Journey from Visitor to Citizen

I read the white paper yet I don’t see how it really makes sure one person has only one account.
It is a more sophisticated vouching mechanism then SEEDS has though (also using “Seeds” to describe an element of their system. Did I mention that SEEDS is a bad marketing name?! :sweat_smile:).

Maybe @nikolaus has some thoughts on this or knows who in Hypha might be interested in exploring BrightID.

You can only have one BrightID account. If you need a BrightID to evolve to citizen this will ensure you can only have one account with a citizen badge. For visitor or resident accounts I don’t think it really matters as it has no voting power.

From the RE Outer Space call today (June 29), here is the capture document: Visitor Resident Citizen Digest: - Google Docs

Digest From the 29/06/21 RE OuterSpace Session:

  1. The invite requirement may be too limiting? Dynamic point system?
  2. Referendum’s to test real time for x period
  3. Remove invite requirements for advancement +1
  4. Help with an onboarding session
  5. Track the progress through article 7 understanding
  6. Attend an onboarding session in your local language (a onboarding NFT?)
  7. 1 Vouch from invite, 1 More from Resident to Citizen, 3 more from Citizen to Resident
  8. Real world celebration (not necessarily in code, but some sort of celebration!)
  9. Need Constitution translated before making it a requirement to read
  10. Requires N - Contribution Score to maintain (or gain?) Citizenship
  11. Video calls for vouching in the Passport?
  12. Inviting folks demonstrates that people have some level of understanding of the system (a non-economic marker… Maybe something beneficial).
  13. To become a resident (UX/UI) make key Guardians! Or, check a box acknowledging the risks.
  14. Broad group of requirements - need to earn N points across this range in order to gain Citizenship, so open for people with various skills to earn it.
  15. Profile filled in for Citizen
  16. Joined a bioregion for Citizen
  17. Constitution for Resident / Citizen
  18. Gratitude - Requirement to earn N Gratitude for each evolution in Status.
  19. MANY BADGES FOR MANY PATHS (the Vistitor to Citizen is but on path that people can take when joining. Having other paths (Ambassador, Explorer, etc) will complement and give greater meaning, diversity and resilience.

I create one threat about it on Outer Space, i didnt notice that it was already created here, what’s your feelings? to remove what i created and just move this one for there? i linked this one there now…
here is the link Section 1: Regenerative Organising - 1.1 Individual Accounts: Becoming a Visitor, Resident and Citizen.

The function of a membrane within natural systems, and especially the function of BioFilms in FAB (Facultative Anaerobic Bacteria) populations. Regarding:

The function of SEEDS Citizenship within Bio-Regions functioning as a flowing economy, established through reciprocity in trade between members of each bio-region so that the practice of the economy is supportive of ecosystems most directly and effectively. Viewing from this end where SEEDS ongoing growth is determined by the regenerated ecology of the place, Citizenship IS an avenue of established responsiveness (Response-ability) that becomes established in the course of earning it which does take time and effort AND

Looking to the FAB: Each bacteria functioning on it’s own until a food source is identified and a population begins the process of reaching a Quorum. Once this number of residents is established consistently over a period of time and perhaps by other markers such as environment (seasonal or other conditions such as drought, etc), the Next Generation literally mutates genetically to form a biofilm. This membrane begins the function like any cellular membrane to transmit and receive in various ways beneficial to the established population, either protective, transportive or communicative in nature.

Maybe Citizenship can be viewed a bit like this transmutation. As a citizen, actions can take on protective, transportive or communicative actions. So not lessoned in functionality, more protected and elevated as a necessary function and perhaps the ratio of Citizen to Resident to Visitor be the focus, especially within bio-regions. So many Citizens can support so many Residents can support so many visitors or at least some vehicle of onboarding and transport of nutrients be established so that various avenues, highways, paths, hypha, redundancies exist for this evolution to act in protection of the whole ecosystem. Perhaps Residents and Citizens are simply rewarded in different but equal ways. A route to Citizenship can reside within a networking capacity. How many redundancies one establishes or contributes to within a bio-region. (which has been fostered through time and within the vehicles of trainings or badges @Kath.PlanetHive , etc) The population of bacteria that express through this biofilm become visible as one organism at this point, not before, yet the work is always the same and the visibility comes with succession in place over time. It becomes by necessity of population for the residents to establish and support the citizenry so that as the population grows, so does the need for more citizen representation so the pathways become supported, the competencies are supported, made more accessible, more inclusive, more fun. We celebrate our task to establish a well-working Citizenry. “We reached Quorum with a 30% representation though Citizenship,” becomes the community supported goal within each region, and those pathways may look totally different and its the ratios that count… It takes a long time or an environment rich in nutrients (a well working pathway of education for example and looks different according to place and season as with the FAB).

Perhaps Citizenship is tied more directly (or at least another viable avenue) to a function within a bio-region. Tasks or responsibilities or networking capacity. A unique function of this bio-film lies in its capacity to hold soil together in clumps that function as whole ecosystems within themselves AND add the most underrated and under appreciated function of WATER HOLDING CAPACITY. Without the function of biofilm, soil loses the capacity to hold water (a very new and necessary understanding of the working of soil, btw). Soil holding water like a sponge is hands down the greatest function of soil to mitigate all fluctuations in climate, to support and sustain life, to cycle water through cloud formation and to mitigate both floods and droughts. In other words to stabilize the ecosystem; the entire goal of this new economy.

Perhaps we elevate Residents to do the function of Quorum building and bioregional populating, and Citizenship be a function of time and practice so that it’s capacity to hold water, to sustain cycles, to bring resilience and stability. It is a function of practice and competencies. Not simply populating with more Residents. Residents do their own populating, their own foraging for the foods that will pass through or express through the Citizens ‘membrane’. This may establish a relationship that must exist between the Residents and Citizenship. Like a point system perhaps for how many intersections of circles both within SEEDS and without, through other communities. And this like the rainbow colors of certain biofilms or the colors in plants (an expression of FABs within plant material…) becomes the responsibility of the Citizenry and is also the expression aspect of the entire ecosystem, signaling a healthy community who has been allowed successional expression through time and which is the building block of all complex life forms including our own. We are the expression of every successional community of microbes we have encountered over our life course of evolution. Citizenship expressed perhaps a maturity aspect of health… of an entire ecosystem.

…maybe Citizenship and Residency or levels of Residency become ‘fluid function states’
which can be entered into as roles. Not a hierarchy but an established functionality that can be entered into at different times. Maybe I’m a Citizen in certain capacities at very specific times or become a resident in different circles or places in gathering knowledge or foraging or pollinating functions. Perhaps we add anther category, that of traveling bard or flute player or globetrotter.


I believe it should be cheaper to become a Citizen.

Now you need a minimum of 220 Seeds to become a Citizen (200 planted SEEDS, 3 invites and 5 transaction). This currently is 16.82 euros. This is a commitment even as a user of the euro, but definitely doable for a user of the euro. But, now we also have the situation that the value of Seeds keeps growing… Someone with a way less valuable currency and a lower position of wealth needs a huge commitment to get these 220 Seeds. I believe the ability to become a citizen shouldn’t depend on wealth and therefore I find it important to reduce the amount of Seeds needed to evolve to resident and to citizen.

I would propose to change the amount of planted Seeds needed to become a Citizen to 100 Seeds and to start a protocol in which the amount of planted Seeds needed to become Resident and Citizen goes down with the growing value of Seeds.

At go-live it feels like something that makes sense to me to need to have 10 Seeds planted to become a Resident and 20 Seeds to become a Citizen (taking into account that these 5 Seeds to lock in the blockchain continue to be needed. If these are not needed all 5 because of the appreciated value of Seeds, I would suggest 5 Seeds to become a Resident and 10 Seeds to become a Citizen).

What do you think about this equitability suggestion?

Also, if we can add something with having to show your face and make e.g. a video introduction to make sure that one account = one human, the process to become a Resident could drastically be simplified. Isn’t that all you need to let someone become a resident?

Thank you for capturing the multiple options how one could evolve from visitor - resident - citizen. This was very helpful for me to see different perspectives. :pray:

Not sure if I am too late to the game but I put my 2 seeds in the doc. In general I like the idea of multiple ways and badges to become a citizen.

Digest From the 29/06/21 RE OuterSpace Session: 19. MANY BADGES FOR MANY PATHS (the Vistitor to Citizen is but on path that people can take when joining. Having other paths (Ambassador, Explorer, etc) will complement and give greater meaning, diversity and resilience.

I would also like to see Natural Capital contribution as part of becoming a citizen, ie. plant a tree, do a beach clean up, etc (anything in nature and that helps Mother Earth). If you do it yourself or you support an organisation within SEEDS, probably something to be discussed. :woman_shrugging:

And if I remember correctly a couple of sessions back @mbh66 mentioned in a breakout session that he sees this as journey to be one with a companion (the person who invited you), where both celebrate milestones. I would like to bring this up again because I think it is important to build on our Social Capital (yes I am trying to think in the multiple capitals to develop more consciousness around them and build some understanding).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts around becoming a citizen might be too expensive. I agree with your general assumption that it might not be affordable for everyone to join SEEDS. However my feeling is based on a hunch and not verified with anyone or anything, such as data.

I’ve been pondering about your suggestion for the past week because I feel several tensions with it. So let me try to formulate them here and I hope you can see my perspective.

This currently is 16.82 euros. This is a commitment even as a user of the euro, but definitely doable for a user of the euro.

I think it is dangerous to assume that people living Europe can afford the 16.82 euro. I see your point that it is more likely compared to other regions on our planet, however the lived experiences of people is probably more nuanced. More than 20% of all children older than 5 years living in permanent poverty in Germany (link in German language) and similar dire statistics are available from the UK (31%) and Aotearoa New Zealand (25%) - I know both aren’t in the Euro zone but probably perceived as some of the wealthier countries in the world.

