Game and play analogy

100% on making the experience of SEEDS and its game guide/seeds guide a joyful and fun one! :rainbow:

More important than calling something a game is to actually make it fun to engage with it! At the moment, it isn’t the experience most of us have with the guide…lol :wink:

@MaxVBohn, how about making that CODEX the “hitchhikers compass through the SEEDS Universe”?
What do you think?


Landing somewhere in the middle of agree and disagree.

  • Agree: Simple wording changes could increase the attractiveness to welcome a larger audience.
  • Disagree: Any fundamental solution for the future of humanity that does not specifically design for and around play, joy, and intrinsic motivation as foundational is likely not a solution that will work.

Overcoming the deeply ingrained idea that life is some sort of serious affair to suffer through is a core driver of what has put us in the present situation. One of the sacred duties SEEDS can serve is to actually re-enchant existence as fundamentally playful and joyous.

Potential Middle Ground: Changing the specific wording, but adding a section that clearly depicts the necessity of “serious play” – like organized sport. You take the game very seriously, you want to succeed, but with the overarching recognition that it is, in fact, a game you are playing.


Well… I mean compass appears quite often now and I don’t know if the for now ‘Game Guide’ qualifies as a compass. It seems more like a map, first step, second step, turn left at the voting system and straight down hill from there you can see the DHO in the distance. :))

I still don’t know what the CODEX is since it started as a Handbook with RE outlines.
But yes, if the CODEX should be the simplified version let’s make it an adventure!!


What about ‘Agreement Guide’ It’s a guide of all our shared agreements?


After contemplating more about the tension I feel with the “game analogy” this came to the surface:

Other than the reasons before mentioned I do not feel good with the whole"gamification" approach, because in my opinion it invites hypocrisy.
People will start to superficially adapt to the “game idea” and hide their tensions, conflicts, disappointments etc.

Real joyfulness, playfulness, lightness can never be “created” by whatever means we may come up with.
Yes, it can be invited, yet, as stated before this depends on us as “ambassadors of SEEDS” to be the living examples of a playful attitude “at work”.

I stay with my point of view to throw the water out of the bathtub and save the baby from drowning in sugar syrup


Harsh, but I have to say I agree. Why?

Eric makes a great point:

In my writing I make the strong point that every single one of the systems which make up society have been built on the underlying principle of a struggle for survival. Protest and activist movements want to fix things by tinkering with one or more of these systems. This will never achieve the desired change, despite the good intentions of each group.

Seeds represents an elegant way of transitioning from systems of competition and struggle to systems of collaboration. Achieving this transition is a non-trivial matter and likening it to a game somehow doesn’t do it justice.

What about ‘Transition Guide.’ Why?

Those of us who are parents often decry the fact that there is no Parenting Manual. I can imagine the imaginal cells in the dying caterpillar decrying the fact that there is no Transition Guide.

        From "gamification" to "zenification" 
 *Letting essence shine through the Guide* (whatever prefix is chosen)

P.S.: Thanks for the feedback of harshness :cowboy_hat_face:
Working on that one since years…just doesn’t rub off…sticks like monkey poo :see_no_evil:


Absolutely love zenification! :green_heart:

PS. Harshness is very often the gentlest way of moving forward. :peace_symbol:

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I like Seeds Agreement guide, also, thinking about how it dictates the process that holds the seeds ecosystem and by which it evolves. What about The Seeds Process Guide or Seeds Agreement and Process Guide? Process conotates a fluidity that is representative as well.

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New naming poll at start! :heart:

i want to add a option

Exploration Guide


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Cheers for setting up the poll. It is very helpful to see all options in one place. :+1::rainbow:

Can I propose to please also add @joaoestellita suggestion? Exploration Guide

I’ve been following this conversation and agree with many valuable points made. However I don’t feel comfortable voting on a name just yet. For me it feels like we are trying to make a decision prematurely on something that could evolve into something more beautiful over time. And who knows maybe we agree on a name by consensus instead of voting simply because we collectively gave birth to it and we let it flower. :seedling::hibiscus:

Unless there is a super urgent reason for the ‘Game Guide’ to be named which I might have missed, I would like to propose to add another poll option ‘Let it live a bit longer’ (or similar).

I hope you don’t see my two seeds as a roadblock but rather as an invitation to stay on this pathway and see what else comes our way. :dancer:


A late reply to a closely felt topic:

Play is something increasingly becoming the central focus of my doings in this lifetime. Because I am entering my 60th year on this planet, this particular month, I feel the credence I bring is seasoned-earned (I wear it as a well weathered and fitted garment having held up over time).

What I offer is in the following algebraic formula:

Easy + Right = Simple + Play

Easy and right as is suggested by effortless effort, without force, by the softer voice within, the stepping onto a foot path of regenerative living by which doing is in concert with discovery, as natural as breath following pause.

Simple and Play, as is ‘Truth is Simple’. So simple to be overlooked with disdain by the knowing of mind, the familiar right to be right. The first to speak before listening is remembered as a way of grace and receiving. (:pray:) In the remembering of grace and gratitude comes Play tagging at our robes, ragged and mud heavy.

Play, the sacred contract with NATURE. The way we speak our imaginations onto the canvas of creation, like a new word for the color on the tongue receiving Strawberry. For the language of a breeze on the forehead, sweaty by streetlight before returning home, the longest days of summer. Play by which worlds become.

Play, the manifestation tool we are given at birth, like fitted scabbards to charge the front of adulthood, as long a hold out as life allows; by constriction of externals, a practical thing. A laying aside of toys and magic for something we think we will know eventually. Until we don’t. Then we know and know and know and do and know and do. And begin to wonder.

