How to merge our purposes inside the SEEDS ecosystem?

How to merge our purposes inside the SEEDS ecosystem?
Trying to see where the purposes are merging and have insights about that… but it’s just a draw…

In this drawing, I wanna bring a vision which is to use the three different types of relationships to validate RE proposals, or to create bridges, either with Hypha or Samara and other DHO’s.

So, one thing comes up…

I imagine that inner proposals can circulate in these three spaces and create deeper sensemaking, with feedbacks, for example, if the RE proposes a change in the Game Guide, then we have a voice in Hypha and then for Samara or another DHO’s a voice, when both or three are in agreement, we can believe that the proposal is at its best to be sent for voting… this format may also prove useful to validate explorations within the RE, for example, questions that the MBC and other DHO’s DAC’s bring that can be explored, questions worth exploring.
“How to create liquidity?” and others that can serve to expand our vision for local regeneration. Widening the range of just exploring changes in the Game Guide, but making a sense of service to the ecosystem.


making sense in terms of service to ecosystem :slight_smile: agree.