Improving Co-op Campaign Visibility & Trust

I’m proposing a very simple process to improve the visibility & trust of the Co-op Campaigns. This is an invitation to every proposal to participate in this experiment by creating a forum post right now.

Each potential or successful Co-op Campaign will create a Thread in the SEEDS Ecosystem > Proposals category of this forum space and will update the progress of their Campaign with a comment ideally at least once a month or more often. Documenting what they’re doing, what are their current challenges etc. That will show the history and the progress of the campaign and will improve visibility and trust in the whole process.

I see this process expanding at three parallel levels:

  1. Every successful campaign could create a forum post right now and start documenting their contribution as a way to participate in this experiment.
  2. Every potential proposal could start a forum post before putting their proposal up for voting - at the moment when they’re ready to engage with the SEEDS community - in order to get feedback from the community and improve.
  3. A better official process could be created by the Working Group that’s being led by @Matteo and @DaYa - for example, one that includes failed proposals and/or is required or semi-required to go through for putting up a proposal etc.

I see the processes of 1 and 2 running parallel to 3 and serving as an experiment and a proof of concept of seeing the potential benefits and downsides of having this process here in the forum.

I will not create a separate category for this yet - we can see how many proposals will start doing this and if they are enough - I’ll create the separate category and move all of them in there. You can read and post about all the current proposals in the Proposals Category

Thoughts? Suggestions? Downsides?


I like the idea of using a tool that is already embedded in the Passport App, my wonder is then, since now it’s possible to comment directly on the proposals, why not to use that as a way to send regular updates?
In this way we avoid dispersion.
In the future it would be awesome to have a dedicated section within the proposal (called updates or accountability). Sth like the current crowdfunding platforms like indiegogo


Thanks for the great suggestion!

I do believe all Campaign Proposals deserve visibility, support, and celebration!

Looking into the backlog of proposals over 2020 and this year up to now, I can see the story of SEEDS evolving as a weaving of all the stories within the Campaign Proposals. I am curious how those stories evolve and where those Seeds are landing, how they are finding their way into wallets far and wide.


The distribution of Seeds by the gift.seeds account is open to exploring and creates a unique possibility for visibility. Like a breadcrumb trail leading into the magical minds and forests of this world. We are playing with words, we are playing with numbers.


More than 1 billion Seeds are still to be blown away towards all the curvy corners of the earth to support the regeneration of our beloved Mother. This is a story to tell and a journey to be treasured. It comes with a major call upon our self-responsibility, self-governance, and trust-capability.


To all of you that are on this journey with me and express their passion and desire for this project-game-endeavor-exploration. Let’s witness and create a beautiful fluid space for the history woven as a present for the future of possibilities in campaigning and alliancing.

go forth
hold back


Thanks for the feedback, Matteo. A couple of reasons:
1.I cannot see a feature where you can comment directly on a proposal in the passport app. Can you elaborate on where are you coming from with this? I found the comment section in the passport, but I only see replying to existing comments, not sure how to make a new comment (on iPhone). UX could be greatly improved IMO.
2. Passport App is currently less public and visible than the forum - you have to log in the passport, go to engage, find the forum post and catch up with it. Compared to all the notifications and amazing UX in here.
3. There is no way to have a direct link to the forum post in the Passport App - in order to share it in Discord and other places. Compared to having a public and beautiful link here - that can be shared anywhere - on Discord and outside.
4. There are no rich text capabilities and ability to upload photos in the Passport App. That’s actually a big deal, since it limits the expression of the story that is being communicated.

All these are severely limiting the engagement and value of having the post and history in the Passport App. And creating a good forum software takes quite a bit of time and effort (take a look at the size of Discourse’s team for comparison).

Overall I think having the conversation closer to the source is a good principle only if you’re not compromising on the quality of the conversation while doing that.

I didn’t understand that you meant here (discourse) when you mentioned forum.
I thought that you meant the forum in the passport app.

In that case i think that using discourse would work for SEEDS member who are more engaged, and active, it wouldn’t work for people who want to engage in a light form, while on the passport app even thoughts it might require more steps it’s accessible to all Seedizens.

So if the target is: people who actually care to follow up I guess discourse is ok
if it is everyone then I think adding another tool it’s not that good IMO.

To see the comment funcionality on the passport you just need to open a proposal and scroll to the bottom. Check with the alliance Bali investment there are already a few comments

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I would love for more engagement possibilities before the proposals are up for voting, during and after to keep updated on the progress of the campaign.
Which all has to happen in the Passport to be really accessible for everyone that it concerns.
It is I think part of the whole evolution of the Proposal Process.

But for me, I can not comment or even open any forum post or proposal on the new passport on my iPhone 5s iOS 12.5xx … since that is not really working for everyone and will be hard to navigate and have clarity I don’t think right now there is a good way to enable all that.

@apostol not everyone has access to this forum to participate or even knows about it. People have been posting their proposals on Discord co-op proposal channel and a few gave feedback on them.
I guess if you can make a co-op proposal sub-forum here that can be accessed and written to by everyone then we could at least enable that for everyone who wants to get feedback more regularly.


Here’s my last update in the Public Art Campaign. I do think we should have a space to update what’s going on. I’d love to i now whats been happening in Central America with the $20 million Seeds!!! #whereisfranz

I created a new Proposals Category in order to have a separate and dedicated place for all the proposals.

@Carleymonty feel free to start a new post in there with the current status of your campaign and update us regularly about it. Be the change you’d like to see in the world!

Please help our amazing proposal creators out with support and comments :+1: