Garunteed Buyer to support seeds price upon sale


Gordon Bruce (from Kodumo village, Homabay, Kenya) reached out asking if he could be supported in buying farming tools to make his life on farm more productive. One of the story he shared about hardship they have to face during harvest season, for example he has to walk 40 mins one way, carrying his produce to nearest market, which he has to do 3 times a week or more during harvest season.

He is following Alphonce (inviter) footsteps, who initially submitted a campaign proposal to get fuding for farm tools, which did not pass. Thus he started making personal request to other SEEDs members for seeds. He managed to secure seeds from one or more members, followed by securing fiat (Kenyan Shillings via PayPal) from another, thereby allowing him to purchase tools and improve his productivity

Though this time we are attempting to complete this transaction a bit differently. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Gordon is being nurtured as a Local SEEDS Hero in action.
  2. Insistence on onboarding local farming tool vendor.
  3. Vendor to complete the seed swap - thus has first hand experience, instead of Gordon (tool and seeds receiver).
  4. Establishing relationship with potential (seeds) buyer who shall garuntee minimum price when vendor comes to sell his seeds.
  5. Facilitating good quality seamless experience for the vendor.
  6. Building storyline and a use case, grounded in needs of regerators, for future campaign proposal.


Richnes of SEEDs ecosystem is in its potential to support diverse transactional use cases, which are built on top of wealth of social relationships. We are attempting to build one such instance which is being labelled as “Garunteed Buyer”.

Upon discovering some of my fellow Kenyan peers, who attempted to swap their seeds were not treated fairly by some peers, pushed me on this reflective journey with following question:

How do we ensure quality seeds swap experience for our vendors on the ground, to win and hold their trust in seeds currency for long term?

Gordon who was looking to address his personal need, turns out to provide me with an opportunity to facilitate this process of building a bridge, while himself taking one step at a time on the ground.

We both started collaborating around late May, where Gordon started by asking for advice, followed by creating list of tools and price in shillings, develop relatioships with local vendor, convince vendor to sell tools for seeds, build relationships in seeds swap group etc.

After completing all the pre-requistes we have arrived at a stage for finally completing the transaction. Local vendor Omondian has received 8000 seeds directly. Gordon shall be picking up the tools soon and letting us know the progress. Whereas our buyer of seeds has assured minimum price USD600 for the seeds, from Omondian when he comes to sell.

We are attempting to ensure we offer a quality seamless user experience to our vendor, whom we are encouraging to hold onto the seeds for as long as possible to gain from its appreciation, as well as to pass them along to others to grow their network.

Here we shall be attempting to keep all our peers, aware of how this unfolds. Please share your feedback, comments and insights.

@markflowfarm @Alphonz



Gordon received the tools today from vendor Omondian. Since Omondian will have to restock in about a weeks time, he shall be swapping 8000 SEEDs for their corresponding value in USD.

Following are list of items, Gordon was able to receive today from Omondian.

Item Cost (Shillings)
Wheelbarrow 2800
Water tank 15000
2 Spades 1400
Water pump 25000
2 Jembe 1000
Axe 700

Gordon and myself are in close conversation to ensure good quality peer seeds swap experience for Omondian, as well as both of together shall be working towards ensuring good accounting of seeds, shillings, dollars, while telling our story to inspire trust amongst our peers for our collaborative efforts.

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