Meeting real life expenses while earning Seeds

Since joining the ecosystem I have been doing ground work locally for the adoption of the currency and the promotion of the movement through onboarding and accompanying new members, farmer markets, community meetings and events. I became aware, through many conversations with others within the ecosystem, that a major problem many of us face is being able to handle our “real world” expenses. the story is always similar, we truly believe in SEEDS, we are passionate about spreading it further and we deeply enjoy the work we do. we also get remunerated in Seeds for many of the things we do, but we all have a problem when it comes to paying are bills with Fiat.
It is a problem that distracts us from our passion and mission and I know it creates frustration and doubts for many.

back in October @Rieki presented a P2P app in the making that will make it easier to swap some of our Seeds earnings to Fiat:

I think that discussing how to solve that could help many of us not only feel our needs are met, but also give us the security and peace of mind to be able to concentrate our efforts where they are needed.

p.s. we currently have a problem with members not being able to access the forum and this post is giving voice to others too.

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