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Creating a SEEDS magazine with … (TBC by Arian :slight_smile: ) @Arian

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Love the direction here. Creating the culture is as significant as creating the tech/tools.

  • Media is a massive lever to pull in culture. Conscious media is an absolute necessity.
  • Also serves as the perfect format for the individuals who believe in the mission/ideas, but don’t necessarily care for the crypto/tech/finance side of it.

A prototype of this could be a weekly or monthly newsletter that makes an overview of what’s going on within the community - e.g. the discussions happening around co-op proposals this month, what are the proposals about etc. could be bootstrapped very fast.

@LaLaGardens Hi Tina, you spoke of an example which sounded very inspiring. Would this be something to start with and fill it with content?

Yes, as soon as my internet connection is better I will give a link to the document and we can go from there. I had my internet shut off today.

Here is the magazine I put into motion some time ago… waiting for collab;) It does not have to retain it’s ‘look’ . It is a proof of concept like so much I do. It is also a template which is part of a NFT which is active so any work we do can be woven into NFT creation @apostol @Melanie @anahealingwords THIS IS THE LINK TO THE MAGAZINE:
The last page of the magazine has green text which is linked a poem…I saw this as a way to create a template by which each word can be linked to a collection or poem, video, etc…so each ‘definition page’ can be a portal to various collar offerings. Here is the NFT this template is currently attached to within the locked content… whatever we do can be it’s own publication or refer to the existing one AND BOTH :seedling:

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So the idea came, when we where discussing “case studies” . What are the original stories we can tell? What are the pioneers doing in the community, what are the sucess stories?
Another point was to expand the accessability and create a culture sorrounding SEEDS outside of it’s technological bubble - not only featuring internal projects but feaure and explore Projects outside of SEEDS that act in it’s spirit.
The idea was to publish one magazine every luanr cycle wich besides containg the latest news in SEEDS has several categories , Art, science , tech , community etc.


A “Magazine” in print is actually not feasible for our online culture - so

  1. What format are you envisioning for the magazine?
  2. How big should it be? (pages, articles etc.)
  3. What resources do you need to make it happen?
  4. How is this different from the current SEEDS monthly newsletter? (rhetorical question but may be a good exercise to spell out)

Does anyone want to take the accountability to manage this project’s birth and creation?

Love the idea!

Consciousness magazine that could be impactful, my mind is already filling it with the ideas with possible contributions.

I could definitely be writing a section on plant medicine (sharing the researches, therapy perspectives, news, experiences, meanings and wisdom, harm reduction, interviews, documented journey about communities that are preserving the plant medicine culture, history of usage throughout the world and centuries, etc.). I’m working as a psychotherapist and am passionately invested in promoting and educating on this ongoing new psychedelic/mental health paradigm renaissance.

On art section, I would love also to write about movies, as I’m often using them while working with my clients as a tool for self reflection and growth. Movies have a huge power as a medium, it is easy for us to identify and project on the movie and grow together with the main heroes. Art without a doubt projects and channels our deepest shadows and highes possibilities. Symbolism inside some art might resonate strongly with us and our story - sparking our own awareness, opening us towards our process (how are we experiencing those symbols/archetypes in our life) and developing our consciousness. Would love to write about this using movies as art, like a movie review but with focus on the question:

-how you can watch this movie for self growth?
-what are the symbols/archetypes in this movie and their possible meanings
-reflections on our own life experiences and therapeutic experiences with some real life clients that were similar to the story dynamics in the movie.

Practically, in the making of the magazine, I could be helping with the work in InDesign, Photoshop and Ilustrator or/and managing more this project space. .

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Well we could see how it developes. For the beginning a print is not necessary but I think it is a good goal. Especially when we think about establishing communities, and stores that work with seeds. It would be lovely to have a store where i can buy the magazine and discover what likeminded people in the movement do. We could set up a number for demand, when it would be feasible. We could also collect money, because it would help a lot to make the seeds movement more known. So in a shop there might lay a copy of the magazine, but you can only buy it with SEEDS.That would be a conversation starter.(I’m just brainstorming) The key thought is establishing a culture.

1.DinA4 or slightly smaller in height
2. depends on the amount of peopel who want to participate . I would start small, and build on that. A friend of mine has a solar punk magazine. It only has around 15 pages. something with 20 pages would be easy to do. SEEDS has been featured there as well.
3. Network , writers, researchers. We could also draw from existing articles and feature them. Definetly prepare the second one before publishing the first.
4. The key difference, is that it is a bridge to projects outside of the SEEDS network, which is very functional and technical. I want to identify a common spirit , aesthetics and ideal and reach out to all those people who are contributing to the wider vision. Without them SEEDS will not prevail or reach it’s goal too sow decentrelized societies. A society is not a set of rules and frameworks but a living culture.

I would love to contribute, but i have other projects that need attention as well.


Thanks Tina, I love the Terroir idea and the playing with the letter I.

I also like the ideas @Arian added.

I‘m more the person who adds the words to the stories and would love to start something where some people add the art and I can add stories or threats of stories that are weaving together.

As a newcomer to all related to NFT: would a story also be an NFT and how does this in general work? Is there anything in the SEEDS library or a video session where I can learn more about the world of NFT and art?

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A concept and further elaboration for how a magazine similar in format to the examples I’ve provided might function (and utilizing NFT smart contracts):

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