Journey from Visitor to Citizen

Create a micro-marketplace/channel on Discord, dedicated exclusively to list small jobs that people are willing to pay for (222 Seeds per One-Hour Tasks?) For example: Can anyone in Spain please research their bioregion to find out how many permaculutre projects are there? Or: Can anyone please introduce me about holochain? etc etc etcetera


Ooooh that is a good idea!
At least what it sparks in me :))

“Give us data about your bioregion and we reward you for it”
A catalog of questions we have to really understand what is on the ground.
Creating a Database of ecosystems, cultures, projects and people to better see who we are trying to serve.
Such actions could also be included as a contribution to the journey to Citizen.

I only have already so many things on my plate (like creating a marketplace for listing and trading) I can’t look at that as well, but I would love that.


Thanx Max! Yes, the idea is that instead of lowering the price to become resident/citizen we get in place an expedient system for people without monetary resources so that they can earn rapidly small amounts of seeds to pay their way into resident/citizen status. Hence the 222 Seed per hour rate example, but this could be different, of course.

Also, the community can create a list of tasks (like what you say: “A catalog of questions we have to really understand what is on the ground”) and these tasks can be rewarded from the SEEDS fund. Or else, more personal, private “one-hour tasks” can be requested (healing, tuition, repairs…) as well as project-based (Aline’s Iberian Permaculture Map could benefit from local on-the-ground research across Spanish bio-regions) and these tasks would be payed by the individuals and by the projects/campaigns…

@MaxVBohn - Maybe the “marketplace for listing and trading” that you are working on is already what I’m envisioning? In any case, I wouldn’t like to throw more work your way!

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Hahaha, thank you Xavier!
Even if you throw more work I probably can’t catch it because my hands are full :wink:

The marketplace would indeed be a place to facilitate that but managing the project of “Rewarding tasks valuable to SEEDS” officially as a campaign needs a dedicated person or group to create these tasks, define how valuable they are, put them up, keep track of them.

Private requests of course anyone can put up and fulfill :slight_smile: :+1:


I consider this topic to be Explorer Group material on Section 1. :raised_hands:

Who is with me? :grin: Who objects?

There is another thread sharing into the ViReCi Journey and already linked here.

Who feels excited to accept stewardship on this topic?

@JLove1949 @MaxVBohn @Rieki @joaoestellita @LaLaGardens @Bart @Kath.PlanetHive @IndraWouivre

@JLove1949 started it and expressed in the last Outer session he is taking lead on it.

This topic is also more complex and has implications for more than Section 1 and might eventually need to be split in many sub explorations.

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