And then perhaps a path to PLAY becomes again the manifestation tool we are equiped with for the act of PLAYING to know. Playing to do in a new way, a way of the imagination.

For isn’t it a crisis of imagination after all? Keeping us thinking Play is not serious, is not a vehicle of discovery, a vehicle of remembering the joy we entered this creation experiencing? A natural condition of our very BEING. We are inherently playful, creative beings.

So I propose the following considerations:
If SEEDs be a GAME and we players (in this context of play):

then SEEDS, true to itself as seeds are, be a CYCLE. rooting, sprouting, growing, fruiting and returning as seeds containing the value of season and habitat.

And we, the sowers of seeds, the collectors, the traders, the gardeners…become something parallel. We, the gatherers and foragers of value, in recognition of this sacred STEWARDSHIP become more hero or heroine and true to game, become engaged in QUEST as SOJOURNERS and STEWARDS.

I vote keep GAME and learn the art of PLAY.


I also like Game Guide, as it is more about the mechanics of SEEDS. And we can deep in more the codex to explore the whole aspects of our cocreation…


Thank you for this wonderful gift @LaLaGardens :rainbow::sparkles:

A powerful yes to learn the art to PLAY. :dancer:


The reason I have not voted is because I reject the proposal to change the name of the guide. I have addressed this in a comment below. I feel the proposed name changes in the proposal do not reflect the essential quality I am identifying in my alliance with game (through Play). In my comment I proposed SEED CYCLE as a name proposal.


A lot of good stuff here again.

I very much agree with Kath that there is much more to be discovered or uncovered around SEEDS, Game Guide and all this brings with it.

On the GG I once road that there is a difference between making something a game (a joyous and fun endeavor) and calling something a game.
We should make it something that is as joyful and fun like a game rather then saying it is a game.
A game that reflects a joyous, fun yet earnest (much better word than serious IMO) path to create the world we wish to see through experience not concept.

But to actually contribute to the thread topic:

‘Agreement Guide’ makes me question what the Constitution is… aren’t there our basic agreements? We ask people to agree with the Constitution not the Game Guide don’t we?

‘Transition’, ‘Process’ and ‘Exploration’ don’t really speak to the nature of the Game Guide…
@DaYa said it is a ‘Manual’ of how SEEDS works… it’s not sexy but it is actually the best description of what it is so far for me.

So what is the Game Guide actually ought to be in your opinion?

For me it is a manual, a instruction manual/guide/codex, it is… wait for it… a



(I just realized that “… wait for it…” and “PLAYBOOK” are both trademarks of Barney Stinson… don’t listen to me, I’m totally brainwashed :))))


I notice witholding comments as it mostly is just a sentence or a rant coming up. To level with you here, I am personally fine with calling the game guide, the game guide. Totally agree we could make our journey more into a game. Let’s roll the dice. Let’s spin the wheel. Hoping we got good cards. Reminding our strategy. A game we win together. That is new. So yeah, maybe we play, we play, doesn’t even need to be a game, we play, explore, reflect, retrace, rebounce, … we give our selves into a big social experiment in a created online lab connected to the “real” world where we are told about the meaning of regeneration and cooperation. Mama Gaia is presented in the center of this all, the regeneration of our blue plane. We come together, we play. Is it a game though? And if we call it an experiment now what will this experiment grow to be? What name can we design if we look into the future and envision our highest purpose? So with some shifting here and there I can add “blueprint” to the possibility list. Or something with “design” “codex” “bible” “map” … I love the “living compass” nickname for the constitution btw. So if game guide is objected I might go for “living blueprint” now.


If i could give more hearth’s… oww… i can ! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Hi all,
I have heard both sides and both sides make complete sense to me. I love games and I am a huge gamer! I can totally convince myself of the seriousness of the Game Guide with the name being Game but I personally find it hard to talk to farmers where their whole world is not “play” and try to get them to play a regenerative “game” game throws them off. It’s already hard enough to get them to take regenerative agriculture seriously. I would have a much easier time talking to gardeners about a game but gardeners are not the only growers I talk to. If I am going to incorporate SEEDS into what I’m doing I would rather it be open and welcoming to even the most serious people rather than turning some people off immediately just from the name.
Here is my perspective on this:

“Game” seems to mean “less serious” for many people and though we could could rewrite the concept of the name for those who feel that way and teach a new way to see the word “Game”, I wonder maybe the Guide name may not be the place for it.

I do think the concepts of play, don’t take things too seriously, have fun with it, etc. should be a part of what we are doing. If we part with the “Game” name, we must not part with the concept. We should instill the concept into the Guide, systems, and interactions in some way (already there are some great ideas for this being birthed as I write this)

Ideas for Names:

SEEDS Guide works for me. Planting seeds to me is play, a place for birthing, creative space, laying down a foundation of life. For me planting seeds is fun, a game of creating life and then followed by managing life through ecosystem. I would be completely okay with it being called the SEEDS Guide

Here are some other ideas:

Soil Guide
Field Guide
Strategy Guide
Regeneration Guide
Generation Guide
Vitalization Guide (Vita Guide for short?)
Revitalization Guide?

Vita: short for vital. Latin word for life

# Vitalize meaning

To make vital; give life to.

To give vigor or animation to; make lively.

To endow with life; animate.

To make more lively or vigorous; invigorate.

I am not attached to any name, I personally respect the reason for it being called the Game guide but I also would love to see it change because I think it could hinder the work we are all doing on the ground and that is the last thing we want to do. We don’t ever know what type of people the SEEDS people will encounter and we should not have a name that anyone feels uncomfortable using or that turns people away. I get the desire to have the concept of game, I just don’t think we need to name the guide game to incorporate that concept.

I think we should just start throwing out ideas for a new name. Find one that everyone loves.