Game and play analogy

Hey all! :rainbow:

Coming here after having the question of the ___ Guide’s name being brought up during this week’s Storytelling Session.

  • I see the actual Doc changed names to become the “SEEDS Guide”.
  • I see this poll here has only 5 voters… !!
  • And I hear people having the impression that it was a unilateral decision.

I propose we do another poll, that includes a LOT more options than at the moment and that the poll is announced at least during next Outer Session (ideally, announced also on Discord for broader than just RE, but that’s just my opinion).

We announce the poll August 3rd and leave one full week for anyone interested to vote.
August 10th we celebrate the change (or not) of name together in the beginning of Outer (or in Storytelling Session, that’d be sweet too.)

What do you think? :star2:
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My vote is with the majority on this one :v:

Absolutely! Maybe we could even let this question rest for even longer. I hear some of us are getting a break soon. Thanks Ana!

what majority? the 5 voters?

In this case that would be the majority of the 5 voters indeed.
I will be happy to vote ones the new poll is out! :slight_smile:

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I believe we are almost through the exploration of this topic in Section 1.

@anahealingwords, Can I say that you are taking up stewardship on this?

– Finding an aligned name for the “Game Guide” together -

Not really taking lead here, @julioholon is! :slight_smile:

Just came here because the subject came up in Storytelling, a bunch of questions…and since I hadn’t been following the changes I came to look into it.

I do have the proposal stated above though :wink:

Can you confirm stewardship on this topic @julioholon?

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Thanks for carrying on the conversation @anahealingwords :rainbow:

I like the idea of another poll. I would like to suggest to do a po.lis instead of a poll in here with options to choose from. We could even leave the poll open during the exploration of all sections of the Game Guide to continuously sense into it. The reason why I am suggesting this is I believe it will emerge what the Game Guide wants to be and be called.

I must admit I can’t feel the Game Guide at the moment, I tried to sense into it over the past two months. It simply hasn’t open up for me yet. Others might be further ahead on this journey. Since I feel this sort of distance to the Game Guide at the moment, I don’t mind it to adopt the more neutral name ‘SEEDS Guide’ for the time being.

What do you think, is there space for a polis? Asking everyone tagged above. :woman_cartwheeling:

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Love the idea of a poll. @apostol is helping me to create one.

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Yes, I am still stewarding this, on turtle speed. :turtle: :smiley:

This process stalled a bit because getting to a consensus on terms (as in logo design) is HARD and will sometimes upset people that always want to have their voice heard and taken into account for everything. * frustrated *

The question is: should everyone be heard and included in this decision? Is this even a consensus?

  • What if we run a poll and get 72 names with 1 or 2 votes?
  • What if the most voted name has 3 votes, while the next 4 second best names have 2 votes each?
  • What if there’s a tie for the most voted?

It all boils down to: Who gets to decide on that name? I think it should be a Global Editor role (but we don’t have that). If no one is clearly accountable for that, anyone can do it, no? Just put up a proposal and have people vote on it.

I am blasted aghast by the constant need for consensus, and how that hampers decision making. I get so frustrated that I sometimes halt altogether. Being completely frank here.

After much discussion, my proposal for a name is still “SEEDS Guide”, but if people really want to run a poll for another week, let’s do that… hoping for the best :pray:


I just throw in another version I have proposed before and given the intend of the GG I bring it even though it totally goes against creating more harmony and alignment :sweat_smile:


Because everything in the GG is the basis for the codes, written or upheld by the Citizens.

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Malcolm X?

I do like codex as a fancy word for the game guide

Guide is so soft and manual might be a bit harsh.

We already are developing a codex as well though.

I find having some downsides, definitely for choosing a name. Mostly the multiple voting and options that get added later are less served, only works with very large numbers and individual single votes 100+

I think here a poll where options can be added is just fine. This topic is not an excited one for me. It feels like a funny word game to me. :sweat_smile:


SEEDS Codex for Cocreation

Oh yes forgot the proposal.

I also can’t see it work well for such a thing.
Conviction Voting seems to be the best approach I know.
Having all possibilities available and giving them a personal ranking/percentages on how much they are liked.
That reflects more a nuanced common agreement.
Don’t know if loomio has that ability or if there is another tool for that.

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Here’s the poll to choose a name.

Please, go through the names and signal the ones you like, pass the one you don’t care and down vote the ones you think are bad :sweat_smile: If you want to add more names, use the Comment field below.

The results are here:

I’m running that for 1 week. I commit to using this results as input for the final proposal, but not necessarily use the most voted one, if I see harm in using it.


I like this Code-X spelling, it could be used for the Codex project if it does’t make it to replace the Game Guide name. It’s a bit Elon’s Space-X, etc, but hey! blame it on the zeitgeist.


Hey @julioholon !
Thank you for picking it up, I just saw and voted on

I see only 8 people voted. Can you please post this on Discord so more people see it and are aware of it? :slightly_smiling_face:

And the poll should include the option of continuing to call it the Game Guide, IMO.