Game and play analogy

Tension / Origin:
Currently, the Game Guide uses the “game” analogy heavily. This terminology disconnects some people that understands SEEDS as not serious, and waste of time, with the level of urgency they are connected to at this time of crisis.

Initial Proponents: @julioholon, @niki , @javier, @miguel, @lineke

We propose to keep using the gaming and gamification analogy, but in the background, mentioning that we believe that fosters more engagement and improves the user experience and allows for better design and experimentation.

Some of the initial actions
(add more or propose changes in comments below)

  • Rename the Game Guide to “The SEEDS Guide”
  • Rename “Players” to Participants
  • Review sections (especially section 0) to lighten the game metaphor
  • Add a section explaining how see SEEDS wants to be fun as a game
  • Remove the WINNING THE GAME section (maybe use this to explain the gaming metaphor)
Your preference for a new name for the Game Guide?
  • SEEDS Guide
  • SEEDS Agreements Guide
  • SEEDS Transition Guide
  • SEEDS Process Guide

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I propose that we can replace the concept of winning with concepts coming from “Finite and Infinite Games”. So the goal of the gamification and game will not be to win, but to continue playing the game in grater capacity and larger scale.

There’s also the value of setting up 1 goal that is so outrageous and unachievable that will help up organize and fuel our efforts for decades. Example is Elon Musk’s goal to have “1 mil people living on Mars”. Should and can we come up with similar one-liner?

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I am one of those who really don’t like SEEDS being positioned as a game. I can understand why the framing was chosen and I can understand why it just doesn’t gel with those (like me) who are concerned that the human situation is not a pretty picture and the situation should be taken seriously.

How about this option as a third middle way?

The SEEDS Flow Guide
SEEDS is a global game, with very real consequences for your local community.
When we play the intriguing, intoxicating, incomparable, integral SEEDS game with passion and purpose, it removes very real blockages in the flow of money from corporates, wealthy individuals, charities and governments to grassroots movements like yours.

(or something like that)


To unlock $10 trillion worth of healthy flow between monetary systems that are dying and monetary systems that are emerging.


In principle, I would agree with putting up a very ambitious goal to help fuel up and channel our collective efforts. In practice, we’re seeing the goal ‘grow SEEDS into an economy the size of Bhutan (771K people)’ already in action. You could say that as a result, MBC started attracting a large number of people over the past few months. We’re having an increasing number of people flowing into the system, setting up accounts and going through the Ambassadors Academy. Yet, the ratio of active and inactive participants is quite unbalanced. The capacities and structures aren’t built (yet) to accommodate people into the system properly and channel their energies and expertise into tasks and roles that suit them and benefit SEEDS, their bio-regions and society/ the planet as a whole too. So I’d say we need to be careful with the goals we set and how those goals impact our psyche and the way we work.


Yes, Niki, I agree with you but also want to distinguish between operational goal and ideological goal. I think your point is about the former while I’m talking about the latter.

Setting up impossible operational goals before the system is ready for them is dangerous because it introduces unnecessary stress and risks. But the ideological goal has a different function - mainly to serve as a shared ideal that everyone would be able to aspire to.


Yes you are talking about a “vision” or motivational purpose phrase, not an actual “goal”, right? Something like: “an abundant planet where all humans can live in peace and harmony with support to fulfill all basic needs while maintaining a thriving ecosystem for all living beings”


To clarify more what is the felt tension with the word “game” and “gamification”:

  1. Personally I do not see the need to “be serious” which is just going to the opposite side of “game”.
    Feels more like using the term “sincere” to point at the needed attitude to really manifest the regeneration of natural systems and building the foundation for a truly humane civilization.
  2. My feeling is that the whole intent behind choosing the word “game” is actually to invite an attitude of “playfulness” so why not use that term instead when appropiate?

Other suggestions instead of “Game Guide”:


Thank you Julio this is along the lines of the 100 years vision we created for PlanetHive. :green_heart::earth_asia:

It is inspired by a so called ‘backwards forecast’ or RE-gnosis, used by Matthias Horx in this blogpost ‘The Post Corona World’. Another prominent and truly beautifully pictured example is ‘A Message From the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’.

