Exploring: Section 3: Regenerative Finance

Some of the highlights from Regenerative Finance section, we need to explore:

  1. Harvest Protocol
  2. Harvest Distribution
  3. Sharing Harvest
  4. Burning Seeds
  5. Seed Bank

Some of our prophesed values:

Reducing Information Asymmetries
SEEDS attempts to be as simple as necessary to provide the complexity a healthy civilization requires, while being simple enough for all Players to understand. This is vitally important as Players are in direct control of evolving the protocols and require the necessary understanding of how these protocols operate.

Revolutionary Money
The greatest gifts from the Revolution to the Renaissance are changing money from:

  1. secretive, opaque and fraud-ridden money-systems to trustless, transparent and immutable systems;
  2. centralised and top-down money creation to decentralised “middle-out” money creation without debt and interest;
  3. authoritarian financial regimes, companies and systems to independent financial sovereignty.
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It is hard to imagine a game which on paper sounds superlative, while on the ground is played differently. Basic rule of any game is that they have to be Fun to Play! So far Game of Seeds is proving to be just that, until we start looking under the hood at the current Financial Flow!

There have been about 65 rounds of token.seeds issuance raising more than two million USD. Since we were in early stage of formation of SEEDs ecosystem, it is hard to seperate Hypha’s role in its creation, especially since Hypha was the tool builder as well as the community builder.

We have come a long way since December, 12th 2019, when 3.14 Billion seeds were created and distributed in a manner befitting to a regenerative money. So far only 65 million of them have been issued through Hypha sales, which amounts to 2% of total seeds.

Now lets consider the game that has been played so far, a little more than one and half million of those funds raised (in fiat terms), through token sales, have been used to pay for folks involved in developing tools, building movement.

These folks have done a tremendous job in terms of amount of tools and processes they have created. For example two unique version of Passport app, Light Wallet, Seeds Library, Websites, Ambassador Academy etc.

In the process they have also choosen to take their payments in deferred seeds, which amounts to more than two hundred million seeds in harvest (almost one third of hypha members distribution).

For all that investments, if we look at what we got in terms of engagement from the community in line with our regenerative finance can be best summarized in following numbers:

  1. 7000+ regenerators
  2. 500+ accounts with more than 10,000 seeds
  3. 300+ citizens governing campaign funds
  4. 300+ in peer to peer swap groups
  5. 70+ campaigns
  6. 10+ alliance


  1. What should ecosystem fund going forward?
  2. What is more valuable tools or its utility?
  3. How do we measure our impact on ongoing basis?
  4. What should ideal cash flow and cash reserve look like?
  5. Should game guide continue to be this conceptual?
  6. Who are our ideal early adopters requiring ReFi?