Let the Games Begin!

Celebrating the inaugural game Hand to Hand, developed and played at LaLa Gardens, August 22, at 3:30pm in Fort Collins, CO.

This game was developed to function in the following ways:
To bring players and voyagers Hand to Hand and Face to Face in simple exchange of greeting, tools and narratives.
To gather in small groups, share the narrative of their voyage, gleaning and enter into trade spontaneously and in celebration.
This game is mutable, repeatable and sharable.
It has the capacity to be same, AND. To be live and virtual to be small scale and widely applicable. So, let the games begin.

There is a small working group on Discord, Game Engagers, Unltd (We can change the name) intent on these small practices and games. Show in comments and through engagement (there is a living document embedded in the game guide for us to collaborate, practice reciprocity and give resonant referential acknowledgment in our iterations and gaming practices) IF you want to be a part of the working group, now @RachelR and @IndraWouivre :two_hearts: let us know!

This in essence is a non-proposal towards self proclamation of AUTONOMY and INTERDEPENDENCE. The same, and. Same but different. Want to play?

Also get in touch if you’d like to RSVP for the Zoom iteration of this game, coming soon!

Hand to Hand, Game Guide

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Oh my dear Tina, I soooooooooooo want to play this wonderful game with my fellow Earth Regenerators via Zoom. My idea was to maybe trade skills/services that might be of help for others. Would you maybe be available to be the Hearth Tender, if needed?

I am in awwwww of your creative mind and heart :woman_cartwheeling::yellow_heart:

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Yes! Let’s put one on the calendar. ‘We’ve’ also secured 5,555 Seeds for this project so perhaps there is a way to explore circular economy with this budget and PLAY with amplification. Seeds root, grow, blossom and re-seed …

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