Minimum Viable RoadMap

As we are diving into the Roadmap, it could be useful to separate general comments, ideas and thought from the comments in the document and to bring these to Discourse. In this way the comments functionality inside the document gets less overloaded and it becomes easier for the RE as a whole to put deep thought into the general comments, ideas and thoughts.

For comments on specific parts of the document, please comment on this in the document itself. For general thoughts and comments it would suit perfect to share this in this topic in Discourse :slight_smile:


With a tag to all people that have already contributed to the Roadmap :wink:
@MaxVBohn @Rieki @Melanie @Fabi @minos999 @mbh66 @Samara_StartupShaman @apostol @anahealingwords

Anyone else who should know about this topic?

I thought I should record here that in the Storyteller’s Call today we felt that the purpose of the Map has already been accomplished, in that it brought attention to the fact that we are at a very early stage. Perhaps no further additional detail is required, and the simpler the document is, the better. Perhaps there should be no detail except for the stage we believe we are at and the next i.e. Crawl and Walk for now.

As the ecosystem matures, detail of subsequent phases can emerge.