Exploration Groups Overview

Hi there

I am looking to recognize and empower some of the exploration groups out there.

Some might be just starting and some might be finalizing.

Questions for the eagle/steward/host/energizer of the EG (exploration group):

  1. Do you feel comfortable taking the role of Eagle?
  2. Is there a communal interest in the topic of the EG?
  3. Is there a communal engagement in the topic of the EG?
  4. Are you hosting weekly calls for the EG?
  5. Who is flying with you in this EG?
  6. Are there other communication channels and documents used by the EG?
  7. What kind of assistance would you like to receive for this EG?

What do we call the Game Guide? outer space
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @julioholon

Reversing inequality for an equitable future and UBI. inner space
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @Bart

Journey from visitor to citizen outer space
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @JLove1949

Community Building Score - Making CBPoints more versatile to be earned outer space
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @MaxVBohn

The Mission Of Art storytelling
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @psihognjen34

Comms storytelling
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @Mila

Regenerative Culture inner space
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @Mila

Prosocial and SEEDS
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @Kath.PlanetHive

Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @minos999

Coop Governance
Eagle/steward/host/energizer: @DaYa

I am probably still missing some of the Exploration groups out there. Please let me know if you know of any.