Milestone 1st working group July 29

Ok lovely people! :rainbow:

At the first Working group gathered around Milestone 3 we had some tensions being brought forth, as well as a Proposal by @markflowfarm for next week’s working group: Milestone 3 Proposal (from July 29 meeting)

You’ll find the tensions below, but I’d like to suggest 2 things

  1. To everyone who brought a tension to the working group: please create a dedicated forum post on it :slight_smile:
  2. Follow this model, please :pray:t3:: SEEDS RE Change Proposals - Google Docs

The model is basically :

  • Open discussion in RE Discourse Forum
    → follow the “Tension – Proposal – Contradiction” model*
    → Inspire someone to lead if you’re not going to lead it
  • Bring proposal to SEEDS forum (in the Passport) and engage Citizens
  • Upgrade proposal integrating potential feedback
    etc etc


Here are the tensions from today:

by @julioholon
Tension 1: Hypha Milestone 3 didnt pass, Citizens wanted more clarity on what is ready to grow and less buggy tools
Tension 2: Seeds sale slowed down, and other orgs like Samara, MBC and RE didn t have an incentive to indicate people to buy from the sale as it was only benefiting Hypha.
Tension 3: SEEDS Global DAC voting is receiving a log of negative feedback, people say its too hard to vote and read all proposals, and do due dilligence
Tension 4: other Global SEEDS Organizations (Samara, MBC, RE) are looking for funding, and Hypha is maybe not ready or willing (at the time) to fund and finance them

@markflowfarm 's reply
Reply to Tension 4, the phrase “not ready or willing”.
Hypha does not have enough money in the treasury to provide working capital funding to all the orgs for SEEDS. So, new monies must arrive to support the full SEEDS ecosystem growth needs. Hypha is working on that funding, of course. The full evolving community is really part of that whole process: growing the movement, welcoming in the working capital, and sharing the proceeds to support the work and journey together.

@nila (oh, gotta get her on the Forum!) brought this up:
“I feel each tension merits its own proposal, not just here but anywhere there is a tension, it deserves its own acknowledgement and resolution.”
As well as the relevant question “What makes an organization? What are the MVQualifiers for becoming one?”

@Joao proposed that we guide the ‘splitting of the milestone’ as a “whole, focused on what SEEDS has to do and how much we want to give to Pilots, etc…”

:fire:See you all next week!:fire:
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Thank you @anahealingwords for carrying on the tensions brought up in the gathering. :purple_heart::raised_hands:

Tyson Yunkaporta’s words feel appropriate to express my appreciation of the moment in time:

Solutions to complex problems take many dissimilar minds and points of view to design, so we have to do that together, linking up with as many other us-twos as we can to form networks of dynamic interaction.

I feel deep gratitude for all viewpoints that have been shared during the gathering (reference: Discord). I would like to share some of my first reflection here (super keen to move things in other forum topics to carry on the conversation, if/when there is energy and space for it):

I agree with the question brought to the circle by @MaxVBohn around timelines and urgency of Milestone 3. I feel a tension of making a decision on a whole new contract for the long-run driven by the immediate urgency signalled by Milestone 3. We might look at one solution for the immediate need to solve Milestone 3 and maybe for another solution(s) for how we might continue our journey post Milestone.

At this point I would like to weave in the inspiring resources shared by @Samara_StartupShaman with sending deep gratitude to you Justin for sharing your love and heartache. I share your love and pain. :revolving_hearts:

One artifact that stood out for me was this matrix from The Bento Society:

I feel this could be helpful for us to distinguish between our needs around the Milestone. This is what appears for me:

  1. A practical and fair solution that suits our NOW US and NOW ME.
  2. A launchpad for co-evolution towards our FUTURE US and FUTURE ME.

A proposal for NOW US and NOW ME could be brought forward to the citizens of SEEDS by this Working Group (all stakeholders considered) by Full Moon as suggested.

I feel Renaissance Explorers could be a good container/launchpad for this co-evolution of FUTURE US and FUTURE ME with exploration and co-design groups for:

  • Creating a network of pro social groups; I sense this is a potent moment to open conversations around the principle of highly effective groups; starting with our shared identity and purpose within groups and with other groups. - @Bongi , were you referring to the same principles? Super keen to cross-pollinate knowledge on this. Also tagging you @keala to seek your perspective on prosocial groups and the implementation of CDP’s.
  • Building cultural scaffolding
  • Proposals for new smart contracts
  • And the many other questions/opportunities that have surfaced and will surface on our journey ahead.

I see that this approach could bring our collective closer towards this artifact from the first article Know Thy Enemy: Coordination Failures - by Ryan Sean Adams - Bankless shared by Justin:

‘When players in the game perceive common identity or purpose with one another […] they play the game together instead of separately […].’

I still see many gaps in what I have outlined above. The question I keep alive walking forwards with you all is:

How might we care for one another and our commons/public good in a kind, loving and coordinated way?

Arohanui :green_heart: