Incentive Amounts - Co-op Proposal Jul-Sep 21'

Hey, Explorers

I think it’s good to have a talk about the amount of Seeds that each Renaissance Explorer could receive per moon cycle(MC) from the current Co-op proposal that is up for voting.
I’ll make a breakdown here

  • From the Empowerment Fund - §3333 per MC for participating in the RE Journey and exploration groups
  • From Proposal 111 - 50 UOW x §111 = §5555 per MC for doing creative, experimental ideas projects, collaborations (1h≠1UOW as there could be multipliers x2, x3, x4, xN)
  • From Art and Storytelling - §500-§1000 per art or storytelling piece with a limit of ~220 total art & storytelling pieces

The total of that is roughly between §3333 and §9999 Seeds per moon cycle. For all of them there are basically no accountabilities/responsibilities besides active participation - it’s just about following your creative flow.

That’s keeping in mind that we’re already in the first moon cycle - even though the campaign is not approved yet and we don’t have a clear reporting structure for “Proposal 111”. There is a bit of risk if you decide to show up more now - if the co-op voting fails we might not be able to pay these sums - but everyone is invited to decide for themselves if it’s worth to take that risk or not.

How do you feel about all these numbers? Do you think it’s too much, too little? Would you be able to show up in the way you’d like to show up with this incentive structure?

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