What do you think about this equitability suggestion?

I like that you think in solutions and bring forward a suggestion how to make SEEDS more equitable. I find it difficult though to suggest a solution that isn’t based on lived experiences. If we really want to solve this perceived access barrier I strongly feel we should:

  1. verify that this is an access barrier with the most marginalised people
  2. find solutions by applying human centred design methodology where people with lived experience participate in the entire process.

I guess all I am trying to say is, one cannot have equity without truly listening to the people affected by the injustice one tries to address. On that note I think we should strive for equity than equality, see images below which always help me to understand the difference.

My intention wasn’t to lecture you or anyone here; so apologies if I might come across as a lecturer, please see my comment rather coming from a justice warrior heart. :two_hearts:


Thanks for responding I love your answer and your suggestions on how to proceed with the process of development in this area! I indeed always try to give a direct potential solution, but I agree that more of a deep dive should be the way to go (especially because the planted Seeds also serve for the economic sustainability of the SEEDS ecosystem).

Do you already have in mind how this verification process could be handled well? I personally think we can already do a lot if we gather data from people that tells us what they have the most difficulty with when they are trying to evolve.

I would also like to add on a comment @Rieki gave to this subject in our outer-space zoom-meeting: He believes in the perspective to make earning 200 Seeds a lot easier rather than making it cheaper to become a citizen. Because it should be a dedication to become a citizen and earning 200 Seeds within the ecosystem (with SEEDizens calls Ambassadors Academy etc.) can be very doable. Did I say it right like this @Rieki ?
This is another healthy point of view to look at this subject.

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Thank you Bart :raised_hands:

Do you already have in mind how this verification process could be handled well? I personally think we can already do a lot if we gather data from people that tells us what they have the most difficulty with when they are trying to evolve.

I did a very hands-on course with Acumen Academy on human-centred design, which might be helpful if you feel strongly about exploring this further. I am happy to share the course material with you: Class Material - Google Drive See if and how this resonates with you.

I agree with @Rieki’s suggestion to make receiving Seeds easier so this question might essentially be redundant as we create a system of abundance. As you said a much more healthy point of view. :seedling:

A question to ask could be: How might we make it easier to earn Seeds?

Since this is a biggy, it might be one of those living questions and whenever we come across a nugget, no matter how silly it appears, we post it here in the forum. :woman_juggling:t4:

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Create a micro-marketplace/channel on Discord, dedicated exclusively to list small jobs that people are willing to pay for (222 Seeds per One-Hour Tasks?) For example: Can anyone in Spain please research their bioregion to find out how many permaculutre projects are there? Or: Can anyone please introduce me about holochain? etc etc etcetera


Ooooh that is a good idea!
At least what it sparks in me :))

“Give us data about your bioregion and we reward you for it”
A catalog of questions we have to really understand what is on the ground.
Creating a Database of ecosystems, cultures, projects and people to better see who we are trying to serve.
Such actions could also be included as a contribution to the journey to Citizen.

I only have already so many things on my plate (like creating a marketplace for listing and trading) I can’t look at that as well, but I would love that.


Thanx Max! Yes, the idea is that instead of lowering the price to become resident/citizen we get in place an expedient system for people without monetary resources so that they can earn rapidly small amounts of seeds to pay their way into resident/citizen status. Hence the 222 Seed per hour rate example, but this could be different, of course.

Also, the community can create a list of tasks (like what you say: “A catalog of questions we have to really understand what is on the ground”) and these tasks can be rewarded from the SEEDS fund. Or else, more personal, private “one-hour tasks” can be requested (healing, tuition, repairs…) as well as project-based (Aline’s Iberian Permaculture Map could benefit from local on-the-ground research across Spanish bio-regions) and these tasks would be payed by the individuals and by the projects/campaigns…

@MaxVBohn - Maybe the “marketplace for listing and trading” that you are working on is already what I’m envisioning? In any case, I wouldn’t like to throw more work your way!

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Hahaha, thank you Xavier!
Even if you throw more work I probably can’t catch it because my hands are full :wink:

The marketplace would indeed be a place to facilitate that but managing the project of “Rewarding tasks valuable to SEEDS” officially as a campaign needs a dedicated person or group to create these tasks, define how valuable they are, put them up, keep track of them.

Private requests of course anyone can put up and fulfill :slight_smile: :+1:


I consider this topic to be Explorer Group material on Section 1. :raised_hands:

Who is with me? :grin: Who objects?

There is another thread sharing into the ViReCi Journey and already linked here.

Who feels excited to accept stewardship on this topic?

@JLove1949 @MaxVBohn @Rieki @joaoestellita @LaLaGardens @Bart @Kath.PlanetHive @IndraWouivre

@JLove1949 started it and expressed in the last Outer session he is taking lead on it.

This topic is also more complex and has implications for more than Section 1 and might eventually need to be split in many sub explorations.

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