of reverence are powerfully pragmatic. These are ceremonies that magnify life…

Ceremonies should be reciprocal co-creations, organizing in nature, in which the community creates ceremony and the ceremony creates communities."


The Renaissance Explorers (RE) Communications Exploration Group invites YOU to contribute to SEEDS Communications Guidelines so that the communications are simple, clear, and easy-to-understand throughout the SEEDS ecosystem.

This invitation will give you an opportunity to co-create with other SEEDS members a Minimum Viable - Communications Guidelines that would be beneficial to all, with the intention to experiment and pilot these guidelines with your support and participation.

Please, can you complete this form: to share your experiences and expectations related to the communications within the SEEDS ecosystem. The results will be shared for public use without the inclusion of the participants’ names.

We will keep you posted for future opportunities to further contribute and on our progress.

Contact us through our dedicated Discord channel
Or on Discourse RE Exploration Group for Communications Guidelines

Come and play with us!!!

On behalf of
RE Communications Exploration Group
@IndraWouivre (Xavier), @thaybebe (Thaynara), @Mils (Mila), @psihognjen (Ogi)


Hello SEEDS community …

We are now embarking on our 1st stage of our Comms Exploration Group journey. We have sent out the above general survey and sent private invitations for 1:1 interviews and focus group conversations for a few (about 72 and counting).

We are not intending to exclude anyone. There are a few reasons why we are taking this approach at moment with a view of stage by stage community engagement and delivery utilising participative processes:

  1. Small team
    We are few in numbers in the working group team (only 4) with 2 advisors

  2. Time availability
    The team is fully committed to delivering what we said we would do on 14th Sep presentation at RE Outerspace, and we also have limited time to commit. This exploration has to fit with our other commitments outside of SEEDS (self-care, family, and life). It’s also not our day job

  3. Short timeframe to turnaround/ deliver
    Our aim is to deliver a minimum viable product/ service within a short and realistic timeframe that people can actually co-design , co-experiment and co-pilot together (learning by doing).

Following the principle of open source and transparency, we will soon share our Milestone Plan ( @psihognjen ) and all our related working documents so we can share our learnings with you all. Furthermore, the team @IndraWouivre @thaybebe @psihognjen including myself will aim to share regularly our experiences, insights and learnings in this channel and in our dedicated Discourse forum :

We invite you to engage with us and share your learnings, feedbacks and guidances. We would really appreciate your help and support.

Mila’s experiences, 5 Oct 2021
Exploration journey with @IndraWouivre @thaybebe @psihognjen in RE Comms Exploration Group…

From the time we took on the Communications quest/ challenge from Ana in late July/ August, it’s been quite a ride. At least for me, I was still trying to learn the jargons, the people and culture, and how to navigate the ecosystem. It felt like a tsunami of information that I had to learn hitting the ground running in an exponential curve. The community was amazing at really supporting me at every turn. Most were really open to respond to my questions and request for guidance.

Complete strangers to begin with, I am noticing how our team evolved organically towards a Me to We shift as a group within the RE Comms Explorer team (Xavier, Thaynara and Ogi). We have had silly and fun moments in our meetings as well as serious work. Some of these ranged from singing, laughing, movements, dancing, silence, grounding, sharing vulnerable moments and many more. It allowed us to be real to each other with less and less masks, supportive of each other’s well-being as well as challenging each other so that a generative flow and creative tensions emerge in our discussions, avoiding group think. Thus, co-creating a trusting, safe, brave and creative space for each other to simply be ourselves without feeling judged/ dismissed.

I am so grateful to Xavier, Thaynara and Ogi. They bring so much energy to the team and to the work. It keeps me motivated and inspired to show up the best that I can for them so that together, we are able to deliver real value to the larger ecosystems we serve ie SEEDS and beyond.

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It is being a very inspiring and challenging journey ever since I arrived to this mytho-magical world of SEEDS. This group’s quest for the Holy Grail of community building through improved communications feels like a deserving prequel in the SEEDS Saga. A prequel, because this is how the SEEDS community really starts to burst forth from within a myriad radiant points, in a truly decentralised way. It isn’t Relaunch SEEDS, but Return to the Future!

My experience with this Exploration Group is that of an extended, hands-on masterclass on design thinking, agile management, sociocracy, integral development and community engagement… The SEEDSCHOOL at its most intense and enrichening! Thanks and kudos to all involved. Ours is a tall order: To make the community feel heard, empowered, inspired, uplifted and touched :yellow_heart:. So that we can come closer together and be our most effective selves before the coming Egosaur Mass Extinction Event.

We are only in our third day of sounding the SEEDS community and the response is being fantastic. Here are two graphic charts showing some results of our general survey so far, in terms of the different types of SEEDS dwellers and the time since joined.

We’ve had 25 replies to our General Survey in 3 days, our target is 100 replies by the 18th October. Please help us reach our target if you haven’t done so yet!


8 Oct Journey with RE Comms Exploration Group

Our group are blown away by the responses from some of you that have completed either the General Survey and/ or your confirmation to contribute to a 1:1 conversation with our team and/or to attend our focus group meeting on Friday 15th October. Thank you to all that participated so far!!!

Your responses are so rich and diverse. It is starting to provide highlights of the dynamic pulse of SEEDS heartbeat and the way it communicates.

The patterns are increasingly making itself visible informed from your experiences and the communications that supported throughout SEEDS ecosystem. We can’t wait to hear more from you and co-design a simple, clear and easy communications to support everyone’s journey within SEEDS.

Our team started this intense journey since the presentation was delivered at the 14th Sep to RE Outerspace. Thank you to @Apostol#1147 @ana.healingwords#3393, @rieki#0579 and all @Renaissance Explorer to cheer us on this exploration group’s experiment for SEEDS comms.