I have heard of an Iwi (Māori tribe) who have a 500 year vision, which I find extremely inspiring.

If others feel it is a fun and valuable exercise to explore our 500 year vision, I would love to contribute.


Thank you to all who started this thread!
This is one of the most obvious pain points in SEEDS brought by language and etymology (except for “seeds” itself :))

  • I like “The SEEDS Guide” for simplicity… but it looses the playfulness :thinking:
    It would also be cool to have a shorter, more story based “A Hitchhikers Guide through the SEEDS Universe” :man_astronaut: :+1:

  • Also I generally like “Participants” more… everyone is part of SEEDS, not just a player.

  • I very much agree with @Miguel that the key reason to use “Game” is to make it a joyful, often even fun experience to use SEEDS and we use the gamification to achieve that.
    So in Section 0 we can try putting more emphasis on this rather then saying it IS a game.

  • There we can also clearly differentiate between how we want to approach this → earnest, sincere but joyful.


I would very much LOVE such an exercise of the imagination, thanks Kath for the reminder. I keep thinking of the Moral Imaginations project of Phoebe Tickell when long-term envisioning is evoked:


Thanks @Kath.PlanetHive for bringing this in.

I do have some tension about the wording “empowering” in this context.

I understand and appreciate the message that wants to be conveyed, yet the way I feel about it that indigenous people are not necessarily “empowered” but “recognized as being the guides they always have been”.

Anyway, it is not about “semantics”, just feel that words can transport sometimes subtle messages that feed into a collective trauma.


+1 for the title and underlying idea for “A hitchhikers Guide through the SEEDS universe”.
Love that!


Starting to wonder whether there is really a need to integrate the whole “gamification, playfulness, joyfulness etc.” approach in the SEEDS Guide at all?

I want to take a kind of “extremist” standpoint here on purpose and see how that resonates with the collective (if at all).

My reasoning is this:
We, as the participants of the SEEDS ecosystem, are the ones responsible for connecting to the creative attitude of playfulness/joyfulness etc. and transport/ignite others from human being to human being.

By now I feel that a Guide supports the best if written in clear and plain language. Like a good precision tool that simply serves its purpose. It is the human being who uses that tool that either transports the spirit of joyfulness or doesn’t.


A powerful yes to Phoebe and her incredible work with moral imaginations. :rainbow:

I am wondering if a session with her could spark some of our magic into a log-term vision. :sparkles:

What do others think?

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Oh this resonates so well with me. I always associated empowerment with something positive, never seeing the impacts it could have on collective trauma. Very eye opening and extremely important.

Thank you so much @Miguel :raised_hands:


Absolutely LOVE this Kath! Thanks for bringing it up! It is SUCH a valuable exercise!! :slight_smile:

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100% on making the experience of SEEDS and its game guide/seeds guide a joyful and fun one! :rainbow:

More important than calling something a game is to actually make it fun to engage with it! At the moment, it isn’t the experience most of us have with the guide…lol :wink:

@MaxVBohn, how about making that CODEX the “hitchhikers compass through the SEEDS Universe”?
What do you think?


Landing somewhere in the middle of agree and disagree.

  • Agree: Simple wording changes could increase the attractiveness to welcome a larger audience.
  • Disagree: Any fundamental solution for the future of humanity that does not specifically design for and around play, joy, and intrinsic motivation as foundational is likely not a solution that will work.

Overcoming the deeply ingrained idea that life is some sort of serious affair to suffer through is a core driver of what has put us in the present situation. One of the sacred duties SEEDS can serve is to actually re-enchant existence as fundamentally playful and joyous.

Potential Middle Ground: Changing the specific wording, but adding a section that clearly depicts the necessity of “serious play” – like organized sport. You take the game very seriously, you want to succeed, but with the overarching recognition that it is, in fact, a game you are playing.


Well… I mean compass appears quite often now and I don’t know if the for now ‘Game Guide’ qualifies as a compass. It seems more like a map, first step, second step, turn left at the voting system and straight down hill from there you can see the DHO in the distance. :))

I still don’t know what the CODEX is since it started as a Handbook with RE outlines.
But yes, if the CODEX should be the simplified version let’s make it an adventure!!