Improve the Forum space!

This forum space is in its SEED stage - it’s freshly new and needs a lot of sunlight, nutritious soil, fresh water, nurture & care in order to grow big and tall, withstand storms and bear good fruit.

What I mean by that is - please share your creative and beautiful suggestions on how to improve the forum space here in this thread. We want to make this the best possible experience for everyone, so please help us do that!

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@apostol Could you enable wiki posts for this forum?

Short of actually having had any time to develop the summary section that I was talking about I think Wiki Posts could be used as a substitute for now.

Apostol I think only the admin can add things like Tags right?

I think for the Exploration Groups it would be good to have a defined set of tags that can be used.
E.g. ‘1.0 Organising’ ‘2.0 Governance’ or ‘active’ ‘inactive’ ‘closed’ ‘implemented’

Of course this can also be done partially with sub-categories.
Then I would rather add ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ ‘closed’ as sub-categories of Exploration Groups and the others as tags since a proposal can effect many sections.

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I made both @derjogi and @MaxVBohn into “Level 3” user so you can make any post into a “Wiki”. I’m not comfortable making a whole category “Wiki” because I think maintaining the process of Summary is quite resource-intensive and thus won’t be practised very much. But I’d love for @derjogi to make 1-3 posts into a wiki and see how it goes.

@MaxVBohn - @julioholon is also an admin. I just checked the ‘tags’ feature - wasn’t aware of it. I’m wondering what kind of tags are we going to have - e.g. I’m not sure what ‘1.0 Organizing’ is and for Governance we have the #seeds-ecosystem:governance-proposals section. The idea of Active/Incative/Closed for the EGs would be a good one I think.

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‘1.0 Organizing’ refers to the first section of the GG “Regenerative Organising” (I just thought that would be too long :sweat_smile:)

The governance proposals is part of the seeds-ecosystem but not part of the Exploration Groups.
Having Tags instead of Categories for these things would make it easier to display the topics and impact the Thread has on different sections of the GG.

It can also be just ‘governance’, ‘organizing’, ‘finance’ etc. or even ‘meta’ if is very meta explorations.

@julioholon would you be up for implement such Tags?

@MaxVBohn, I enabled tags with these settings

Let me know if that is ok. And let’s see how it goes (:

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Sorry Apostol, I’m very slow this week to respond.
Thank you :pray:
I see we can add our own tags now.
I read somewhere it is possible to have only specific tags available in specific categories.
Like only within “Exploration Groups” we have tags like “reg-organization” “reg-governance” “reg-finance” “reg-economy” to choose from.
Is this possible or only what is visible on your screenshot?