Exploring Architects and Alchemist - the next wave that Establish in the spaces of our Exploration

An Exploration in Archetyping Explorers and Architects in response to this thread: Discord

I see explorers being the people who will never stop going to the edge of the known. They have to be in the mystery because they are decentralizing wisdom and knowledge by leading from the edges of our system. They are architects and alchemists because they explore their ecosystem’s inner and outer spaces, decentralizing their learning( wisdom and knowledge) through their stories. I see this in our Core.

Explorers are a Regenerative Archetype because they are in a continual Renaissance, where they must embody all of our Ecosystemic Archetypes. I’d say the people at our Core have chosen to Explore.

We are Building + Developing ART+DESIGN+ENGINEERING with the code(x) of Wholeness. We do this by Researching new ways of Architecting movements that are creating our highest possible Future now. This is alchemical Facilitation that catalyzes our environments while Holding Space for our people’s evolution. While still building bridges that Connect what we catalyze through patterns that weave our movements together. We are Storytellers communicating what it is to be in Regenerative Renaissance by sharing our inner journey of outer exploration by embodying this New Paradigm.

The Architects are those that feel the call to do something a little different. Explorers are Architects, and Architects can be Explorers. Architects are an archetype dedicated to building things that last by practicing patterns of Repeatability for Scalability. They, too, live at an edge, and that edge is Establishing the spaces and Contexts of our exploration as they come to understand a different aspect of this Regenerative Renaissance. They hold steady in their archetypal forms as they design, scaffold, and sustain solutions in spaces over time. Some are seeking knowledge before they are ready to become an Explorer. Some are sitting in the wisdom of their explorations so that we can continue in our decentralizing ways. I imagine they work closely with the Alchemist that hold a very similar way.

This is less about division and more about honoring what it takes to build a new civilization truly. As we gather around these Regenerative Roundtables and step into greater authority, we get to make Space for a diversity of value streams. A diversity of ways of valuing our Values.

We’ve known that there would be Architects and Alchemists. We did not see that we were the Explorers. Now we do, and we get to make more room for others to establish, build from, and within these contexts of our exploration.

Is all this true? No clue. It is just an exploration on the edge of a regenerative journey of a Storytelling Startup Shaman.


Inspired by a past conversation with Paulo


Metabody as Architecture and Template