Exploring the importance of a loyal community

Kia ora fellow explorers :wave:

After conversations in discord with some of you about governance tokens and the topic of bribery, I put down this hypothesis last week:

The stronger the sense of belonging, the stronger the community. The stronger the community, the more resilient our economy.

Having read the blogpost DAOs and the pitfalls of progressive decentralisation rieki shared earlier in discord, I think it could be of benefit for us to explore the following:

What emotions can we feel with a sense of belonging?
How might we create an environment that gives participants a sense of belonging?

What defines a strong community?
How might we create a strong community?

What makes our economy resilient?
How might we thrive for this resilience?

I can see answers to these questions informing every section of the Game Guide through a behavioural change lens:

Section 1 - Regenerative Organising - How We Contribute

Section 2 - Regenerative Governance - How We Evolve and Decide Together

Section 3 - Regenerative Finance - How We Thrive and Distribute Value

Section 4 - Regenerative Economics - How We Create Future Possibilities

With the constitution as a compass to navigate us do you feel these questions are worthwhile exploring?


I want to go back to the blogpost one more time. At one point it says:

‘A great community is bonded by something deeper than just money. At the very least, there is a shared set of values, an overlapping sense of purpose.’

I have to two different thoughts around this statement:

  1. I would like to see these deep bonds of community when we tell our Renaissance Explorer and SEEDS stories. What do you think?

  2. This is one of the reasons why we are co-building our community compass over at PlanetHive while we are in the sensing phase. Inspired by Eva Stuetzel and her community at Sieben Linden in Germany. Watch this 12 min video where Eva introduces the seven aspects of the compass.

Beyond my aim to build a strong community for PlanetHive, I envision that documenting our co-creation could become an artefact that might help other communities/orgs/DHOs. Would this add value in one way or another?


I absolutely agree on the part we need to achieve more than a sense of community and belonging before anything else. I like the principles of Scott Peck on community building amongst native and tribal practices. The most important ingredients being time, spend in presence together, and love, as the ability to stick together over times of adversary. I also like the work by Zygmunt Bauman about the modern fluid society. Are we building a network or a community?

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Thank you @DaYa for seeing the same needs and for sharing Scott Peck and Zygmunt Bauman. I wasn’t aware of Scott Peck, starting to read into some of his work. :raised_hands:

Are we building a network or a community?

I would say we are building a network of many communities. One example is, fellow activists and I are co-building PlanetHive, a climate action workspace. :green_heart: