NFT, a DHO collaboration. 'Back to the Garden' JUNE 22 deadline.


I have a memory of a childhood happening that can only be a dream or a vision,
so technicolor and detailed.
Very young. Summer. Laying on the grass, stargazing.
A wheel presented itself with spokes, filling the sky like a huge constellation. Within each spoke was an entire animated scene, a movie, a lifetime.
I recognized all at once, that each spoke was a life I had lived. I knew this before I knew what to call past lives. I knew it by the way knowing connected me to the entire universe.

another example of a recent spontaneous co-created document:


Garden Wheel:

Hello hello :wave:t4:

I’ve been pondering about NFTs and how we could potentially use them to raise funds for us Renaissance Explorers ever since you shared the pizza topping action with us. I must admit I didn’t understand the pizza approach :see_no_evil: But I am keen to learn, learn, learn.

I was wondering what happened to ‘Back to the Garden’ now post deadline?

Who else was interested in NFTs? @mbh66 @guyjames

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I didn’t understand the pizza approach either, but then I’m struggling to get my head around NFTs in general, and more specifically why people are so interested in them :confused: :thinking:

I’ve started a collection of useful articles with use cases. If you know of any more, please share!


I use Roam as well, great, isn’t it?

I honestly don’t know how I’d survive without Roam :rofl:

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Yes, I knew the RarePizza reference would be confusing. yet, I had a deadline to participate in a group showing Rare Pizzas was hosting for contributors to the DHO event they put together this spring…so I decided to celebrate where I am here and now, within Samara and Seeds trying to be a DHO pilot myself… a kind of time stamp that celebrates community as I am experiencing it…as a kind of open invitation for people to contribute. Within that document is another collaborative exercise which was more successful, a kind of DHO ritual, Reflecting Pool… What I’d suggest is let’s all get together, those here who are interested and lets come up with an initial NFT together to learn the process. NFT’s are simply a way to time stamp ‘something’ …a creation, a video, a contract, an audio file, a concept. A document, an event.

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So the link above to Open Sea called Garden Wheel is what resulted form the two collaborative exercises, the Reflecting Pool and the Back to the Garden ‘call to action’. I had various contributions and some images and videos so I simply did a compilation composition as a GIF and then attached the files as ‘unlockable content’ within the NFT so whoever buys it is also buying the living documents which can be added to and resold with some % of that coming back to the original holder of the document (in this case me, since we have not put this into action as a group…I’m acting ‘as if’ to put it into practice) … is this clear? My first NFT was built around another community event on Clubhouse…there was a burning of an original Banksy and the event of the burning was to be published as an NFT to kind of legitimize NFT’s. I am kind of working in the sphere of ‘minting community’ though it’s not entirely clear yet and will take others coming on board to explore further what we can do together…


Yes, I think I get it. :bulb:

I am super keen to explore NFT’s.

Do I get it right when I say that NFT’s are some sort of digital container where you can put in anything for someone to buy/collect. Is that correct in the broadest sense?

For RE: My idea was that we maybe offer NFT’s that include the lovely art of our wonderful artist (if they want to be part), add some real seeds or seedling from one or several explorer projects and …



yes, it is like a time capsule that can contain tangible as well as intangible things and the potentialities that exist between them both in the moment of capture and as a contract going forward that can be either explicit (as in, who shares the contract, what the terms are for present and future) or implied. (flexible in terms of future use by those who buy, sell and participate) It is in essence a living historical contractual narrative that can be rooted in real time, place, event and/or object. I have a living project in mind to do with MURALS if this is a good seed of an idea… it can be an event/layering of things. We can explore setting up a SEEDS open sea account or… anyone ideas here? @apostol ?


Oh wow, now this even gets me more dancing because the ways NFT’s could be used are infinite :dizzy::dancer:

You put it so lovely and simple:

It is in essence a living historical contractual narrative that can be rooted in real time, place, event and/or object.

Thank you :two_hearts:

With this sentence in mind, I can hear the call for the Renaissance to be told through NFT’s. Who doesn’t want to own a piece of history?

I would love to learn more about the living project with murals you have in mind. I think I am riding on a similar wave of thoughts.

@mbh66 can you see how everyone is nuts about NFT’s? :fire:


I’m excited to see what we manifest!

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an example of a use of NFT for a EcoVillage type application:


Thanks Tina for sharing this most inspiring example. Michael and I had a chat about them on discord a couple of weeks back and we were wondering how much money they raised in the end with their NFT drop.

Here is the magic of NFT’s as a further exploration of potential and also a compass by which we measure the true value of our collective efforts. NFT’s are entirely dependent on the community which support them. This can be as varied as a corporate style endless and complex commodification of slaves to idolatry, fame and trend. OR it can be held and nourished within a caring ecosystem not unlike SEEDS in itself, a type of currency which holds at its core an inherent value system. So if we are a community looking to NFT’s as an interesting collaborative tool by which we communicate both within and without the ecosystems we are nourishing (SEEDs HYPHA snd SAMARA …now we begin to have a function through a shared creative space, highly mutable and enhanced through mutations and evolutions. It becomes the book we write together, history her-self (adj. time) the SCRIBE. As an example, the DHO that formed from an active community of artists on Clubhouse when NFT’s first came into being, was built entirely around the creation and sale of NFTs with the main purpose to throw the largest pizza party on the planet. Right there, right then, they did that! That’s why I celebrated them with my NFT … the celebration of NFT in a DHO environment, and my evolution to seek DHO myself by being in this space at all. And too, this potential I’ve witnessed in this ship like container called COMMUNITY SUPPORTED NFT … coalescence, community, playful exploration…

Here’s the pizza party DHO:

@anahealingwords a vehicle for storytelling activity perhaps…


They raised about ~90 ETH which at the time was around $220k if I’m not mistaken and used it for purchasing the land. But they have a sizable outreach with their ~60k YouTube channel and a strong network of connections that they built throughout the years with their podcast. Also, the concept of the NFTs is pretty good - you’re going to be able to ‘sow’ them and harvest ‘plant’ NFTs at a later point that will have unique traits and benefits like airdrops etc. It takes quite a bit of tinkering and planning to create a good NFT campaign.


These are the kinds of case studies we need. Future Thinkers said they will be open sourcing their entire process, but I haven’t seen anything documented yet (I’m on their public list). If anyone comes across anything that explains how a really successful NFT was crafted, please let me know!


I was part of the ~1-month process and have some insight. I will let them know that there might be interest about such know-how. I’d say that it’s best done through learning-by-doing, but there’s a learning curve about Crypto and NFTs.

Currently they’re moving to the new land and are pretty busy with that. I imagine once they settle they’ll start sharing more.


Kudos to both inspiring projects Pizza Party DHO and Future Thinkers. It lights my heart and sparks my brain when I see successful launches like theirs.

It’s very interesting how similar NFT campaigns are to crowdfunding in that sense that both their backbone is a strong community.