Process for Proposals

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I have already posted this elsewhere, but it is useful to have a thread dedicated to only this IMO.

To anyone wishing to propose changes in SEEDS, here are some guidelines for doing so effectively :slight_smile:


  1. Open discussion in RE Discourse Forum
    → follow the “Tension – Proposal – Contradiction” model*
    → Inspire someone to lead if you’re not going to lead it

  2. Bring proposal to SEEDS forum (in the Passport) and engage Citizens

  3. Upgrade proposal integrating potential feedback

  4. Sign off from tech (is this change technically possible)

  5. Sign off from the Guide’s chapter editor (does this change break anything else)

  6. Consent from the whole RE group (meaning no “objections”)

  7. Referendum if needed**

  8. Update/Add that section of the Guide

  9. Celebrate! :partying_face:


Here’s the same thing in Doc format:
SEEDS RE Change Proposals - Google Docs

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