Since 14th Sep, we had to meet for 6 hours/ week to be ready for this 1st stage of participative process and community engagement of our exploration and experimentation to begin. Now we are meeting more flexibly to 4 hours a week and really moving in flow with what is emerging between us and with SEEDS. One experimentation at a time, moving at the speed of trust.

I have only deep gratitude, appreciation, and admiration for @IndraWouivre#8711 @psihognjen#4540 @thaybebe#7592 for the mutual support and genuine friendships we have cultivated during this exploration together. Like life, we had our ups and downs - joy, laughter, disappointments, tensions, challenges, tight timelines, celebrations and sillyness … and yet, we still came together with a shared vision and identity, and open to accepting each other as who we are without apology. Thank you !!!

Please join us and comment at this forum and/or join us at our Discord channel:


Exploring with @Mils @IndraWouivre and @thaynara s such a joyful ride that I’m deeply grateful for.

It all began by having a courage to look the big dragon called SEEDS Ecosystem right in the eyes and let ourselves go to it’s sacred paths, leaving it to show us the way, resonating with it and trusting that it will lead us and tell us what it’s needed from us.

We were meeting for a month, releasing the fun, free and creative juces, not knowing that we are forming a full process of beautiful interactions with wonderful souls of SEEDS Ecosystem. Our goal was to understand (or better to say - grasp at least a peace of) this already deep and complex system and the hero’s journey through it, by listening and learning from those who make it - YOU, the humans of SEEDS, the very SEEDS of change itself. When we saw that we got to the point of wanting to have a real communication with everyone who want to support our ride, it all seemed huge. So many people. How to reach them? What if they don’t want it? What to tell them? What to ask them? So many question and dragon became big again. Thankfully we were already together as a team, supporting each other and trusting in each other. We did the only thing that was possible. Be brave and just do what we can - the minimum, that is bigger than what it sounds like. We again let ourselves and trusted that we have a creative power and capacity to figure it out. Creation and brainstorming was released again and out of nowhere, we suddenly had so many responses from all of you, and everyday more and more of new ones are coming.


Being a part of this team is a healing experience for me. I can really say that it changed my perception of how powerful space uncertainty can be, and how surrounded by resonating souls we can reach so much, not losing ourselves in the process but empowering and honoring each others authenticity and talents.

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Hello seedlings!
I guess if you are reading this is because you have an interest in our ongoing endeavour to improve communications and the flow of information within the SEEDS ecosystem.

So, I’ll seize the opportunity to invite you all to the Communications Focus Group Meeting. The response from the community has been so far beautifully supportive. It’s looking like it is going to be an exciting and fun gathering where we’ll have a chance to exchange ideas, map together the rich experiences and communications received through our ongoing survey, do some creative brainstorming and gather collective intelligence to start implementing solutions via a pilot program.

Anybody interested in attending please confirm with us first here, or send us a PM. The date is Friday 15th October at 15:00 UTC

Thanks @Dandy @Roam @Ricardo Palomino @Bigorna @chrisaiki @ThinkingWithVision for the very special and fruitful exchange of ideas and soulfulness during our 1:1 interviews. Thanks also to all of you who are involved in this epic quest for the Holy Grail of Better-Communications-Throughout-SEEDS. Finally, thanks to my beloved team mates @psihognjen @thaybebe @Mils for their unwavering strength, hard work and gentle magic in getting the task at hand done in a sweet joyful way.

ANNOUNCEMENT - We are now closing down the slots for 1:1 Interviews, as well as the admittance to the Focus Group meeting this Friday 15th October, since we have more than enough people for both and we are already getting swamped by the amount of work. This will give us a bit of space to properly prepare for and design the meeting. We are confident all of us attending will have a good ol’ exciting SEEDS TIME.

NOBODY GETS LEFT OUT - Those who cannot attend for any reason will still be able to participate asynchronously and/or enter the second round in about two weeks time. Details coming soon.

Over and sprout! :kissing_heart: :zap: :sparkles:


Hello @everyone

Trust all our SEEDizens, residents and visitors are doing well.

Apologies for the long delay from RE Comms Team to share this update. We had a few setbacks due to personal and family challenges within the team . This took priority so we had to take time out for nearly a month.

Thank you to all who have reached out and gave us all the support on our first stage of research. We are in deep gratitude to all that participated and supported us in multiple ways.

We had nearly 50 people completed our general survey, about more than 30 offered to participate in 1:1 conversations, and about 30 attended 2 focus groups, one of which targeted for visitors only. All in the space of 2-3 weeks.

The team is now all back on board and continuing the next stages of our exploration group such as:

  1. Analysis of our research with the help of @neilkt and @paulocarvalho . Thank you to you both for your generosity of spirit to support us.
  2. Design our prototype (Minimum Viable Comms), informed by the research analysis
  3. Validate and gain feedback on our prototype from research participants, our advisors ie @Nila Phi :fairy:t2: , RE core team, MoM team, and other teams working on governances, guides, and communications through SEEDS, SAMARA and Hypha.

The team aims to deliver a lean, agile, participative design process supported by consent decision-making in order to achieve maximum buy-in from all parties involved + SEEDS community.

  1. Present our MVP to RE Outerspace and pilot the prototype for a short timeline.

Thank you very much for your patience. We will reach out to you soon with further updates from our team. FYI - Our team (@IndraWouivre @psihognjen @thaybebe) now welcomes a new team member @Alan V. Thank YOU.

Invite you to interact with us here or in our dedicated Exploration forum:
RE Exploration Group for Communications Guidelines.