NFT's and energy efficiency

Capturing some wisdom here shared in discord around NFT’s and their energy efficiency :green_heart:


My research tells me that NFT’s are energy consumption intensive, they carry a heavy gas tax and thus, their minting doesn’t seem to be aligned to SEEDS ethics.

Am I missing something? If the above is true, is there a way around this situation? Could SEEDS have its own platform to regeneratively mint NFTs within Telos/EOS? Any ideas to offset the degenerative processing of NFTs?


Rieki alerted me to this for making NFTs on Telos and therefore very low-energy consumption: Alcor NFT Market | Trustless NFT market on EOS chain

Alcor NFT Market | Trustless NFT market on EOS chain

Atomic, no fee, NFT marketplace.

It is also possible on Matic/Polygon, likewise low-energy usage and low gas fees. My guide for doing so is here: Make an NFT - HedgeDoc

Make an NFT - HedgeDoc

I agree that making NFTs on Ethereum is very much against SEEDS principles, it is incredibly energy-intensive: NFTs Are Hot. So Is Their Effect on the Earth’s Climate | WIRED


NFTs Are Hot. So Is Their Effect on the Earth’s Climate

The sale of a piece of crypto art consumed as much energy as the studio uses in two years. Now the artist is campaigning to reduce the medium’s carbon emissions.

I have a lot more resources on NFTs if you’re interested, just let me know.


Matic/Polygon is working on top of Etherium, so it’s not fully green, although it’s transactions are cheap and greenish. Tezos blockchain is the green competitor of ETH on the NFT space with HEN being the biggest marketplace there. That’s our way to go if we want or be fully green, besides creating our own NFT platform. But it’s more complicated than that because ETH has a lot of network effect and a lot of wealthy whales as well.

Hic Et Nunc 101

H=N 101

Hic Et Nunc Onboarding, Links and Resources

hic et nunc

decentralized digital assets

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On Telos is
and somewhere is a video of Rieki in conversation with a women and others about implementing it for SEEDS.
I will try finding it.

We as the RE can still put up nfts on areax in a centralized manner.

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For @IndraWouivre and anyone else who’s interested, a few articles about NFTs compiled into a PDF. I also have an ePub if anyone would prefer that format.

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Thank you Kath❤️ For you’re inclusive attentions.

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Agree of the fact that NFTs that are on Ethereum will have gas and more energy consumption than what we see for Seeds. But there are NFT markets on Telos or WAX blockchain which will be considered “green” blockchains based on energy consumption. So will make more sense to support an NFT market on an EOS.IO blockchain like telos or WAX. With Telos will be easier to integrate, as for example, the Seeds token could be “easily” added as a way to buy NFTs on Alcor or AreaXNFT. But don’t know what are the requirements for them to include Seeds as token.

Or as well it would be “easy” to create an NFT marketplace under SEEDS re-using code and tools already available within Telos blockchain. But no, I wouldn’t know how to do it. Just saying the tools are already being used within Telos blockchain .

Just that the NFT markets within Ethereum are more popular or may have more activity.

As a side note and announcement of an NFT collection recently released on Opensea marketplace on Ethereum:

There are 3 items by artists from Costa Rica. 25% of purchased price for each item will go as donation to an organization dealing with either planet regeneration, decarceration funds, covid relief or housing organizations.

You can check more on the project behind the NFT collection:

Perhaps if they could find a better market within SEEDS/Telos, they could create future collections that work with Seeds.


Hi everyone,

Check out this interesting NFTree project, that might be helpful for our future plans.